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Barbie Beats Up The Bratz

August 12, 2008

Barbie Wins First Round In Court


This is a follow up to the May 29, 2008 article Bratz vs. Barbie – Copyright Infringement And Trade Secret Violation Case.

Bratz’ bimbo-like dolls. Tell me they don’t look like hookers.

In my previous article I wrote the Bratz Dolls are Barbie rip-offs. They look like someone went over Barbie with a rolling pin. Apparently, the jury in the case had the same view regarding the infringement and trade secret theft, because this week they ruled in favor of Mattel (Barbie).

Look at this Bratz doll. She looks like she is about to “get low” as the song goes.

Sidebar: why are the Bratz dolls so slutty. They look like little skanks. How is it good that young girls should have dolls that look like hookers. I’m for diversification, but with integrity and bring something new to the table. Don’t steal other people’s stuff.

I saw this fake Barbie on another site. Is she Jihad Barbie or something?

Jury finds in favor of Mattel in Bratz trial

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (Reuters) — Mattel (MAT) won a court case against MGA Entertainment on Thursday over which toymaker owns the $1 billion-plus Bratz fashion doll franchise.

A nine-member federal jury in California found the creator of the multi-ethnic, big-headed dolls, Carter Bryant, created their characters and the name while he was under contract as a Barbie designer at Mattel.

The decision put Mattel in commanding position going into the damages phase of the trial, which begins July 23.



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