Everybody Hates Madonna

August 12, 2008

What a miserable looking couple – Madonna and Guy Ritchie

There’s a show in America called “Everybody Hates Chris” However, they need to call it “Everybody Hates Madonna” because that’s what’s happened.

In reading feedback sections of many popular web sites, when it comes to Madonna you’ll find the Brits won’t have her and are offering money to the U.S. to take her back and Americans are begging the Brits to keep her, not wanting her back.

Madonna and her Incredible Hulk pants

She called the British “lazy people” who live in “damp” homes and Americans uneducated. Both statements are quite ignorant.

I’ve found British homes to be well constructed, charming and architecturally important to world history (battles were fought on some of their grounds), but Madonna being the low class harlot she is wouldn’t appreciate that.

There are also millions of educated Americans. Just because you aren’t bright, Madonna, doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t.

A-Rod whose life she messed up to the point his teammates are boycotting him

In what has been a terrible month for her to add to her already horrible year with a CD and tour failing, comes news that her childhood home burned down, people are condemning her online over breaking up A-Rod’s family and making him nutty, people threw rocks at her car in New York city damaging it, her fashion choices are being dissed all over the internet as ugly and boring, and her husband was out dining with her friend Gwen Paltrow, who I previously reported he was spotted ogling (her butt).

Madonna’s Car Gets Vandalized

Clearly, not everyone in NYC is a fan of Madonna. Madge’s SUV was attacked in New York’s Central Park earlier this week…

Two young men hurled a large rock at her car, damaging the back window while her chauffeur was driving.

Maybe they were p****d about her inflated concert ticket prices? Those puppies are going for $200+ for nosebleed section seats.


News publications everywhere trash Madonna

NYT and the New Yorker criticize Madonna so you don’t have to!

Yo, Madonna is really all over the place this week, and we’re not talking just People, PopSugar or Perez Hilton. The New Yorker, the New York Times, and Slate have all covered Madonna in one way or another in the past few days, which could be a good thing except they’re all sort of sh****ng on her.

The new Madonna look, as seen in paparazzi photographs taken on the streets of New York over the last couple of weeks, evokes a kind of athletic, campus-casual blandness, as if designed for anonymity at the gym.”


Fire destroys Madonna’s childhood home

A fire has destroyed the childhood home of Madonna, gutting the suburban Detroit, MI house in what authorities called ‘suspicious’ circumstances.

The vacant two-storey house in the Rochester Hills area of Detroit went up in flames on Friday night (June 27), after a fire started in the living room of the house causing extensive damage.

Arson experts from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Arson Unit and the Rochester Hills Fire Department are carrying out an investigation into the blaze. They were alerted by a passer-by who saw flames shooting out of the house.

Madonna spent her early years in the house with her five siblings.


Ritchie dines with Paltrow minus Madonna

Guy Ritchie dined with wife Madonna’s best friend Gwyneth Paltrow but the pop icon herself was missing.

The impromptu meal also saw Paltrow”s rocker hubby, Chris Martin, and actor Robert Downey Jr. but Madge was nowhere in sight



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