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Madonna Invades The Privacy Of Minors

October 12, 2009 Comments off

Russell Davies

As stated in the August 31, 2009 lawsuit, Aisha v. The FBI, Madonna and members of her depraved, disgraceful Kabbalah cult, such as television writer/producer, Russell Davies (Hollywood’s “Queer as Folk” and the BBC’s “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood”) not only infringed my PREEXISTING copyrights, but violated my privacy as well and that of my family and friends, using it as the basis for select episodes of the BBC programs “Torchwood” and “Doctor Who.”

For more on that, here is an excerpt from the August 31, 2009 lawsuit, Aisha v. The FBI et al, relevant to this article:

24. Madonna then spread her invasive madness to her label affiliate BBC in London where she lived (BBC’s DVDs are distributed by Madonna’s Warner Bros). The BBC is familiar with Aisha’s family, having worked with her dad and aunt. Previously, in 2004, the BBC called Aisha’s dad, renowned musicologist and disc jockey, Vaughn “Bunny” Goodison, in Jamaica over the telephone, for an interview on the passing of his esteemed, lifelong friend and music legend, 72-year-old, Clement Dodd. On another occasion, the BBC telephoned Aisha’s dad for comment on the passing of famous charity worker, 87-year-old, Sister Mary Ignatius Davies, who was also a good friend of the family. These interviews were carried on BBC radio and on their websites. Aisha’s aunt, Jamaica’s award winning, highly rated, poet laureate, Lorna Goodison, had also done pleasant radio and print interviews with the BBC. Therefore, the family had maintained a good relationship with the BBC, but Madonna, driven by ill-will and hatred, resenting the famous arts family, due to Aisha’s very valuable, groundbreaking Copyrighted Catalog she covets and Aisha’s refusal to respond to her correspondences, viciously sponsored a Kabbalah styled case of gross invasion of privacy and copyright infringement, through BBC employees and Kabbalah members, Russell Davies and Billie Piper (Madonna’s protégé), aimed at vindictively targeting and maligning the award winning family. The family at no time did anything to Madonna, Davies or Piper, not knowing any of them, yet acting in concert with Madonna, they began to place items from Aisha’s preexisting Copyrighted Catalog and astonishingly her personal life as well, in his BBC scripts.

25. Davies infringed Aisha’s copyrights for select episodes of the BBC shows “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood” and additionally, included Aisha’s personal, identifying information unique to her, in his scripts. These items were obtained through hacking by the staff of Davies, who has visited Aisha’s official websites, before and after the misconduct transpired, as attested by Traffic Facts site statistics software, has followed Madonna’s lead and taken broadcasting to an unprecedented low in Britain for the “Children of Earth” five part series on the “Torchwood” program he writes for. The “Children of Earth” broadcast not only includes items from preexisting, protected items from Aisha’s computers, using it for the main storyline of the 5 part miniseries, it also includes Aisha’s mother’s name “MILLIE” as a character, a variation of AISHA’s name in the script as a character named “MISHA”, a look-alike character that is the spitting image of Aisha’s sister, casting the character as a girl who is maliciously exploited and thrown in prison, the name CLEMENT mcDOnalD, a variation of the name CLEMENT DODD, appears in the script as an elderly character (CLEMENT DODD is Aisha’s aforementioned godmother’s husband, who invented reggae music and signed Bob Marley to his first record deal). There is also a character named MR. DEKKER, which is the real name of one of CLEMENT DODD’s legendary, award winning, international reggae recording colleagues and Aisha’s dad’s late friend, MR. DESMOND DEKKER. The CLEMENT and DEKKER names were cast as psychotic, despised, crazy characters running from aliens, which is disrespectful to the memory of the two, real, beloved, legendary Jamaican national heroes in the music field, which the names were distastefully taken from, in a racist manner by Russell Davies and Madonna’s Kabbalah. Other invasive items that infringe Aisha’s preexisting copyrights were included in select episodes of Russell Davies’ show “Doctor Who.” …

27. Other members of Madonna’s Kabbalah such as Sacha Baron Cohen, have been outed using real people for characters in TV shows and movies, such as “Ali G” being based on BBC radio disc jockey Tim Westwood and 2009’s Austrian character “Bruno” being illegally based on Austrian TV personality Alfons Haider. In 2009, Madonna’s partner and Kabbalah member, Jerry Bruckheimer was also sued for perversely basing a defamatory episode of “CSI” on a real live couple that owns a Los Angeles real estate firm, Scott and Melinda Tamkin, with the show using their real names and lives for the broadcast without permission, but defaming them as reckless people participating in sexual bondage, pornography, drunkenness and murder, in similar conduct to what Aisha had formally accused Bruckheimer of in her 2005 lawsuit against Madonna.

Since the filing of the lawsuit several weeks ago, I have discovered my teenage godbrother’s privacy and that of his mother, who live in South Florida in America, were violated during the case, as he, his mother and I, exchange emails very often and speak on the phone regularly, which was illegally wiretapped Anthony Pellicano style (Madonna’s private investigator, whom I gave the FBI detailed information about in 2005 and he was later arrested and convicted on wiretapping charges – see lawsuit for more information).

During one of the many hacks into my computer, which were traced back to Digilink, who is the web hosting company for Madonna’s official website, not only was my very valuable preexisting Copyrighted Catalog copied and then infringed by Madonna and her cohorts in Hollywood, my emails, both business and personal, were illegally copied, as mentioned in the lawsuit.

As stated in the lawsuit and mentioned above in the excerpt, Madonna’s Kabbalah member, homosexual Russell Davies (and his “Doctor Who” actress, Madonna protégé and Kabbalah cult member, Billie Piper) infringed preexisting copyrights belonging to me, for select episodes of “Torchwood” and “Doctor Who” and additionally included items in the script, such as the names of my family members and friends in the “Children Of Earth” 5-part miniseries on “Torchwood.”


Recently, I saw a bio page for the BBC/E4 program “Skins.” The homosexual father and son team of Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain, who are the writers and creators of the extremely dysfunctional and distasteful teen show “Skins” was mentioned in conjunction with Madonna’s Kabbalah member Russell Davies. The article stated Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain used to work for Russell Davies. They are also Davies’ BBC co-workers.

Now, imagine my horror and repulsion, when I scrolled down the character list for the show “Skins” and see my godbrother’s name “JJ Jones” listed as a character (his first name is John, but his family and friends call him “JJ”).

Imagine my horror again, when I read about the character and realize said character not only has my godbrother’s name, mimicking the sick conduct Madonna/Davies did to my family, but also infringes his image and likeness as well. This infringing character was created when my godbrother was 17-years-old. He is now 19.

Things the character on “Skins” has in common with my godbrother “JJ Jones”:

1. The name “JJ Jones”
2. 17-years of age
3. Wears braces
4. Grew his hair out a bit (his mom kept commenting on it, as she wanted him to cut it)
5. Lives with his mom a single parent
6. A very smart student
7. Hangs out often with his two best friends
8. Has a penchant for drinking Tropicana (an American, Florida brand of fruit juice that amazingly appears in a British show)

How does the BBC explain, how people connected to Madonna via Kabbalah, not only wound up in criminal possession of an illegally made copy of my Copyrighted Catalog, infringing items from it via using them without permission, but said characters in the infringing programs, now mysteriously have my mother’s name MILLIE, a variation of my name AISHA (“MISHA“), a look alike character that looks a great deal like my sister, the name my of my godmother’s husband who invented reggae music CLEMENT DODD (turned into the variant name “CLEMENT mcDOnalD“) and his colleague, the late reggae legend, DESMOND DEKKER‘s name used as “MR. DEKKER” in the programming (Note: My dad interviewed Desmond Dekker’s family on his radio show, listened to by millions around the world, shortly before Russell Davies did this invasive madness) and now my godbrother’s name, image and likeness, appears along with the other infringements, as characters penned by these same writers, Russell Davies, Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain.

Let’s not forget, prior to this, the BBC called my dad, a renowned musicologist, twice in Jamaica for interviews on famous public figures that are friends of the family. I kept wondering how they got his number. They also interviewed my aunt, an award winning author, Lorna Goodison, prior to all this as well.

Therefore, the BBC does know my family. Not to mention, the BBC has come up in my website stats numerous times, before and after these incidents regarding Russell Davies, Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain transpired.

It’s bad enough for Madonna and co. to violate my privacy, but while their invasiveness was going on, she and her comrades at the BBC, invaded the privacy of my sister and godbrother, who were minors at the time this unlawful activity began. That is absolutely criminal.

I am also of the belief, they found out what my sister looks like and based the aforementioned “Torchwood” character on her (“Lois” from Torchwood’s “Children of Earth), via photos I had taken of her at the airport, that I emailed to her in Jamaica, after I extracted them from the card of my digital camera.

“Lois” from Torchwood’s “Children of Earth” looks like my sister. I asked my mom and another relative to look at the picture and tell me what they think and they said she does look like her (except, my sister usually has her hair straight – however, in the photos that I took of her at the airport and emailed to her, she had the front of her hair braided):


Violating the privacy of minors is a very serious crime. Turning two minors, that are private citizens, into characters on TV, at the request of a sick, devilish pop star, Madonna, invading innocent people’s privacy and harassing others, as she is psychopathic and obsessed out of her non-singing mind, is disgusting and nasty.

Russell Davies, Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain, have also added other very defamatory and sick items to the characters lives, based on my sister and godbrother, that are more than enough grounds for criminal charges and a lawsuit.

Once again, Madonna and co. have gone too far. The worst part in all this is, we are innocent people that have nothing to do with Madonna or her lunatic Kabbalah cult members like Davies.

And I promise you, all that are involved in committing this foul, nasty misconduct on those shows, that criminally invaded the privacy of minors, will see the inside of a prison cell before this is all over. You have my word on it.

Do, pray tell, what did my young sister and godbrother do to you? They are two good, decent, hardworking kids that make great grades in school and are trying to live their lives.

How did they deserve for a group of vile, despicable, perverted lunatics to invade their privacy and beam their lives, image, likeness and in my godbrother’s case, his actual name, around the world (his mom’s distinct last name that is different from his, was also used for a Russell Davies’ TV character on “Torchwood”).

Do stand up like men, albeit cowardly homosexual men, obsessed with underage boys and girls – and tell the world what my young sister and godbrother, who do not even know you at all, nor do I, did to you that they deserve this criminal nastiness and invasiveness you’ve done in conjunction with your fellow Kabbalah cult member Madonna. You must be so proud of yourselves spying on and picking on underage youths, you perverts.

Really, what if I took the low road, as Madonna has done once again and cast a character in one of my scripts with her daughter’s name, writing that the 12-year-old girl is to be dressed like an underage prostitute, trying to be sexy for the camera. Oh wait, Madonna has done that to her daughter already for her latest video, trying to shock people for attention.


Regarding, Russell Davies, Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain, what if I pen a script, casting your respective parents’ names, image and likeness, as characters that molest kids and pee on them in the woods, as singer Elton John was accused of doing, by the Sun Newspaper UK. How would you feel about that.

I can get their names off Wikipedia if you’d like (and knowing Wikipedia, there is a 99% probability the names would be wrong, anyway).

But I wouldn’t do something like that. Because at the end of the day, one has to ask one’s self, what kind of sick people do things like that, you know, as you have done to my innocent family and I, who’ve done you no harm.

Once again, if the shiftless, useless, corrupt FBI had done their jobs from 2005, when they first received the case, those depraved animals could not have taken things to such sick levels, causing irreparable damage to innocent people, including minors, as mentioned above.

And the FBI wonders why I have nothing positive to write about them. Take a good look at that mess, as two young people have now been harmed, because you corruptly decided to let a foul, vile, dirty old pop star that audiences don’t even care about anymore, run loose with this madness, committing crime after crime, against innocent people, so she and Hollywood could criminally rip me off, as my Copyrighted Catalog is very valuable.

Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised that the FBI doesn’t care about kids, as it was widely reported, the FBI told the parents of missing children to buzz off.

You call that law enforcement. You are such unmitigated failures at what you do. Hands down, the worst law enforcement agency ever.


Sony Has Not Responded

April 7, 2009 Comments off

Sony Has Not Responded

To Legal “Demand Letter” From My Attorney


From February 2. 2009

Sony chairman Howard Stringer

In the face of declining revenues, down 95% over the last year since the boycott, papers are asking, “How much longer can he hang on.” People are calling for his removal. Sony has been to this website numerous times, before and after they criminally infringed my preexisting copyrights. See site stats here.


This is regarding the Sony copyright infringement case. My dad was able to get one of Jamaica’s most well respected, successful attorneys, he has known for 15-years to take the case. This man is licensed to practice law in Jamaica and Britain. He even teaches law at a prestigious university.

For two weeks he obtained case files and pertinent information from me on the new Sony Music infringements, which I had written about online, to familiarize himself with the specifics of the case and how to proceed in the appropriate fashion.

After thoroughly studying the evidence and documented facts, in a timely manner, he drafted a respectful, truthful and accurate “demand letter” as it is called in legal jargon, citing all the facts, my copyright certificates and the infringement comparisons.

In the letter, he offered the option of a settlement and amicable resolution to the case, not naming any financial figure regarding it, to make talks as easy as possible. It was as decent and appropriate as a “demand letter” can be. He had it couriered from Kingston, Jamaica to Sony in New York.

That was over a month ago…AND SONY HAS NOT RESPONDED.

They unlawfully accessed my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog, in conjunction with Madonna (who is under contract with Sony, as they distributed her album and other stolen songs of hers through their cell/mobile phones), who started this severe, criminal misconduct, unprovoked.

They not only stole copyrighted items viewed by many, right off my website, they also engaged in hacking and burglary, as described here and supported by police and computer specialist reports, illegally used and mass produced them without permission, reaping well over $1 billion dollars in illegal profit, in acts so arrogant and felonious it cannot be excused.

I interpret these thefts and them not responding to the legal letter from my attorney as Sony and company wantonly and arrogantly disregarding my legal and civil rights. I have done all I can in good faith to resolve this matter in civil court, as opposed to criminal court. They have been given the opportunity to lawfully make amends for what they have done and arrogantly and disrespectfully refused.

Sony in Japan is also fully apprized of Sony New York’s conduct, as executives Ryoji Chubachi and Katsumi Ihara were sent cease and desist letters by me in September 2008, as well as New York executives Howard Stringer and Barry Weiss. The other labels infringing my preexisting copyrights in conjunction with Madonna were sent cease and desist letters in September 2008 as well.

Then my attorney took over. However, they have not responded to the mid-December 2008 “demand letter” from my lawyer, as Sony clearly wishes to continue criminally stealing from my Copyrighted Catalog. Sony Music is currently still stealing and so is their Overbrook film company run by Will Smith for Sony Pictures. In light of that, let’s shut them down.

Take a look at the evidence again for yourself and do remember it the next time Sony tries to sell you a flatscreen TV, DVD player, CD player, laptop, PC, video game system, video game, DVD, CD and or music downloads.

In the time I have been writing about Sony regarding the thefts committed by them, especially on the Judiciary Report website, beginning in January 2008, their sales and stock have plummeted and ratings have dropped drastically.

They can’t blame it on the economy, as their rival Apple that sells the same type of merchandise they do, is still doing well, posting strong profits. Where they were both doing well before, but since my articles on Sony and the boycott, only Apple is doing well. Sony Music can spin that story anyway they’d like.

The fact of the matter is the public doesn’t like a story like this and that’s what’s happening to their sales. Multi-billion dollar corporation rips off black female immigrant of over $1 billion in preexisting copyrights in violation of the U.S. Code and international law. I know I wouldn’t support a company like that with my dollars and I am asking you the consumer, respectfully, not to either, as their conduct is pure arrogance and theft.

Stealing from my preexisting Copyrights in conjunction with Madonna and parading it all over the world, grinning at people, like what you did is something to be proud of, when it is shameful and disgusting, sent the public a nasty message about you. Hence your sales drastically falling.

They unlawfully dismantled my company, Sonustar, by criminally stealing its assets, the Copyrighted Catalog, and somehow thought this abhorrent conduct was acceptable human behavior. It isn’t even legal in any country of the world.

This is not the first time something like this has happened regarding Sony. They arrogantly used my godmother’s husband’s music without permission, legendary music producer, Clement Coxsonne Dodd, that invented reggae and ska music and discovered and signed Bob Marley among others, their music listened to by billions around the world – yet an attorney had to initiate litigation against Sony on Coxsonne’s behalf, regarding copyright infringement as well.

My dad, one of the most sought after musicologists in the world, watched that case unfold as well, as he knows the attorney that was asked to handle it and Coxsonne was a life long friend of 40 years before he passed away.

That was not the only case either. Why is Sony and its labels like Jive, J, Arista, Columbia, Epic, 19 (Simon Fuller) and Syco (Simon Cowell) constantly stealing from and exploiting Jamaicans, as though we have no rights and the island is some SLAVE OUTPOST that didn’t receive independence from a sovereign nation, Britain, when we did. It looks bad and lends a certain terrible, offensive impression. To so consistently steal from and exploit Jamaican writers and musicians, and now disrespectfully not respond to my attorney’s letter, says to me that Sony thinks the island is some two bit nation still apart of the slave trade, where our labor is free at your disposal AND I AM OFFENDED!

Their conduct is also delaying my patents, they know this and don’t care, but make no mistake, the patents will come out. However, their conduct shall produce inauspicious consequences for them legally and socially. The Bible says you’ll reap what you sow and God would never bless such misconduct.

In closing, please do not buy Sony stock either. They are flagrantly breaking U.S. and international law, are under investigation, are prime candidates for criminal charges in more than one country and as such you will lose your money investing in them.


Beyonce Stealing Styles Again

Butt Shaking Beyonce Strikes Again (Steals From Many Artists)

Beyonce Steals Two Bob Fosse Videos

Beyonce Steals More Copyrights

Beyonce Slammed For Snubbing Jennifer Hudson

Avril Lavigne Settles Suit For Ripping Off Music

Sony Boycott

Sony Sued By U.S. Government

Sony Ordered To Pay $18.5 Million For Stealing Chip

Journalists Discuss Sony’s Image And Stock Decline

Sony Settles Louis Vuitton Copyright Lawsuit

Sony Profit Tumbles 95 Percent

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Sony Corp. reported Thursday its third-quarter profit was almost entirely wiped out and it still expects to post its first full-year loss in 14 years.

Sony reported its profit for the October-December quarter fell to 10.4 billion yen ($114 million), or about 10 yen a share, from 200 billion yen, or 190 yen a share, in the same quarter a year before…

Outlook still grim

Sony also affirmed its outlook for a 150 billion yen loss for the fiscal year ending in March, compared to a 369 billion yen profit in the previous year…

Pressure Builds on Sony Boss Stringer

The company blames its woes on the strong yen, but some analysts are not convinced. How long can the CEO hang on?

Japan January 29, 2009, 8:49PM EST – Sony yesterday announced an operating loss of ¥18 billion ($197 million) for the crucial Christmas quarter of fiscal 2008 (ending March 2009), compared to a gain of ¥236.2 billion for the same October-December period in 2007…

And if you delve deeper into the figures, it does not seem possible that currency shifts were the principal cause of the company’s losses. Sony’s initial guidance for FY08 was ¥450 billion in operating profit, based on an exchange rate of ¥100 to the dollar. According to brokerage CLSA, yen appreciation would have had an impact of around ¥100 billion, meaning a profit of ¥350 billion. Instead, the company is now forecasting an operating loss of ¥260 billion, or a swing of ¥610 billion on top of the currency losses…

Some analysts believe that what Sony is now confronted with is a management failure, and that it won’t be long before talk of Stringer’s departure becomes more urgent

However, it’s difficult to see where opposition to Stringer might become concentrated.


Pictured below is a snapshot of one of my web site’s statistics, as recorded by Traffic Facts, used by millions of webmasters worldwide, provided by who hosts my websites.

It recorded visits to this website by Sony/BMG, when they really shouldn’t have known who I am as an indie artist/writer, but did because site visitor MADONNA who shares a lawyer with them, named Robert Jacobs, of the law firm illegally sold them items from my preexisting COPYRIGHTED CATALOG containing 10,000 songs, 300 movie scripts and short stories, 15 book manuscripts, 200 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 150 photo treatments, a perfume line and clothing line.

They proceeded to spread the work from my Copyrighted Catalog amongst themselves, disgracefully carving it up. It took me 20 years to author my Copyrighted Catalog and for these people to criminally rob anyone, especially a black immigrant in this manner, is inexcusable, egregious and un-American.

Sony owns Jive Records, Arista Records, Zomba Records, 19 Records (American Idol), J Records, among others and is the sister company of Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures. Sony is headquartered in Japan with its U.S. operations based in New York.

Simon Fuller and the American Idol production company (Freemantle Media) have also been visiting this web site for years, before, after and during the infringements of my preexisting copyrights transpiring. Here is a snapshot from Traffic Facts of one of their visits. Please note the “Freemantle Media” IP address at the top:

SIMON FULLER was sued by a Texas man for ripping off the show he pitched to him, that he stole and renamed “American Idol” in America and “Pop Idol” in Britain.


(stole 5 music videos, 5 songs and 1 film “Obsessed”)


Beyonce re-released her 2006 “B’Day” album this year (2007). Articles came out in the press that her label SONY was not happy that she had taken her own money to shoot a slew of low budget music videos for the re-release.

Said low budget videos were stolen from my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog. In the only copyright case I’ve filed, Aisha v. Madonna in 2005,  Beyonce’s label SONY/BMG were among the defendants. They knew of the copyrights and illegally accessed and used them.

In 2007 Beyonce knew exactly what she was doing and that it broke the law, but believed nothing would come of it if she stole these copyrighted video treatments belonging to me. The damage is extensive, as it is on her CD/DVD B’Day re-release illegally being sold all over the world.

BEYONCE’S BAD LEGAL STANDING: Beyonce has been sued 4 times by different people for copyright infringement. She was sued for stealing the songs “Survivor” “Independent Women” “Baby Boy” and “Still In Love.”

She was also slammed by her producer on MTV for taking credit for writing “Crazy In Love” and finding the song sample, when he was the one that wrote the song and saved the sample for two years to use in a project. She was also slammed by Ne-yo on a radio show for taking credit for writing “Irreplaceable” when she did not, he did. For more on Beyonce’s damning legal history in stealing people’s copyrights click here


1. Beyonce’s 2007 Worldwide Woman is a rip off of my 2001 song Contemporary Girl.

Both songs are about a modern internet woman, emailing, communicating online, flying and driving all over the world, taking charge of her life, while looking for love. The songs are sung in the same key and octave, have the same melodies, rhythm, drumbeat pattern (same snare drum and drum fills). Her 2007 rip off further has the same synth that my song “Contemporary Girl” from years ago has.

My song copyrighted in 2001 (my certificate #PAu2-587-556 April 16, 2001) was the first in music to write about modern working women using computers and the internet and having a jet set life. It was a unique song concept I had and Beyonce ripped it off on several levels, from lyrics to music to melodies. Both songs are about the exact same thing with mutual lyrics and music. Regarding the title, changing it to “Worldwide” Woman is the same as saying “Contemporary” Girl.

“Contemporary Girl” by me 2001 “World Wide Women” by Beyonce 2007
Chorus: Contemporary Girl
Living in this
Chorus (repeats 6 times accounting for much of song): world wide woman
you know I’m the type of girl

Computers and the Internet
If it’s like a MAC (computer) you want
And it divides you like the equator I can just divide a globe
Computers and the Internet (sound efx of modem connecting) baby if you connect with me I’m just like your high speed cable.
Some women take control Come take the lead
Home Alone whether it’s them project homes
Both of you can’t drive where they drive on the passenger side
A private jet for you to fly out Even if you gotta fly to
You’re more domineering than power steering I’ll be the like the Audubon when you get on you won’t know how to let go.
Living in this world can be tough when you’re a girl I’m a world wide woman you can log on anywhere you’re girl can take you there.
I know it’s not how you want to be I know you think that can’t be
In this world In my world
Living in this world Enjoy this world with me
You think you don’t need him anymore
I guess
love isn’t a fad
I want love
like any world wide woman would need
You can’t look him in the eye I’m whatcha looking for
God gave you a heart and soul
Still got sensitivity

2. Beyonce’s 2007 “Welcome to Hollywood” is also a rip off of my June 29, 2006 (certificate #PAu3-062-030) copyrighted song “Hollywood Stinks” and my 2005 copyrighted book “50 Reasons Why Hollywood Stinks.” My copyrights predate her rip offs by almost 2 years.

Hollywood” Stinks” by me June 29, 2006

“Welcome To Hollywood” by Beyonce 2007 featuring Jay-Z

Air kiss the plastic faces I see your face you wanna touch it
So you wanna be a star you’ll be a superstar

Lights camera action

Front page retraction

Ooh it’s the lights, Action

Satisfaction (You need that)

blowing his fuse blow your whole life
When the cameras went off Cameras rollin,
(List of stars)

Tom Cruise on the news

Flipping out blowing his fuse

Paris Hilton putting the first two letters in hotel

Madonna stealing like people can’t tell

(List of stars)

James Dean, John Beluchi, blow your whole life tryna live in the lights.Heroin’s followin, Marilyn

Hoppin’ over the edge just like Janice Joplin.

River Phoenix, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Morrison,

Hooray for Hollywood Thank God for Hollywood

Known to bring many to the brink and this is why Hollywood stinks

All of them ended by Hollywood

They join a cult and think they’re Jesus

Thank God for Hollywood

3. Beyonce’s 2007 “Greenlight” video

This is a direct rip off of my Contemporary Girl music video copyrighted in April 2001 (my copyright certificate #PAu2-587-556 April 16, 2001). My copyrighted 2001 music video treatment contained scenes, among others, of me playing a white guitar, resting my foot on the amp, playing a guitar keyboard, singing into a silver mic and sitting on the drums, against a white backdrop – all scenes present in Beyonce now 2007 “Greenlight” video 6 YEARS LATER.

Beyonce doesn’t play the guitar or drums, I do, that’s why I wrote it into the video. She looked awkward and uncomfortable feigning playing the guitar and sitting on the drums.

Fans keep complaining that Beyonce’s new videos are cheap and not what she usually does. It is for a reason, I am an indie artist, and therefore I can’t afford expensive videos right now. So, some of what I have written for my Copyrighted Catalog contains low budget indie videos. That’s my genre: indie music. I’m not on a major label. Therefore, there are no Beyonce/P-Diddy fireworks and explosion videos present right now.

4. Beyonce’s 2007’s “Beautiful Liar” video

Beyonce’s 2007 indoor infringing video “Beautiful Liar” shows Beyonce and Shakira as synchronized dancers, in black bodysuits, standing on water and separately looking into and dancing on water. Video footage is played in the background on a sheet on top of water. It is a rip off of my pre-existing 2004 video treatment for a song titled “Just To Be Your Friend.”

My 2004 indoor video treatment features, “Synchronized dancers, a looking into water scene, playing guitar on water scene, dancing on water scene, movie footage plays on water, and a waterfall scene wearing a white cotton bodysuit. (my copyright certificate is dated April 2004, registration #PAu2-858-936).

5. Beyonce’s 2007’s “Still in Love” video

Beyonce was sued this year for stealing the song, “Still in Love” from Caribbean/British multi-platinum singer Des’ree. She asked Des’ree if she could remake “Still In Love” which was a hit for Des’ree 10 years ago. It was even featured in a box office film and had its own video. Des’ree said no. Beyonce illegally remade and released the woman’s song anyway and made a video to go with it that she stole from my Copyrighted Catalog.

Des’ree sued and obtained a settlement in New York federal court. The song has been pulled from the B’Day re-release and replaced with my song she stole “Contemporary Girl” renaming it “Worldwide Woman.”

The 2004 copyrighted video Beyonce stole from my copyrighted catalog to make her 2007 infringing video was a beach video with the artist walking, laying and singing on the beach (my copyright is dated March 2005 with a certificate # of: PAU2-979-924). That’s exactly what’s in Beyonce’s rip off 3 years later. In tandem with the other videos she stole from my Copyrighted Catalog it is truly clear where she got these videos from for her “B’Day” re-release with accompanying DVD featuring the new videos she (stole) shot.

6. Beyonce’s 2007’s “Flaws and All” video

This video is a rip off of my 2006 video “The Peace Of My Heart” (my copyright certificates are #PAu3-062-030 June 29, 2006 and #PAu3-083-946 September 15, 2006). My video is of the singer in a “scene shown in black and white, with close up shots of face as she sings.” This is the exact same thing featured in Beyonce’s infringing 2007 video “Flaws And All.”

7. Beyonce’s 2007’s “Suga Mama” video

This video is also a rip off of my 2001 Contemporary Girl video which starts with the female singer sitting in a chair, standing up and taking her hat off then dancing. That’s the exact same thing Beyonce does in her rip off “Suga Mama” video 6 years later (my copyright certificate #PAu2-587-556 April 16, 2001).

She further stole another scene from another of my video treatments and added it to this infringement. The scene she stole is from a 2006 video treatment I copyrighted where the singer dances with a cane in a black and white shot (my certificate #PAu3-083-946 September 15, 2006). She ripped it off to the tee. In that copyright of mine there is a scene that has the singer “laying over a chaise lounge side ways singing lyrics to song,” Beyonce just changed it to “laying over a mechanical bull side ways singing lyrics to song.”

8. Beyonce’s 2007’s “Amor Gitano

This song is a rip off of my 3 year old copyrighted song from 2004 titled “Amor Perdido” whose lyrics was on my web site for years (copyright certificate #PAu2-938-924, December 23, 2004). My copyright certificate predates Beyonce’s 2007 song by 3 years. They both share the same melodies, rhythmic pattern, mutual lyrics and similar titles (Amor Perdido” versus Amor Gitano“).

9. Beyonce “Upgrade U”

Aisha “Newer Model” November 22, 2005 (Copyright certificate: Pau3-038-744 ) Beyonce “Upgrade U”
September 2006 “BDay” album
Both songs are about: 1. “upgrading” to a perceived better person, a better lifestyle, better clothes and car.

2. A woman taking care of a man’s home and family life while he works in big business

3. In my song I ask how he can upgrade the love of his life as she is best for him. In Beyonce’s rip off she asks “How u gon’ upgrade me? What’s higher than number one?”

4. No one had written anything like that before I did and copyrighted it years ago. Then she stole it a year later (after it was copyrighted by me).

Other similarities in words in both songs highlighted in red.

Aisha “Newer Model” November 22, 2005

Beyonce “Upgrade U” September 2006

Upgrade to the newer model
Runway model
Upgrade to the newer model
Runway model

Verse 1:
He dumped his wife
For a child
Whose legs
Run a mile
Outside of her short dress
She needs to go back inside
And redress

Upgrade to the newer model
Runway model
Upgrade to the newer model
Runway model

Verse 2:
He dumped his wife
For a girl who can’t cook
All she does
Is stand around and look, cute,
But you can get the furniture to do that
And she’s cheating behind his back

Upgrade to the newer model
Runway model
Upgrade to the newer model
Runway model

All The Work

I did all the work
She got all the credit
I did all the work
And she waltz in and takes it all

You gave her the car
While I was taking the bus
You bought her a house
While I was struggling to pay my mortgage
I gave you greeting cards
You gave her the credit cards

I was with you when you had nothing
And now that you feel you’ve got something
You upgraded and degraded me

After all I did
This is the thanks I get






















Yeah B, talk ur sh*t, partner let me upgrade u
How u gon’ upgrade me? What’s higher than number one?
U know I used to beat that block and now I be’s the block
Partner let me upgrade u

I hear u be the block but I’m the life that keeps the streets on
Notice u the type that like to keep them on a leash tho’
I’m known to walk alone but I’m alone for a reason
Sending me a drink ain’t appeasing, believe me

U need a real woman in ur life
(That’s a good look)
Taking care of home and still fly
(That’s a good look)
I can help u build up ur account
(That’s a good look, better yet a hood look)
(But ladies that’s a good look)
Believe me

When ur in the big meetings for the mils
(That’s a good look)
U take me just to compliment the deal
(That’s a good look)
And anything u cop I split the bill
(That’s a good look, better yet a hood look)
(But ladies that’s a good look)
Believe me

Partner let me upgrade u, Audemars Piguet u
Switch your necktie to purple labels
Upgrade you, I can up, can I up, let me upgrade u
Partner let me upgrade u

Partner let me upgrade u, flip a new page
Introduce u to some new things and
Upgrade u, I can up, can I up, let me upgrade u
Partner let me upgrade u

I can do for u what Martin did for the people
Ran by the man but the women keep the tempo
It’s very seldom that ur blessed to find ur equal
Still play my part and let u take the lead role, believe me

I’ll follow, this could be easy
I’ll be the help whenever u need me
I see ur hustle, with my hustle I can keep u
Focused on ur focus, I can feed u

I be’s the D-boy who infiltrated all the corporate dudes
They call shots I call audibles
Jacob the jeweler, Baubbles Loraine Schwartz sorta dude
It’s big ballin’ baby when I’m cortin u

I’m talking spa bags and fly pads and rooms at the Bloomberg
And rumors u on the verge of a new marriage
‘Cuz that rock on ur finger’s like a tumor
U can’t fit ur hand in ur new purse

It’s humorous to me they watchin’ and we just yachtin’
Island hoppin’ off the Amalfi coast
Mafioso, Hov baby u ever see saturn?
No, not the car, but everywhere we are

U sure to see stars, this is high level not eye level
My bezzle courtesy of Audemars
I’ll order urs tomorrow now look at the time I saved u
Mama let me upgrade u

Just when u think u had it all
Big ends, car notes, collectin’ cars
Picture ur life elevated with me
Make u my project celebrity
I keep ur name hot in the streets

It’s the little glimpse of light
That makes the diamond really shine
And u already is a star but unless ur flawless
Then ur dynasty ain’t complete without a chief like me

Partner let me upgrade u, Audemars Piguet u
Switch your necktie to purple labels
Upgrade you, I can up, can I up, let me upgrade u
Partner let me upgrade u

Partner let me upgrade u, flip a new page
Introduce u to some new things and
Upgrade u, I can up, can I up, let me upgrade u
Partner let me upgrade u

Audemars Piguet watch, dimples in ur necktie
Hermmes briefcase, Cartier top clips
Silk lined blazers, diamond cream facials
VVS cuff links, six star pent suits

Partner let me upgrade u, grade u
Partner, partner let me upgrade u, grade u
Let me, let me, let me upgrade u, grade u
Partner, partner, partner let me upgrade u

It’s Not Wise To Play The Fool – November 22, 2005 (Copyright certificate: Pau3-038-744 ) Beyonce “Green Light
September 2006 “BDay” album
she took lines from my song “a green light to see how far you can go and repeated it in her song dozens of times as the hook “Green light…go.” There are also other rip off lines in there about “I can see” and changing “misconstrued” to “misinterpreted”

Didn’t they teach you in school
It’s not wise to play the fool
Play the fool to catch the wise
No play the wise to catch the fool

Verse 1:
Its funny how
Silence can be misconstrued
One track mind
Misjudge me
Underestimate me
Some see it as a green light
To see how far they can go
They don’t know

Didn’t they teach you in school
It’s not wise to play the fool
Play the fool to catch the wise
No play the wise to catch the fool

Verse 2:
I don’t always say how I feel
But I see how I feel
I know how I feel
Object to things
The appropriate time

Didn’t they teach you in school
It’s not wise to play the fool
Play the fool to catch the wise
No play the wise to catch the fool






For some strange reason (huh)
You done pleasin me like it’s ok (Oh oh ooooh)
Like a perm that’s been left too long
It’s like a burn
The result is it just won’t take (Oh oh ooooh)
I can see
Now it’s all coming so clear to me now
I can see
Misinterpreted all of my naiveness
Was just thinking if I had no you
Than I can’t do
My stock just went up over 2 million

Some sillies say I should be trophied
’cause it gets no stronger (Oh oh ooooh)
Ladies ya’ll know (yea girl ya’ll know)
This pimp ish gets no older
Is that a threat (what’s another threat)
Yep! (that’s another threat)
I’m immune, you can get no colder
You got the green light (whoa)
you the king right (whoa)
You holdin up traffic
Green means go!!

Go go go goooo
Go go go goooo
Go go go goooo

Go go RED LIGHT (I said you’re holdin up traffic green means go!!) GREEN LIGHT!

So if you want to (uh uh huh uh uh)
You got the green light (you got the green light babe!) (uh uh huh uh uh)
So if you want to (go!) (uh uh huh uh uh)
aint no problem you can go
I’m gon’ find somebody else
So why not move along
You got the green light…so you can…GO!! (go, go, go)

Go go go goooo
Go go go goooo
Go go go goooo

Go go





(stole 9 songs)

Carrie Underwood “Some Hearts” CD

Aisha September 14, 2004 – copyright: PAu2-902-060 Carrie Underwood “Some Hearts” CD November 11, 2005

All American Girl

All-American Girl

CHORUS:All American girl
The only in the world
Brown or blue eyes
Hair natural or dyed

All American girl
The only in the world
Brown or blue eyes
Hair natural or dyed


And now he’s wrapped around her finger,
She’s the center of his whole world.
And his heart belongs to that sweet little beautiful, wonderful, perfect All-American Girl…

And now he’s wrapped around her finger,
She’s the center of his whole world.
And his heart belongs to that sweet little beautiful, wonderful, perfect All-American Girl…

I Have To Say Goodbye Starts With Goodbye Lyrics
I have to
say goodbye
Though it
makes me cry
It’s hard for me
to let you go
But I want
you to know
Chorus: (repeats 3 times in song)
I guess it’s gonna have to hurt,
I guess I’m gonna have to cry,
And let go of some things I’ve loved,
To get to the other side,
I guess it’s gonna break me down,
Like falling when you’re trying to fly, It’s sad but sometimes Moving on with the rest of your life,
Starts with goodbye

Young And Beautiful” (music) & “Hollywood Made” (lyrics)

Is about being young and beautiful now but that it will fade

“We’re Young And Beautiful

Is about being young and beautiful now but that it will fade.

“Hollywood Made” Chorus:
Hollywood made
But will it fade,
Hollywood made
But will it fade,

Verse 1:
She was young and beautiful
Wide eyed and
So full of life
I remember them fondly
From my childhood
Hollywood made him
Then broke him

Hollywood made
But will it fade,
Hollywood made
But will it fade,

Verse 2:
I hate Hollywood
The builder or dreams
And the destroyer of lives

While we’re young and beautiful,
Kiss me like you mean it,
Treat me like I’m special,
Cover me with sweetness,
Cause a time will come,
When we’re not so young and beautiful,
While we’re young and beautiful,
Living free and easy,
Here without a worry,
Dancing in our bare feet,
Cause when the summer’s done,
We might not be so young and beautiful.

It’s a crazy, ride,
And baby, you and I,
Are keepin’ our sweet love alive
Tonight, while we’re young and beautiful.

While we’re young and beautiful,
We’ll party down on Main street,
Wearing next to nothing,
Feeling every heart beat,
Having fun, while we’re still young and beautiful.

While we’re young and beautiful,
Cover me with sweetness,
While we’re young and beautiful,
Kiss me like you mean it,

Carrie Underwood “Carnival Ride” CD


September 14, 2004 – copyright: PAu2-902-060 & June 29, 2006 (certificate #PAu3-062-030)

Carrie Underwood “Carnival Ride” CD

October 23, 2007

The Man Is A Dog

The More Boys I Meet

Wanted a prince
Got the frog
The man is a dog

Wanted a prince
Got the frog
The man is a dog
Wanted a prince
Got the frog
The man is a dog

I close my eyes and I kiss that frog
Each time finding
The more boys I meet, The more I love my dog

I close my eyes and I kiss that frog
Each time finding
The more boys I meet, The more I love my dog

I close my eyes and I kiss that frog
Each time finding
The more boys I meet, The more I love my dog

Be A Girl

Wheel Of The World

Be inspired
To see the world
Be a Girl
Be inspired
To see the world
Be a Girl

Verse 1:
With flowers in my hair
Dance like I don’t care
Run in a field
Ride on a wheel
Swing on a swing
Do my own thing

Be inspired
To see the world
Be a Girl
Be inspired
To see the world
Be a Girl

Verse 2:
Wear a new hat
Not feel fat
Happy to be me
Alive and care free
I love me

Be inspired
To see the world
Be a Girl
Be inspired
To see the world
Be a Girl

Love goes out, out like a light.
Out like a flame and you cant find find it anymore.
Just when you think its lost in the rain, it comes back knockin’ at your door.

Its the wheel of the world turning around.
Its the wheel of the world turning around.
and around.

God put us here on this carnival ride.
We close our eyes, never knowing where it’ll take us next.
Babies are born, and at the same time, someone’s taking their last breath.

Its the wheel of the world turning around.
Its the wheel of the world turning around.
and around.

In the blink of an eye, it can change your life.
And it never even slows down.

Its the wheel of the world.
I dont know what it is, Im flying high, but Im wondering why Im sinking on this ship going down.

Life keeps on moving anyway.

Its the wheel of the world turning around.
Its the wheel of the world turning around.
Its the wheel of the world.
Its the wheel of the world turning around.
Its the wheel of the world turning around.
and around.
and around.
Its the wheel of the world turning around.

I’ll Call You I Know You Won’t
I’ll call you
I promise
Yea right
He won’t call
I’ll call you
I promise
Yea right
He won’t call

You say you’ll call, but I know you
You say you’re coming home, but I know you
You say you’ll call, but I know you won’t
You say you’ll call, but I know you wont
You say you’ll call, but I know you
You say you’re coming home, but I know you
You say you’ll call, but I know you won’t
You say you’ll call, but I know you wont



Like a wrecking ball
Destroying it all
Baby you’re a wrecking ball
Crashing into me
Nothing I can do but fall


Flat On The Floor

You used to smile
You don’t smile anymore
Head down
Looking at the floor
Smile replaced with a frown
Has life been that hard
Times been that bad
That it makes you so sad
That you forgot how to smile
I know you’ve been through a lot
But you’ve got

You aint gonna get to me tonight.
I’ll lay right here till it all rolls through.
I aint gonna raise my body…
Cause I’m flat on the floor with my head down low
Where the sky can’t rain on me anymore
Don’t knock on my door ’cause I won’t come
I’m hidin’ from the storm ’til the damage is…

I’m flat on the floor with my head down low
Where the sky can’t rain on me anymore
Don’t knock on my door ’cause I won’t come
I’m hidin’ from the storm ’til the damage is…

A Great Romance

Last Name

Someone to
Propose to me
To put a ring on my finger
Ask me to be his wife
Share his last name
Someone who’s the same
As me
and I don’t even know his last name, oh here we go
today, I woke up, thinkin’ ‘bout Elvis, somewhere in Vegas I’m not sure
how I got here, or how this ring on my left hand just appeared
outta nowhere, I gotta go, take the chips, and the Pinto, and hit the road


“Circus” infringements added shortly

Britney Spears has been sued 5 times by writers and producers all over the world for copyright infringement. She stole 5 songs from my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog. Two of the infringing songs were pulled from the album Blackout when I named and slammed the two songs online. But upon inspection of the now released Blackout CD, I found 2 more infringements that are on the album. Comparative infringements are highlighted below in red and blue, where not compared in alternating lines:

1. 2007’s “Get Back” by Britney Spears:

Aisha Lyrics 2004 vs. Britney Spears “Get Back” 2007

AISHA: We’re you looking for me
BRITNEY: You’re the one who’s looking for me
AISHA: You wonder why
BRITNEY: I wonder why?
AISHA: You used to be so cool
BRITNEY: You used to be the one
AISHA: Let her be happy
BRITNEY: who asked me to let her be
AISHA: You’re the one
BRITNEY: so you’re the one
AISHA: Let’s get back together
BRITNEY: who want us to get back
AISHA: Forever we’ve got to make it together
BRITNEY: you say lets get back together lets get back forever
AISHA: How you follow me around town like a little puppy
BRITNEY: who’s following me around like a homeless dog
AISHA: You pray that things get better
BRITNEY: and you pray
AISHA: Let’s get back together
BRITNEY: let’s get back together
AISHA: You’re the one
BRITNEY: now you’re the one
AISHA: Chasing after him
BRITNEY: who’s chasing me
AISHA: You keep following me around town
BRITNEY: it’s like your following me everywhere
AISHA: I pray for you at night
BRITNEY: i used to pray for that to happen
AISHA: I don’t care
BRITNEY: But now I just don’t care
AISHA: and it is annoying
BRITNEY: it’s starting to annoy me
AISHA: You’re crazy
BRITNEY: I’m getting crazy
AISHA: You’ll be free but without me
BRITNEY: u were the one who asked me to be free
AISHA: Oh baby
BRITNEY: oh baby
AISHA: on my own
BRITNEY: I’m on my own now
AISHA: You ought to think about that
BRITNEY: you should have thought of that
AISHA: How can I believe the things you say
BRITNEY: cause now I just don’t care what you say
AISHA: Nobody cares what you think
BRITNEY: now I don’t care what u can be thinking
AISHA: You need to stay out of my life
BRITNEY: now your just so out of my way
AISHA: I’m better off for it
BRITNEY: That I’m better without you
AISHA: I don’t need you
BRITNEY: I found out I didn’t need u to survive
AISHA: When I realize I don’t need you
BRITNEY: I’ve also realized that u were the one who needs me
AISHA: Stop trying to call me
BRITNEY: who’ll call me

2. State Of GraceA song title in my Copyrighted Catalog, song #1687, copyrighted in 2004 (certificate #PAu2-902-060 September 14 2004), for a beat they did not use is titledState of Grace.” Song # 1371 in my Copyrighted Catalog, copyrighted in 2004, is titled ” Fairy Tale Love” and she ripped off some of the catchy hook from it to make the bridge to her 2007 song “State Of Grace.” There are melodies, harmonies and rhythm parts from my December 24, 2004 copyright (copyright certificate #PAu2-938-924, December 23, 2004) that she ripped off for the song as well.

Aisha “State Of Grace” & “Fairy Tale Love” 2004 Britney Spears “State Of Grace” 2007
Its like a dream
But real
And I like how I feel
That we feel
Is a dream
That we know is real

The moon and sun met

(Taken from song #3438 copyrighted 2004 titled “I want to live”)

Like the moon and sun we fade to one

(To say “like the moon and sun we fade into one” is the same metaphor for saying what I had written years prior “the moon and sun meet” meaning they are together and become one).

3. “Why Should I Be Sad” 2007 by Britney Spears – produced and written by Pharrell Williams, is a rip off of my song  song “Done.”

“Done” and “By The One I Love” by Aisha March 12, 2007 (Copyright “Aisha Work 27” and “Aisha Work 29” PAu3-129-527) “Why Should I Be Sad?” by Britney Spears October 31, 2007

“By The One I Love”

I couldn’t believe he did it

Betrayed me

Played me

Like a game

“Why Should I Be Sad?”

They couldn’t believe I did it

My friends said you would play me

But I just said they’re crazy

Leave me alone

We’re through

And it’s about you…

It’s time for you

To move on

Go about your business

Just take it all

As a sign that we’re through

It’s time for me to move along

It’s time for me to get it on

I’m tired of singing sad songs

(All right)

It’s time for me

(Britney, let’s go)

4. “Out Of This World” by Britney Spears:

Radio Astronomy”2005 & “The Only Stars Are In The Sky” by Aisha 2006 “Out Of This World” by Britney Spears (Bonus track available on Target store “Blackout” CD) November 2007
Radio Astronomy”

Radio astronomy

Music that is out of this world

Outta This World

I know you hear me on your radio

Well here we go

the only stars
are in the sky

In my sky
We’re the stars


(stole 8 songs)


Do Right

You must fight
To make it right
Fight again
Til it’s right in the end
You must fight
To make it right
Fight again
Til it’s right in the end
You must fight
To make it right
Fight again
Til it’s right in the end
You must fight
To make it right
Fight again
Til it’s right in the end
There’s only one way to do right, right, right, right,
There’s only one way to do right, right, right, right,
See me, I aint always done right, right, right, right,
That’s why I’m here to help you fight, fight, to do right.
There’s only one way to do right, right, right, right,
There’s only one way to do right, right, right, right,
See me, I aint always done right, right, right, right,
That’s why I’m here to help you fight, fight, to do right.

Taxi Squad

No Definition

how long are you
gonna keep me on the taxi squad
I want a commitment
The casual definition
of this relationship
Isn’t working for me
I can’t believe how long
You’ve had me strung along
Waiting to hear those words
I’ve not heard from you
So I can say I do

how long are you
gonna keep me on the taxi squad
I want a commitment
The casual definition
of this relationship
Isn’t working for me

I can’t believe how long
You’ve had me strung along
Waiting to hear those words
I’ve not heard from you
So I can say I do

Actions speak louder than words
Baby, I’m gonna treat you the way you deserve
We don’t need we don’t need de-fini-tion
We don’t need de-fini-tion
What I feel is real & if you look that up
On top of the word you see picture of us
We don’t need, we don’t need de-fini-tion
We don’t need de-fini-tion
We shop, we dine, spend cuddle time
Come over but only on invitation
Not now, in time, we’re border line
I like you but don’t quit your occupation
My heart, my ace but just in case
Lets stay open to other situations
Why tell you we gonna be more
Keep you on a leash for
I don’t wanna string you along, girl

Even though we used to the titles and getting made
But maybe this time we should just leave this one alone
(Cause) if this working for us, then its working for us
Don’t Go messing it up (Don’t go messing it up)



you weren’t invited
why are you here
my dear
you dumped me
and now that I’m doing well
you start to tell
me that you want me back
hit the road jack
you had your chances
to be kind
you had your chances
to be mine

why would I want
a man like you
with the things you do
I’m not desperate
And I’m not a fool
This is not
High school

Wouldnt be the one to be found out
Because im not that kinda guy
If I wanted somebody else
Then I’d say goodbye
Been trying to work it out

You better understand I do all I can
But if i’m no good for you
Then baby im no good for you
So tell me why are you still here
But now i got reservations (RSVP)
Because you actin strange…
But you think you know, forget it (But baby you)
I maybe young but i aint stupid baby (Stupid baby)
I not gonna play the fool (Play the fool)
And you should know by now (Now)
That i was all for you

You got so used to the fast life
All of the things I could do for you
Catch you coming back to me (yeah)

“It works like Kryptonite” & “Save The Day”


Into the fray
To save the day
Into the fray
To save the day
Into the fray
To save the day
You don’t need to be
A super hero
To make a difference
To save a life
You just have to care
And be there

Into the fray
To save the day
Into the fray
To save the day
Into the fray
To save the day

I wanna be your superman,
I’m trying to save our love the best way that I can,
Cause these girls they’re like kryptonite,
These girls my kryptonite,
These girls got kryptonite,
These girls my kryptonite,
And I really wanna make it work, but I cant stop messing round
I wanna be your superman,
I’m trying to save our love the best way that I can,
Cause these girls they’re like kryptonite,
These girls my kryptonite,
These girls got kryptonite,
These girls my kryptonite,
And I really wanna make it work, but I cant stop messing round

Get A Way

How Do I Breathe

I need to get away
I need time to think
To breathe
I need some space
Away from this place
To make sense of it all
It has become too much for me
And I don’t feel the same anymore
I need more
I need to go ashore
Redirect the ship
Get on the right course
And get away from this place





Life for me is not the same
Seems like everywhere I try to go
I keep thinkin’ of you
How do I breathe
Without you here by my side
How will I see
When Your love brought me to the light (oh to the light)
Where do I go
When your hearts where I lay my head
When your not with me (i say, how do i breathe)
How do I breathe

I just had a wakeup call
Wishin’ that I never let you fall
Baby you are not to blame at all
When I ‘m the one who pushed you away

Girl you need to come home
Back to me cause girl you make it hard to breathe
When you’re not with me

My Favorite DJ

Music for Love

my favorite DJ
that will play
my favorite song
I can’t go wrong
my favorite DJ
that will play
my favorite song
I can’t go wrong
What a night
The music is right
It is so me
I feel so happy

my favorite DJ
that will play
my favorite song
I can’t go wrong
my favorite DJ
that will play
my favorite song
I can’t go wrong

Make the beat bounce
Enjoying every ounce
Of bass
Rocking the place

my favorite DJ
that will play
my favorite song
I can’t go wrong
my favorite DJ
that will play
my favorite song
I can’t go wrong

Cause babygirl this is the music for love
Shawty don’t be scared, just let the bass line hit you
Boom boom, all up in your system
Cause babygirl, this is the music for love
Baby come push my buttons, I’ll show you all my functions
Press play and let me start, fast forward to your favorite part
After we done, hit rewind and we’ll go back to the top

[Verse 2]
I’ll keep you moving your body
I’ll be the DJ, that turns this private party out
I’ll play your favorite song
From my I-Tunes to your I-Pod girl
Girl I know how to put it on
Computer Love
And we’ll do this all night long
And you can sing along
Just as long as you sing in my microphone
Oh, you ain’t gotta worry about parental advisory
Cause girl we’re grown
And the music we’re making baby, we’re making for love

Request me on the hotline, yeah
Tell the DJ to play it all night (girl)
When you call, let me hear what you sound like
Girl, we in heavy rotation, girl I’ll be all on your station





A Lonely Song (Make It Right)

Lay In My Bed

Can you make it right
Can you make this right
Fix what you have done
Finish what you have begun
Verse 1:
That has hurt us so
I just don’t know
And don’t want to
Be burdened with this anymore

Can you make it right
Can you make this right
Fix what you have done
Finish what you have begun

Verse 2:
To a soul that is broken
There is not much that can be said
You want to spend time
laying in bed
Trying to figure out how this happened
And where you went wrong
Clinging to your tears
And a lonely song

Can you make it right
Can you make this right
Fix what you have done
Finish what you have begun

Please Spend The Night
I Wanna Make This Right
Girl What You Leavin’ For? (Leaving’ For)
Shawty Close The Door
We ‘Otta Be Making Love
Instead Of Breaking Up
Come On Baby Let Me Show You I’m Fo’ real(Lay In My Bed)
We ‘Otta Be Making Love
Instead Of Breaking Up
Come On Baby Let Me Show You Im Fo’ real(Lay In My Bed)
[Verse 2:]
Listen, Remember When I Said I Will Never Hurt You?
You Aint Gotta Cry, I Know All The Things You Been Through
Baby I Aint Into Satisfying No Body But You
Touching On No Body But You
Every Thing Im Saying Is True

Please Spend The Night
I Wanna Make This Right

So What You Leavin’ For? (Leaving’ For)
Shawty Close The Door
We ‘Otta Be Making Love
Instead Of Breaking Up (Breaking Up)
Come On Baby Let Me Show You I’m Fo’ real(Lay In My Bed)
We ‘Otta Be Making Love
Instead Of Breaking Up
Come On Baby Let Me Show You Im Fo’ real(Lay In My Bed)

Crying out for help

Crying Out For Me

My soul is crying
Crying out for help
I’m broken and confused
Scared and used
My soul is crying
Crying out for help
I’m broken and confused
Scared and used
4215. He Was Here First

He was here first
I knew him first
He has my loyalty
So this cannot be

8953. Work For It

She was knocking herself out
Pleasing this man
That didn’t care to understand
That she loved him
And wanted to make it work
She ended up getting hurt

I can hear your heart, crying out for me
I can hear your heart, crying out for me
And it keeps on saying
Come on in, come on in, come on in and save me
And it keeps on saying
Come on in, come on in, come on in and save me
I can hear your heart, crying out for me
[Verse 2]
But I’m stuck in the middle of seeing you hurt
I know when you love him
And you wanna make it work
And I can’t help but think that I knew you first
It’s getting louder
Girl I can’t ignore it no more baby



(stole 8 songs)

The knock off album “My December” by Kelly Clarkson, was released on June 23, 2007 and contains infringing songs from my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog. The songs share mutual lyrics, melodies and subject/plot.

“My December” sold 1.2 million copies worldwide, coupled with the infringing single Never Again, generating $14 million dollars in sales for J/Jive/Sony/BMG. She usually averages 10 million CDs per release, but the boycott deflated her sales. Regardless, they made approximately $14 million in sales.

There is also a beat in my Copyrighted Catalog titled “Not Today” and amazingly there is a song called “Not Today” that appears on her infringing album. It’s not that beat, but it is amazing that two of the same titles, “Sober” and “Not Today” appear on her later released album, when they were in my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog. The songs are about the same thing as well. They can be matched up track for track.

She had access to my Copyrighted Catalog without permission. Fox News even stated the Kelly Clarkson album “My December” is more for an indie singer, which I am, and is not fitting for an American Idol winner or someone with her style.

My preexisting copyrighted songs are in the left column, Kelly’s later recorded and released infringing songs are in the right column:

AISHA 1. I Need A New Life April 17, 2006 (copyright certificate #PAu3-045-718) KELLY CLARKSON INFRINGEMENTSBe Still (June 22, 2007)
I need a new life
A new beginning
A new start
From the heart
A brand new start
Is all we need
it’s all we need to mend these hearts
Back to the beginning
2. A World Away (Copyright March 12, 2007) Can I Have A Kiss (June 22, 2007)
Why did you have to leave
Were things this bad
Did it make you so sad
That you had to leave
Why did you leave
I couldn’t believe
You left like this
Without even a kiss

I know why you left
I can’t blame you myself
Must be hard living with ghosts and such an empty shell
I tried to warn you
I’ve been a mess since you’ve known me
I can’t promise forever
But I’m working on it
If I can’t hold you
Can I give you a kiss
Can I All I have
All I can give to you I will
Just promise this
If I can’t have forever
Can I have a kiss
3. Trophy Wife (copyright certificate #PAu2-902-060, September 14, 2004) Never Again (June 22, 2007)
Now you want to leave
And that’s the way it is
You let some little girl
Ruin your world
And turn your head
And share your bed
Its wrong you’re wife stayed with you so long
Financially you’re in a better place
Morally you are a disgrace
Looking to replace
She struggled with you
So many years of her life
And now you want to replace her
With a trophy wife
You know the type
I hope the ring you gave to her
Turns her finger green
I hope when you’re in bed with her
you think of me
I would never wish bad things
But I don’t wish you well
Could you tell
By the flames that burned your words
I never read your letter
Cause I knew what you’d say
Give me that Sunday school answer
Try to make it all okay
If she really knows the truth
She deserves you
A trophy wife
Oh how cute
4. Everything Is Gonna Be OK (copyright certificate #PAu2-938-924, December 23, 2004) One Minute (June 22, 2007)
Today, everything is gonna be okay
God will help you find your way
I know it will work out fine
If you just give it
Verse 1:
Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way we planned
The moments we don’t understand
The design
At that time
The dreams that extend beyond reality
A struggle with duality
But it will be okay

Verse 2:
Life changes so much, so fast
We cherish the moments that last
But you can’t keep living in the past
For long singing the same song
Get up
And write a new melody
Filled with all the rhapsody
In your heart
And let it start
You on your way
When you look around you see
Heartache and misery
But it doesn’t have to be
This way
I pray
God will help you find your way
I know things will work out fine
If you just give it time
Just give it

Gonna be okay
Gonna be okay
Just give it time

You’re going crazy,
Running on empty,
You can’t make up your mind,
You try to hide it,
But you had to say it,
Restless all this time,
So completely drained from every thing that’s in your life,
It’s so wrong but you had to scream every thought you kept inside,
One minute you laugh,
The next minute you’re slowly sinking into something black,
I get the feeling that lately nothing ever really lasts keep trying to get up but I keep falling back,
And you love,
And you hate,
And you wait,
Cause one minute goes fast,

You just can’t escape it,
You’re losing patience,
You wonder what went wrong,
Everything changes,
Happy then jaded,
Always a different song,
Playin’ in your head just when you think you got it down,
Out of nowhere you realize it’s different music playing now,

One minute goes fast,
One minute goes fast,

5. Trophy Wife (copyright certificate #PAu2-902-060, September 14, 2004) How I Feel (June 22, 2007)
She married you when you were both kids
Even helped you with your biz
She bore your kids
Now you want to leave
And that’s the way it is
You let some little girl
Ruin your world
And turn your head
And share your bed
She struggled with you
So any years of her life
And now you want to replace her
With a trophy wife
Looks like I made a mess again
Heartbreak everywhere I step
This fire is getting hot again
But I touch the flame ‘cause I’m a curious cat
Creeping where I don’t belong
Finding out what I knew all along
Crying all alone
And it’s all my fault, all my fault
Yeah, I did it again…again
It seems every time I find a good man
He’s got a good little wife
I’m not jealous but I won’t lie
I don’t want to hear about your wonderful life
And babies everywhere I look
Trophy wives with their little black books
6. What To Do (copyright March 12, 2007) Judas (June 22, 2007)
You were a friend to me
Like a brother
And you betrayed me
Like no other
The only one who held your hand
Defended you against the others
Had your back on everything
Never let you down
You turned around betrayed your only brother
7. A Good Man Wouldn’t Do That (copyright certificate #PAu3-046-098, May 31, 2006) Dirty Little Secret (June 22, 2007)
No good man would put you through that
No good man would treat you like that
Talk to you like that
Look at you like that
With that hate in his eyes
And words filled with lies
You just don’t need that
And why would you
want to put yourself through that
For love?
You call that love
I call that a lie
He’s the one doing the dirty
And being flirty with everyone around

Oh I see him now
I know your dirty little secret
Oh I got you now
I found your dirty little secret
You don’t touch
You don’t talk
You don’t look me in the face
Your dirty little secret
What are you hiding in your covers?
Locked away little lover
What will you do when they discover your eyes on another

8. Sober (copyright certificate #PAu3-044-139, January  10, 2006) Sober (June 22, 2007)
How can it be good
getting drunk at night
then throwing up
into the toilet in the morning
How can it be good doing drugs
and damaging your brain and vocal chords
How can it be good
smoking marijuana
and destroying brain cells
and decreasing your sperm count
How can it be good
endangering your health
by being promiscuous

Sober  And I don’t know
This could break my heart or save me
Nothing’s real
Until you let go completely
So here I go with all my thoughts I’ve been saving
So here I go with all my fears weighing on me
Three months and I’m still sober
Picked all my weeds but kept the flowers
And I don’t know
I could crash and burn but maybe
At the end of this road I might catch a glimpse of me
Three months and I’m still breathing
Been a long road since those hands I left my tears in but I know
It’s never really over, no
Wake up
Three months and I’m still standing here
Three months and I’m getting better yeah
Three months and I still am
Three months and it’s still harder now
Three months I’ve been living here without you now
Three months yeah, three months
Three months and I’m still breathing
Three months and I still remember it
Three months and I wake up
Three months and I’m still sober
Picked all my weeds but kept the flowers

– Sony’s “Hancock” “I Am Legend” and “You Don’t Mess With The Zohan” film infringement comparisons will be added shortly, as well as additional song infringements by Sony Music artists Chris Brown, Pink, Sara Bersalis, Pat Mohan and others.

Lil Wayne Sued For Copyright Infringement Again

August 20, 2008 Comments off

A Legal Stone Rolling Over Lil’ Wayne

This is a follow up to the May 30, 2008 article Rapper Lil Wayne Sued For Copyright Infringement. Lil Wayne has been sued again for copyright infringement, revealing this is clearly a habit. This time he’s been sued by the Rolling Stones’ publisher for ripping off their music.

Rolling Stones

Stealing from one of the most well known bands on the planet is not a good idea, as that pretty much guarantees everyone will know.

Lil’ Wayne faces copyright claim

US rapper Lil’ Wayne has been sued by a music publishing company over claims he released a version of Rolling Stones song Play With Fire without permission.

Abkco Music Inc have said that Lil’ Wayne’s Playing with Fire was clearly derived from the Stones’ original but used “explicit and offensive language”.

They accuse the rapper of copyright infringement and unfair competition.

A spokesman for Lil’ Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter, was unavailable for comment.

Barbie Beats Up The Bratz

August 12, 2008 Comments off

Barbie Wins First Round In Court


This is a follow up to the May 29, 2008 article Bratz vs. Barbie – Copyright Infringement And Trade Secret Violation Case.

Bratz’ bimbo-like dolls. Tell me they don’t look like hookers.

In my previous article I wrote the Bratz Dolls are Barbie rip-offs. They look like someone went over Barbie with a rolling pin. Apparently, the jury in the case had the same view regarding the infringement and trade secret theft, because this week they ruled in favor of Mattel (Barbie).

Look at this Bratz doll. She looks like she is about to “get low” as the song goes.

Sidebar: why are the Bratz dolls so slutty. They look like little skanks. How is it good that young girls should have dolls that look like hookers. I’m for diversification, but with integrity and bring something new to the table. Don’t steal other people’s stuff.

I saw this fake Barbie on another site. Is she Jihad Barbie or something?

Jury finds in favor of Mattel in Bratz trial

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (Reuters) — Mattel (MAT) won a court case against MGA Entertainment on Thursday over which toymaker owns the $1 billion-plus Bratz fashion doll franchise.

A nine-member federal jury in California found the creator of the multi-ethnic, big-headed dolls, Carter Bryant, created their characters and the name while he was under contract as a Barbie designer at Mattel.

The decision put Mattel in commanding position going into the damages phase of the trial, which begins July 23.

Madonna’s Link To The Commissioned Hackings Of My Business Computers

July 13, 2008 Comments off

Hacks into computers hosting company illegally in computers and sending me harassing emails
Madonna’s staff contacting people in my personal life offering them money to harass me
Madonna’s hacker’s criminal misconduct
More break-ins to my home

Photo courtesy of the Daily Mail

As many of you know, Madonna, her label and the people she illegally passed my copyrighted catalog to, have been frequent visitors to this web site before and after the criminal copyright infringement of my wholly owned Copyrighted Catalog began.

They did not obtain a copy of the Catalog through dumpster diving, as my work is digital and the only print outs that exists in part are sent to the Copyright Office in Washington, D.C.

I would say at best only 10% of the Catalog has ever been printed out and it was sent to the Library of Congress in D.C. The standard medium for my copyrights is read-only CD-ROMs.

My computers have been hacked on a daily basis in ongoing misconduct that predates the infringement of my preexisting Copyrights.

Despite our best efforts at blocking the hacks to my “protected computers” as the legal and software term goes, my system is still suffering from terrible, malicious computer intrusions, commissioned and paid for by Madonna, who is no stranger to copyright infringement claims, having been sued for it more than any other artist in history. She has made a living for 25 years off copyright infringement, which is absolutely shameful and illegal.

As mentioned before, two separate computer companies analyzed my computers and placed in writing that the systems are being severely hacked, with one of the computer specialists witnessing one of the hacks before his very eyes and mine. He also documented what he saw.

A McAfee representative confirmed in writing that the “Gateway” posted above is the IP address on the entity requesting access. The above posted IP is constantly trying to get into my computers, is stopped by McAfee for a minute, then illegally breaks in through backdoors, getting into the system.

The hacks are originating from the same IP address that belongs to IANA, which is an affiliate of ICANN and both are connected to the company DIGILINK through irrefutable business records. Bob Atkin’s DIGILINK has hosted the web site for years. All three companies are located in the same building in suites next to each other, with DIGILINK occupying multiple suites.

4676 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292 is home to ICANN, IANA and Madonna’s hosting company DIGILINK, owned by BOB ATKINS.


Then I began receiving specific, targeted, threatening and harassing emails about Madonna and the legal case, to my web site, from an IP address belonging to, once again, the company hosting, DIGILINK of 4676 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292.

The emails included personal, distinct info you would only know if you had wiretapped my phone and or were illegally in my home, listening to me speak to my dad and my lawyers. Separately, there was also a harassing email sent to me, registered to DIGILINK’s IP that stated things one could only know had you been in my private bank account. I have saved all these emails as evidence. DIGILINK also specializes in high tech phone service over the internet.


For years Madonna’s web site’s IP address with DIGILINK has been, up until 5 weeks ago when her hacker illegally accessed my computer and accessed the temp files. When said hacker did, he found a copy of DNS records I’d found online, linking the hacks of my business computers and threatening emails sent to my sites, to the same IP Block and hosting building address for (see the history of Madonna’s site DNS records below).

I also wrote about it on the Judiciary Report site weeks ago, stating I knew who she paid to do the hacks, how they did it and their business relation to her.

After years, all of a sudden she switched IPs like her shirttail was on fire due to the terrible link between her and Digilink.

She was switched, because of her irrefutable tie to DIGILINK and the fact she’s been paying someone in that company to commit computer intrusions/hacks, to engage in grand theft larceny of a very valuable Copyrighted Catalog, valued at billions, which constitutes very serious felonies.

There is also a link between Digilink, ICANN, IANA and the Kabbalah Center that I will go into shortly.

Someone at Digilink is abusing network router clearance privileges and using it to hack into computers.

Madonna and Warner Bros are the entertainment industry sites I have found whose IP’s registered to Digilink (Warner Bros. has recently switched IPs/hosts as well to get away from the terrible tie in the case). Not even Sony, Def Jam, Interscope or Universal’s sites are hosted by Digilink or on an IP address belonging to them.


Here’s another saved record that shows Digilink hosting for quite sometime (see “name server”):

Madonna’s Hacker Has Done The Following:

1. Illegally copied and forwarded my preexisting, multi-billion dollar valued copyrighted catalog to Madonna who began using it in criminal violation of the law.

2. Copied emails between me and my dad who works for the Jamaican government and various correspondences between me and my lawyers, then forwarded them to Madonna, who began spouting off verbatim in later public interviews, items from the preexisting time stamped emails. This animal has been passing my private emails around amongst her cohorts in the case as well. Who is she to do that. What are you doing in my email box you psychopathic, nosy old whore.

3. Copies unreleased site articles in the queue to be published, private papers and documents in my computers that I author and illegally forwards them to Madonna, who like clockwork, a day or so later, places these items, verbatim, attributed to herself, in the Daily Mail, the Sun or on TMZ as Madonna articles. She keeps doing this and there is time stamped proof that I authored them prior to her doing this each time. She’s also been placing my unreleased copyrighted articles, docs and items unique to me and my family, on a few blogs as well, that shall not be mentioned today, but will be in the not too distant future.

4. Illegally copied my Visa debit card number from bills I paid online and purchases I made online, at a time I did not realize her commissioned hackers were illegally in my computers watching and copying everything I did, then used said credit card to commit identity theft, which the FBI said they found evidence of and are investigating.

5. Constantly tries to block my web sites from being published, especially when I write about Madonna or her self-professed “cousin” Hillary Clinton, which are always unflattering articles.

6. Deletes or alters different pages and links of my web sites referencing Madonna’s misconduct.

7. Corrupts and tries to delete medical information pertaining to my parents respective physical health issues, containing doctors’ analysis, recommendations on treatment, medication requirements and recovery. What kind of animal does something like that. This is the kind of psychopath she has hacking my computers.

8. Corrupts and tries to delete scientific research files that are apart of patents.

9. Copied photos of my family members and friends from my computers and email account.

10. Placed spyware on my computers, KeySnatch, to record everything I type, then quietly emailed it to them.


We’ve experienced multiple break-ins to our home, during which time copyrighted CD-ROMs were stolen (I have back-ups) – then after the police reports were filed by us, items from said CD-ROMs surfaced in the public domain attributed to Madonna and her cohorts. Here are a few of the Miami Shores police report numbers: #03006193, #06001671 and # 06002483. They have deferred to the FBI in this case, stating the “Feds take years.” This is true, as Anita Busch went to them in 2002 regarding Bert Fields and Madonna’s private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, and the case went to trial in 2008. Regardless, I’m not depending on the FBI.

Our house door locks were picked to such degrees that they began falling off. They were replaced, but due to the ongoing break-ins, started falling off again.

Just recently, at the place we moved to, we experienced another break-in, where once again, nothing of physical value was stolen (only CD-ROMs with my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog), but my copyrighted work files and CD-ROMs were rummaged through by someone looking for something who removed a few discs.

This break-in destroyed a very sturdy, expensive front door handle that was new when we moved in and the accompanying lock shows signs of tampering. The backdoor lock to my home office/studio was also tampered with to the point it started falling off as well.

All my life these things never happened to us anywhere we lived with our locks until this Madonna madness started targeting me.

During another break-in to my home a few months ago, once again nothing was taken, but one of my best paintings I did was maliciously defaced out of spite by the intruder. It happened shortly after I received an email to one of my sites asking me to post some of my paintings online.

I am being harassed by people she hired, Anthony Pellicano style, when I go outside for my usual evening walks or to places I usual frequent in Miami, when prior to crazy Madonna stealing from and targeting me, never happened.

Furthermore, these aren’t regular members of the public, as members of the public do not know what I’m discussing on the phone with my parents, lawyers, business associates and friends, to come up to me in public issuing veiled threats, that are verbatim take offs of my previous phone calls, once again, ala Anthony Pellicano.

There have been concerning incidents regarding strangers knocking on my front door and coming up to me while I garden in the front yard, saying very invasive things that they could only know if they were illegally listening into my private phone calls or illegally in my computers. It’s apart of the criminal harassment she is paying for that should not have reached this close to home. She is very sick.

Oh, but it gets worse. Idle hands really are the devil’s work shop.

Madonna and the local private investigator she hired to harass us ala Anthony Pellicano, has even gone so far as to contact people in my personal life offering them money and favors to threaten, verbally abuse and harass me, which is a very serious crime, known as witness intimidation, that’s going to come back to bite her in the butt in court.

Then in February 2008 she had her producer Timbaland contact my MySpace page regarding the criminal copyright infringement they’d just committed and were about to release in 2 months (April 2008).

Then there are the harassing calls to my unlisted phone number with veiled and flat-out threats about the legal case, both civil and criminal.

My family and I are constantly being harassed by this lunatic and in terrible ways. We want her criminal mischief out of our lives, yet she refuses to stop this sick, depraved conduct.

She just keeps getting worse and worse with the misconduct, going further and further each time and it is the sickest, nastiest thing I have ever seen.

We are tired of her. I cannot emphasize enough that we are tired of her. Her sick criminal conduct has aggravated my mother’s preexisting health problems, sent her pressure up and caused her literal chest pains on different occasions.

When I leave the house, at times she looks at me like she may not see me again and warns me to be careful, because someone tried to run me over with a car, Anthony Pellicano style, on the same street the Kabbalah cult is now located in Miami.

My father was sent to the hospital twice for stress related illness after receiving terrible news about sick, illegal things Madonna paid to have done against me for suing her in trying to protect my copyrights. His doctors said severe stress caused it.

Yet this nasty, disgusting, vile animal Madonna continues with this madness, unprovoked, going to worse extremes each time. She belongs in prison.

Madonna’s Misery Mounts

July 12, 2008 Comments off

Marriage Ending And Career In The Toilet With Flopped Album and Poor Selling Tour

Madonna looking her usual crazy self

Madonna’s marriage to failed director Guy Ritchie is reportedly over, as the vulgar, untalented old harlot was seen visiting Paul McCartney’s divorce lawyer.

Well, she trapped him into marriage through pregnancy, cost him the woman he really loved, Tania Strecker, then killed his career with the box office bomb Swept Away. I can’t fathom any of that helped.

Tania Strecker

She’s also got his friends in London calling him nuts, because of the Kabbalah craziness the two have been saying and doing. He also has a wandering eye that homed in on his friends’ women.

It’s amazing, a couple weeks ago a blog Holy Moly posted this very information about the divorce and her seeing McCartney’s lawyer, and Madonna and her team said the blog was lying and making up stories. Yet, here we have it, the story was true.

Like anyone wants to make up stories on your washed up, nutty self with your messed up life. You’re absolutely crazy and completely boring. You don’t even draw good hits for bloggers (web site hits or music hits).

They both look like men

I’ve been posting for several weeks that the marriage was in shambles, so I knew that blog was telling the truth. Madonna and her vile battleaxe publicist, Liz “liar liar” Rosenberg, are pathological liars anyway and one day it is going to get them into massive legal trouble.

However, the marriage has been in trouble for quite sometime and knowing how much of a media whore Madonna is, she released this information now for sympathy and publicity, because of the terrible stories being run regarding her album flopping and tour tickets not selling. This has been the worst year of her career.

People have also been blaming her for the fall of the Live Nation corporation. It is being reported that Madonna’s new tour in support of her “Hard Candy” album is not doing well at all.

This is a major problem for Live Nation, who signed the washed up, thieving fraud of an artist for $120 million in stock and promised payment, only to see their stock drop to record lows as a result.

The Madonna Revelations blog has revealed a scam where Madonna’s tickets were sold to the Stubhub ticket agency to give the appearance that the tickets were selling well, when they’d simply been sold to another ticket agency (Stubhub) to resell.

The whole thing is a lie and scam brought to you by Live Nation, Madonna and Stubhub? To get this scam to work, Live Nation LIED and reported that Madonna’s concerts are SOLD OUT, which at this point is not true, she has only added ONE extra date so far.

They did this on the first day of the tickets going on sale to throw all the fans into a panic and believe that the only tickets available are at STUBHUB, which is mostly true, but they did it on purpose to make tons of money!

Not only that, STUBHUB bought out the seats strategically, meaning they bought out group sections, leaving mostly SINGLE seats left at, which is why everyone is buying the theory this concert is SOLD OUT, because mostly single seats are available on ticketmaster now, when in fact these concerts are NOT sold out, it is a scam.

A couple years ago, the New York Post exposed a scam Madonna ran, where she and her staff ordered thousands of seats in arenas roped/closed off, then proclaimed the tour sold out, which wasn’t true.

There were many seats available in each venue, but the corresponding tickets were cancelled out (roped off) to create the illusion the tour had sold out.

To propagate the lie, she charged exorbitant amounts for tickets and was later hard-pressed to explain to the press, the massive earnings deficit and low audience attendance numbers at the end of the tour.

It’s the equivalent of charging for 1 ticket what other artists would charge for 12, to grant the illusion that a dozen tickets had been sold, when it was only the proverbial 1.

Her current CD “Hard Candy” has bombed badly barely selling 450,000 copies in America, in spite of the fact it was given the best promotion, advertising and marketing, more so than other releases by numerous artists, who have outsold her in the same quarter.

At least she has the starring role in the He-Man movie to look forward to. They can rename it She-Man in her honor (just kidding).

Touring, the one thing Madonna had to fall back on has fallen through. People have turned away from Madonna for several reasons and it has destroyed her career. However, she deserves it.

Madonna is a terrible, vicious human being with no sense of decency or morals. She has done unspeakably evil things to preserve her career that is now in tatters and enriched herself through criminally gotten gains. That woman has stolen from many to make a living, which is positively illegal.

Edgar Bronfman and wife

As many of you know, she and her label Warner Bros are frequent visitors to this web site and I have been the target of a terrible theft and harassment campaign by them, over my Copyrighted Catalog containing 10,000 songs, 300 movie scripts and short stories, 15 book manuscripts, 200 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 150 photo treatments, a perfume line and clothing line, that they criminally pillaged.

Over 20 years of my labor those animals plundered like barbarians, and continue to try to destroy me in the process, through ongoing acts of commissioned harassment, intimidation and violence (which was later revealed in 2008 to be the very same pattern of harassment Madonna’s PI and Anthony Pellicano used on others as well, after being hired by her lawyer Bert Fields).

Madonna and co. being the animals they are brought slavery back and violated the Civil Rights Act at my expense. Do you know the kind of animal you have to be to do something like that in modern times.

And don’t kid yourselves, what you’ve done is absolutely disgraceful and constitutes modern day slavery…and you did it in clear sight of the world that is aghast.

And she has the nerve to have a lyric on her new rip off album in a song titled “Voices” that goes, “But who is the master, and who is the slave?” You seem to be quite fond of slavery. You certainly brought it back to America you animal.

ColdPlay: We’ll Steal From Anyone

July 5, 2008 Comments off

Coldplay Sued Previously For Plagiarism

…Steals Again


This is a follow up to yesterday’s article ColdPlay Accused Of Ripping Off Indie Band the Creaky Boards. Today, an article was posted on another site where Coldplay’s front man Chris Martin incriminatingly said and I quote:

“We’re one of the world’s worst—but most enthusiastic—plagiarists as a band. We’ll try and copy anything but tend to fail, so we come up with something…that sounds like us—only through trying to sound like somebody else.”


After reading that quote, it’s clear you and your wife Gwyneth Paltrow have been hanging around Madonna too much. Unless you plan on bribing a judge if the Creaky Boards sue you, it’s time for you to shut up.

You just ripped off an indie band, which is pathetic coming from a major label act, using their music and melody without permission, for a CD that is going to debuted next week with roughly 650,000 copies sold, according to Hits Daily Double. That’s called big damages.

Apparently, Coldplay has done this before. They were sued by a Dutch Guitarist named Peter Van Houten for stealing his music for use in their previous track “Clocks.” Clearly, Coldplay has a problem with this.

The Creaky Boards

While, today they denied stealing the Creaky Board’s tune “The Songs I Didn’t Write” for use in their track “Viva La Vida” stating they’d “demoed it in March 2007” there’s no proof of that. People don’t even know what you demoed. Where’s the copyright certificate.

Anyone can say they recorded something first, but where’s the proof. You do know that most recordable media has serial numbers that show when it was issued. Furthermore, any re-recording over older media will show up as tampering upon proper inspection.

Sidebar: Why are you acting crazy in your interviews, Mr. Martin. You’re walking out on journalists and saying very strange things that they are relaying to the public. What’s happened to you. What’s Paltrow done to you.

Coldplay: “We’ll Try and Copy Anyone”

Whoops. Just as his band is accused of ripping off someone else’s song, Coldplay’s Chris Martin says in an interview that he and his bandmates are “the world’s worst—but most enthusiastic—plagiarists. We’ll try and copy anyone.” …

We’re guessing he—and the band’s lawyers—are probably wishing he’d said just that instead. Martin says:

“We’re one of the world’s worst—but most enthusiastic—plagiarists as a band. We’ll try and copy anything but tend to fail, so we come up with something…that sounds like us—only through trying to sound like somebody else.”

Elderly Dutch Musician Accuses Coldplay Of Plagiarism

Dutch Guitarist Peter Van Houten (alias Peter Van Wood) has accused Coldplay of plagiarism, in respect of the song ‘Clocks’.

The guitarist, who has lived in Italy for several years, is looking for a million Euros from the British band due to plagiarism. According to 83 year old Van Wood, Coldplay’s 2002 single ‘Clocks’ is identical to his song ‘Caviar & Champagne’ which he wrote in 1982. Meanwhile Van Wood has called in a lawyer and seems to have the support of most of the callers to Italian Broadcaster RAI in his claim against Chris, Will, Jonny and Guy… |