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Bush Blocks Incriminating Files From Congress

August 12, 2008

George Bush to Nancy Pelosi: do you really think I’m going to give you those files. What do you think this is, a Democracy! This is the United States Of Bush. I don’t answer to anyone.

Further proving his presidency is not a transparent one, some argue it’s not even legal, and goes against everything the Constitution symbolizes, President Bush has corruptly blocked Congress from viewing FBI files regarding the Valerie Plame case.

During said case, President Bush and his VP, Dick Cheney, vindictively outed an undercover American C.I.A. agent, Valerie Plame, which is a criminal offense under U.S. law. Now comes the cover up in hiding the documents from Congress.

Nancy Pelosi: I’m only going to tell you one time. Give me those files, George.

President Bush, that’s now how a democracy operates. You need to furnish Congress with the files. What message are you sending the world when you assert privilege to cover what everyone knows is illegal conduct. Who do you really think you’re fooling.

Really, what’s the worst that could happen…Dick Cheney goes to jail (smirk). What? I can’t smirk. Dick Cheney smirks all the time. Probably smirks in his sleep. He certainly smirked during the State of the Nation speech when Bush brought up oil. You know he was thinking “cha ching!” (money).

White House Blocks Release of FBI Files

Privilege Is Cited in CIA Leak Case – The White House yesterday blocked a House committee’s attempt to obtain internal FBI reports about the leak of a CIA officer’s identity, asserting that notes from interviews of Vice President Cheney and other administration officials are protected by executive privilege.



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