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McCain: Obama’s Iraq Plan Calls For Return Visit

August 20, 2008 Comments off

John McCain

Republican presidential nominee John McCain stated Obama’s plan for U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq in 18 months, would mean having to go back to the nation at a later date.

McCain stated, with his plan, “When I withdraw, we’re done. With Obama we might have to return.”

I don’t think the people of Iraq want the occupation now or a repeat visit for that matter. News outlets all over the world, both television and print, are covering stories of the Iraqi people wanting the war to end, as it’s killed 1,000,000 of their people, destroyed their nation’s infrastructure and their peace of mind.

Barack Obama

Some reports state the Iraqi people are begging for the days of Saddam again, stating he was bad, but they would rather him, than living and dying in the manner they are now. There are photos all over the internet of school kids getting caught in war crossfire and being killed.

Men, women, children, babies and grandmothers are dying in huge numbers, while from the comfort of his office, where he is waited on hand and foot, the worst president in the history of the United States, protests leaving a country he has no right to be in – that the soldiers want out of.

Why should all these people die on both sides of the aisle, because of your greed for oil. It’s the wickedest thing I have ever seen in my life.

George Bush

Please, be honest, Mr. President. The Bush administration grew very imperialistic in trying to seize an already settled foreign country, because of its vast oil resources. Greed got the best of Bush and Cheney and they lied to everyone to get a foot in the door over there, then did the unthinkable, in the name of oil.

Since you want Iraqi oil that badly, Mr. Bush, let the soldiers come back to their families, and you and Mr. Cheney can go illegally fight for the oil yourselves. I’ve heard Cheney is good with a gun.

You sorely neglected the U.S. economy in favor of stealing Iraqi oil, by any means necessary, causing a terrible economic meltdown in America.

Once again, I must point out, the neglected U.S. economy, which greatly devalued under your presidency, is worth more than the black gold you’re illegally after in the Middle East.

Fools gold indeed.

Had you invested the money you squandered on the war, into America, the nation would be way ahead of other countries financially and technologically. But you didn’t. You blew the lead. America has regressed under your presidency.

As a result, China, Russia, Dubai, Canada and the E.U. are financially, technologically and scientifically reaching new heights, while America falls behind, thanks to you. That’s because instead of spending their money funding a never ending war and bombs to drop in Iraqi, they dumped the cash into their nations.

Iraq’s PM Nouri al Maliki

Things have gotten so bad in America with Bush’s out of control spending on the war and other poor ideas, that he’s had to cut funding for the disabled and elderly. That was a new low, Mr. President, but that’s what your presidency has been about. Setting lows.

Imagine that, going down in history as Bush will. This is what the history books will reflect:

1. Cost over 3,000 U.S. soldiers their lives.
2. Cost over 1,000,000 Iraqis their lives.
3. Cost over 4 million Iraqis their homes, as they had to flee for their lives to Syria during the war.
4. Cost over 4 million Americans their homes, as he allowed his cronies in the banking industry to gouge and abuse citizens.
5. Spent over a trillion of U.S. taxpayer money on a war he lied about.
6. Stole Iraqi oil.
7. Squandered billions in U.S. taxpayer money that hasn’t all gone to rebuilding a country he illegally bombed. Rebuilding money is missing.
8. Caused the price of oil to skyrocket in several democratic countries.
9. Aided the family of the top terrorist in the world, Osama Bin Laden, with leaving America right after 9/11 happened.
10. Raised the price of many services Americans need (court, government and postal services).
11. Cut government funding and benefits for the disabled and elderly. Just shameful.
12. Maliciously outed a U.S. spy who could have gotten killed as a result.
13. Spied on American citizens and residents whenever he felt like, via illegal wiretapping, email snooping and scanning bank accounts (FBI).
14. Misused the U.S. Secret Service to threaten, bully and harass Americans that lawfully spoke out against his tyrannical conduct.

The beauty of influence or so-called high-powered jobs, is the character to have the grace, class, dignity and integrity, not to abuse one’s post or operate outside the law, but to selflessly serve. These are lessons George W. Bush clearly never learned.

McCain: When I Withdraw, We’re Done. With Obama, We Might Have To Return

23 Jul 2008 12:00 pm – WILKES-BARRE, PA — Barack Obama still won’t endorse the surge, and that, says John McCain, is evidence of collosal misjudgment McCain says Obama is reckless — committed to withdrawing troops even if doing so would set off a civil war If McCain is president and his strategy prevails, “We will come home. We will come home with victory and honor, but we will never have to go back,” he said.

“So, when Senator Obama says well if we don’t succeed, we may have to go back in, we might.”


Bush Blocks Incriminating Files From Congress

August 12, 2008 Comments off

George Bush to Nancy Pelosi: do you really think I’m going to give you those files. What do you think this is, a Democracy! This is the United States Of Bush. I don’t answer to anyone.

Further proving his presidency is not a transparent one, some argue it’s not even legal, and goes against everything the Constitution symbolizes, President Bush has corruptly blocked Congress from viewing FBI files regarding the Valerie Plame case.

During said case, President Bush and his VP, Dick Cheney, vindictively outed an undercover American C.I.A. agent, Valerie Plame, which is a criminal offense under U.S. law. Now comes the cover up in hiding the documents from Congress.

Nancy Pelosi: I’m only going to tell you one time. Give me those files, George.

President Bush, that’s now how a democracy operates. You need to furnish Congress with the files. What message are you sending the world when you assert privilege to cover what everyone knows is illegal conduct. Who do you really think you’re fooling.

Really, what’s the worst that could happen…Dick Cheney goes to jail (smirk). What? I can’t smirk. Dick Cheney smirks all the time. Probably smirks in his sleep. He certainly smirked during the State of the Nation speech when Bush brought up oil. You know he was thinking “cha ching!” (money).

White House Blocks Release of FBI Files

Privilege Is Cited in CIA Leak Case – The White House yesterday blocked a House committee’s attempt to obtain internal FBI reports about the leak of a CIA officer’s identity, asserting that notes from interviews of Vice President Cheney and other administration officials are protected by executive privilege.

John McCain: I’m Not George Bush

June 7, 2008 Comments off

McCain to photographer: try not to get a shot of my face. That way people will think it’s Cheney or something (LOL):

Political liability George Bush (left) and a nervous looking John McCain (right). I love that photo. McCain is looking more nervous than when the Vietnamese nabbed him.

This is what McCain said the photograph was supposed to look like, but the photographer was a vindictive Democrat and unveiled the presidential candidate’s identity:

(just kidding)

Republican nominee John McCain has been distancing himself from president George W. Bush, out of concern it will harm his bid for the White House in the 2008 race.

Rivals and political pundits have been publicly pointing out the similarities between the two and this move is being interpreted as an attempt to squash that:

McCain: Don’t call me Bush

Jun 5, 4:43 AM (ET) – WASHINGTON (AP) – Barack Obama is fond of using a four-letter word to describe John McCain: Bush.

Weary and wary of being linked so closely with the president, McCain says Obama is spreading a falsehood voters won’t buy when he says McCain as president would deliver a third Bush term.

Oh, to be the president of the United States these days. Time was, it wasn’t so awful to be associated with the leader of the country.

But the political reality is that Bush’s approval ratings are near record lows, which makes him an easy target. Or at least not a guy being sought out for bear hugs.

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The Bush Family’s Oil Holdings

May 17, 2008 Comments off

George Bush sr. on a Zapata Oil rig

Did you know that President George Bush’s father founded an oil company based in New York, named Zapata Oil, that has ties to the CIA.

Did you know that the Zapata Oil company was merged into Pennzoil and drills for oil all over the world INCLUDING THE MIDDLE EAST!

Jenna Bush’s wedding to Henry Hager (photos from the New York Post)

Did you know that the majority of the contracts in rebuilding Iraq and siphoning securing oil rigs has been given to Vice President Dick Cheney’s Halliburton.

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George Bush And Star Wars

April 10, 2008 Comments off

No, Not The Defunct Space Program

April 10. 2008

I saw this fake movie poster on another site. Isn’t it a laugh.

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Many U.S. Soldiers Dissenting

March 20, 2008 Comments off

60 Minutes has a text and video feature on their web site of U.S. soldiers dissenting regarding the war in Iraq. It’s time they brought the soldiers back and ended this ill-fated war:

Dissension In The Ranks

To many in America’s armed forces, these men and women are doing the unthinkable: Active-duty soldiers, sailors and Marines speaking out against the ongoing conflict in Iraq. They’ve signed on to what’s called “An Appeal for Redress” – and they say it’s time for U.S. troops to come home. Lara Logan has the story.

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It’s Funny, George Didn’t Mention Laura

March 12, 2008 Comments off
…But He Did Mention Condoleezza In Song

March 11. 2008

Condi to George: I’ll see you later!

Ebony and Ivory

President George W. Bush did a “rare singing performance” recently, where he pined for his ranch in Texas. The song mentioned life after the White House, with his mother, father, Dick Cheney…and Condoleezza Rice, who he affectionately calls Condi. He even mentions his dog Barney, but no mention of his wife Laura. Ok, then.

It can’t be easy for Barney being your dog – with the way you’ve lied about the war in Iraq that has harmed so many here and abroad and destroyed the US economy, Barney is probably hoping he gets shot by an FBI agent.

“Bush yearns for Texas in rare singing performance”

Sun Mar 9, 2008 12:06am EST – To the tune of country song “Green Green Grass of Home,” Bush sang of longing for his ranch in Crawford, Texas and his dog Barney.

“And there to meet me is my mama and my papa, down the lane I look and here comes Barney, heart of gold and breath like honey; it’s good to touch the brown brown grass of home.”

Bush, singing only slightly off key, then turned to some of the long-term members of his team including Cheney and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

“For there’s Condi and Dick, my old compadre, talking to me about some oil rich Saudi, but soon I’ll touch the brown brown grass of home.”

“That old White house is behind me, I am once again carefree, don’t have to worry ’bout a crisis in Pyongyang. Down the lane I look, Dick Cheney is strolling with documents he’d been withholding, it’s good to touch the brown brown grass of home.”

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