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Bynum Blasts Weeks Allegations That She Injured Herself

November 28, 2007

Bynum Asks “How Can I Choke…And Kick Myself”

November 27. 2007

Juanita Bynum is disputing her estranged husband’s claim that she deliberately injured herself. Weeks stated in response to the allegations Bynum made and the charges that have been brought against him by the State of Georgia, “I know what happened that night. I was there … and those marks are not from me.”

Bynum then asked some very pertinent questions in response to Thomas Weeks’ latest statement that he did not attack her, but it was she that allegedly attacked herself:

“I am not the one on trial, therefore I have nothing to defend. How can I choke myself until the blood comes to the surface of my skin and then kick myself in five other places, one of which could not be photographed because it was in a private area. At this stage of my ministry/career with major projects pending, I would not have had any motive to stage my own attack and bring worldwide negative press to myself. Having been in ministry for 20 years and reaching world wide status prior to me meeting Bishop Weeks I am confident in the power of truth!”

She has a point there. How did she kick herself in those places. It’s not physiologically possible unless you’re Gumby, to kick yourself in your groin. Bynum further stated in Essence magazine:

“Yet, the facts and photos that were taken by the district attorney’s office of me two days later and the doctor’s report from two different hospitals could not be forged nor entered into the court system as legal documents for evidence, otherwise the District Attorney’s office would not have been able to pass down an indictment. When it comes to facts the courts are different from the media. In court you have to present real facts and witnesses run the risk of perjuring themselves, therefore I cordially invite all of Bishop Week’s witnesses to the stand.”

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