Sean Taylor 1983-2007

November 28, 2007

Washington Redskins Football Player Gunned Down In His Miami Home

November 27. 2007

Native Miamian and former University of Miami student, Sean Taylor, was gunned down in a home invasion at his Miami residence. By all appearances, one can’t help but think that Taylor was being targeted, as this was not the first break-in to his property, in a normally quiet neighborhood.

Two years ago, two all terrain vehicles were stolen from his property, leading him to track down and brandish a gun at the individuals he believed were responsible for the thefts. He was later arrested for the gun incident, in a case that resulted in the recusal of the judge – and probation, community service and a $1,000 fine for Taylor.

But it didn’t end there. His property was broken into two more times, which is not the norm for Miami, especially in an affluent suburb like Palmetto Bay. It is not the norm for celebrities in Miami to suffer that many break-ins and bizarrely enough with Taylor, in the last two incidents, they didn’t steal anything.

Newspapers state he lived on Old Cutler Road, a street I know well from the 90’s when I lived in a suburb about 10 minutes from the top of that long road. As a local who knows the real estate market well I can attest, Taylor didn’t live on the richest part of that road, so his house should not have been such a target for burglars.

The biggest and most architecturally grand homes on Old Cutler Road are located in the Coral Gables portion of that road near Coco Plum, which is about 10-15 minutes down that same road from the address of the Taylor house published in the papers today.

I don’t get why a burglar would hit the same house 3 times, not steal anything, rifle through the contents of the house, cut the phone lines in the last illegal entry and leave a knife behind on a bed during the second intrusion, when there are more expensive homes just down the street.

It was reported Taylor’s alarm was not activated (but with an intruder cut phone lines, which these alarm systems run on, it may not have done much good anyway).

Furthermore, an intruder carefully leaving behind a knife or any other item symbolic of violence is a threat. That was a very bad sign, warning and a threat that they later made good on.

Nothing was stolen in the last two break-ins, which is a tell tale sign that they were there for other sinister reasons. According to security experts, when that happens, the intruder(s) is either looking for or planting something in the house.

Therefore, this doesn’t seem like your average burglaries, as if you were a thief, would you not go for the biggest homes on the street, because there would most likely be more expensive jewelry, electronics and cash inside.

Clearly someone was watching and targeting him. The whole thing sounds rather personal. He moved to the Old Cutler Road house because after the incident with him brandishing the gun, someone shot up his previous home in retaliation. One of the men he brandished the gun at also sued him in civil court with Taylor’s lawyer stating the plaintiff exaggerated his claims.

In closing, for Taylor to come out the hood, Richmond Heights, make it into the University of Miami and then the NFL, then get killed in this manner at age 24 is tragic. My condolences to his family and I hope they catch and imprison those responsible for this, as it is a senseless waste of a promising young life.

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