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SPORTS Sports Photos

May 1, 2008 Comments off

Soccer player Thierry Henry gets emotional on the pitch:

Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo’s expression upon hearing the other Ronaldo was caught with three trannies (just kidding)

Miami Heat basketball player Dwayne Wade going for that slam dunk:

Tennis player Rafael Nadal on the court:


Famous Soccer Star Caught With Trannies

April 29, 2008 Comments off

Oh Dear, They’re Never Gonna Let Him Live This One Down In The Locker Room

April 29. 2008


Soccer star Ronaldo was questioned by police after being caught with transvestites at a hotel, who he thought were women. Wow, did he get caught with Madonnaher Adam’s Apple can be very confusing. Just kidding (but not about her Adam’s Apple).

The trannies allegedly tried to extort him for $30,000 to keep quiet about the story and not go to the press with the details.

Cops question Ronaldo regarding transvestites

SAO PAULO, Brazil — Soccer star Ronaldo was questioned by police early Monday after a run-in with Brazilian transvestites in a Rio de Janeiro motel.

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Ronaldo accused one of the transvestites of trying to extort him, police inspector Carlos Augusto Nogueira said Monday night.

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SPORTS Photos – Theo Walcott, Cristiano Ronaldo, Steven Gerrard, Michael Owen, Alan Smith

February 1, 2008 Comments off


Here are a few great football (soccer) photos

Theo Walcott celebrating a goal (Arsenal)

Ronaldo celebrating a goal (Manchester United) – I saw an interview done with him at his home and he was singing…LOUD. Just teasing, it wasn’t that bad.

Ronaldo free kick described by Alex Ferguson as the “best free kick I’ve ever seen”

Steven Gerrard running on the pitch (Liverpool)

Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) and Michael Owen (Newcastle) sharing a moment on the pitch

Alan Smith giving a thumbs up (Newcastle)

…and after a goal:

Sports – Thierry Henry, Theo Walcott, David Beckham

September 1, 2007 Comments off

Thierry Henry has left Arsenal for Spain. He will be missed. Best wishes to him in the future:

The young man tipped to follow in his footsteps at Arsenal, Theo Walcott:

Beckham scored his first goal with the L.A. Galaxy:

Then they proceeded to batter and injure him twice over the course of the month: