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Christie Brinkley Divorce Settled

July 30, 2008 Comments off

Christie Brinkley

The Christie Brinkley divorce trial has been settled. She keeps full custody of her children, her 18 homes in the Hamptons, New York, while he gets visitation and $2.1 million dollars. I don’t think he should have been granted a penny after what he put his family through.

Christie Brinkley

Peter Cook drew gasps in the courtroom when it was revealed he had slept with 35 women. He is clearly very promiscuous.

Peter Cook

People shouldn’t do that to themselves. It should not be about the quantity of lovers, but the quality in that, within a monogamous marriage, two people could have sex just as much, if not more, than the person sleeping with many people.

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook

Variety is not the spice of life in this regard, as it can prove destructive. Promiscuity can destroy you emotionally and physically.

Cook had it all: a beautiful wife, beautiful kids and a picturesque home in the Hamptons

Promiscuous sex exposes people to the proclivities of their sex partners. You’ll start to retain their sexual habits, deviant or otherwise. Then you become dysfunctional with compulsions that can destroy your life.

“He continued to draw gasps from the courtroom when he revealed that Cook told him he had slept with 35 women.”

Christie Brinkley’s cheating husband ‘slept with THIRTY FIVE women’

The divorce case between Christie Brinkley and her fourth husband Peter Cook grew increasingly bitter when it was revealed that her husband had slept with 35 women.

Under the agreement, Brinkley will give Cook $2.1 million but keep 18 properties in the Hamptons that were at dispute. Cook will get parenting time with the children, under an agreement mutually satisfactory to both.


Eva Longoria And Tony Parker Get An Apology

April 14, 2008 Comments off

Eva Longoria And Tony Parker

Actress Eva Longoria and her husband, San Antonio Spur Tony Parker, received an apology from photo agency X17 for printing a defamatory story about the basketball player cheating on his wife with French model Alexandra Paressant. Parker sued X17 for $40 million dollars. They have now settled and retracted their story.

Holes started appearing in Paressant’s story that were later exposed and confirmed, as her having made the entire episode up for reasons unknown.

It also turns out, the various photos online of Paressant, are actually of her friends who are models. Longoria even claimed in her response that Paressant had committed identity theft and used forged French documents.

Alexandra Paressant (maybe)

According to psychology papers, stalkers tend to engage in identity theft, among other things. It’s one of their trademarks. Paressant previously targeted soccer player Ronaldinho, who also denied her claims. He was the brunt of much criticism in his homeland, due to the things she said about him.

This was a very unpleasant story that caused the couple much embarrassment. It could have been avoided, but knowing X17, who will print anything, and I do mean anything, a star tells them to, even if it is invasive and gained through illegal means, I’m not surprise they didn’t vet this story before running with it…right into a legal brick wall. You got what you deserved for routinely printing any old foolishness on that blog without checking the true source.

“In December 2007, published over ten articles concerning Tony Parker and a woman named Alexandra Paressant. Various articles asserted that, after Mr. Parker was introduced to Ms. Paressant by Thierry Henry at this wedding to Eva Longoria, Mr. Parker engaged in sexual relations with Ms. Paressant.

“Since the publication of these articles, and X17, Inc. have discovered that Mr. Parker has never met with, or spoken to, Ms. Paressant nor has he ever had sexual relations with her. and X17, Inc. regret having been misled by Ms. Paressant and her representatives and apologize to Mr. Parker for any damage or inconvenience this may have caused him or his wife.”

Story found here

Avril Lavigne Settles Suit For Ripping Off Music

March 27, 2008 Comments off
Sony/BMG Artist Avril Pays Off Band

March 27. 2008

Last year, I wrote about Kabbalah cult member Avril Lavigne’s stealing streak here, here and here regarding her stealing music from music acts the Rubinoos and native Canadians, Peaches and Chantal Kreviazuk.

Lavigne recently settled the lawsuit referenced in my previous articles listed above. It’s the standard Hollywood copyright infringement settlement contract, which has been utilized many times in cases, where no one admits liability or that they did anything wrong.

“Lavigne Settles in Copyright Infringement Lawsuit”

Lavigne Settles in Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Canadian singer Avril Lavigne has reached a confidential settlement in a copyright infringement lawsuit leveraged against her by 70’s power pop band the Rubinoos. The plaintiffs claimed that Lavigne’s 2007 hit song “Girlfriend” plagiarized a chorus from the Berkeley based Rubinoos’ 1978 song “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”. Neither party could be reached for comment.

Lavigne’s skills as a songwriter have always been in question, as have her claims to be the sole arbitrator of her image. Rarely if ever writing songs solo, Lavigne is credited as songwriter on “Girlfriend” alongside collaborator Dr. Luke. She was accused by the Rubinoos last July and heatedly denied ever hearing the Rubinoos’ minor hit.

Also last July, Lavigne was accused of lifting material from fellow Canadian singer-songwriter Chantel Kreviazuk, though Kreviazuk later recanted all her incendiary comments. The similarly quiet settlement in the Rubinoos case might indicate Lavigne’s wish to quickly hush up detractors.

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