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From Slim Shady To Slim Sued

July 25, 2008 Comments off

Eminem Sued For Sucker Punching A Man In A Bathroom

Doesn’t Eminem look like Wade Robinson from 90’s rap duo Quo in this photo

Rapper Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, also known as “Slim Shady” is being sued for punching a man in a public bathroom. The plaintiff is seeking $25,000. Wow, is that all a punch is worth:


Rapper EMINEM is facing legal action after he was accused of assaulting a man in the bathroom of a Michigan strip club two years ago.


Rapper Remy Ma Sued By Shooting Victim

July 12, 2008 Comments off

“There’s something about”…prison!

Convicted rapper Remy Ma, who faces 8 years in prison for shooting her friend, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, has been sued over the incident.

Remy Ma

She could have killed Barnes-Joseph and over $3,000. That’s all she thought her friend’s life was worth. I think Remy Ma should be legally required to make full compensation for her actions.

Remy Ma sued for $10 Million after convicted shooting…

US Rapper Remy Ma is being sued for $10 Million dollars by the ex-pal she was convicted of shooting last month.

In the Bronx Supreme Court suit, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, 24, claims her life has been ruined by last summer’s shooting.

Makeda’s attorney said “My client is scarred and still has pain in her stomach, numbness in her legs and suffers from post-traumatic stress from being shot by Remy.”

50 Cent’s Son And Ex-Girlfriend Burned Out Of Home

May 31, 2008 Comments off

The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire…

50 Cent and son Marquis

For several months rapper 50 Cent has been fighting to have his 10-year-old son Marquis and the boy’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, evicted from the home he owns in which they reside in Dix Hills, New York. Things became so acrimonious, it ended up in court.

It was reported that a member of the rapper’s entourage trashed the office of Shaniqua’s lawyer. Today, it was reported the house burned down. The child and his mother were present and taken to the hospital suffering from smoke inhalation.

Many are speculating 50 Cent or someone in his entourage had something to do with the blaze, as the authorities have labeled the fire “highly suspicious.”

One thing is for sure, his son and the people that were present in the house at the time of the fire will be traumatized by this incident, as it was reported they had to flee the burning house from the second floor. Arson is a very serious crime punishable by years in prison.

They also lost some of their personal belongings in the fire. The house and its contents are most likely insured, but there are some things insurance just can’t replace, like a person’s peace of mind, especially that of a child.

50 Cent and Shaniqua

Having to flee your burning home from the second story, while your things go up in flames, is an experience they will never forget and someone ought to pay for that. Furthermore, what if someone had died in the blaze?

‘Suspicious’ fire guts 50 Cent-owned home in Dix Hills”

A raging fire that one fire official called “definitely suspicious” gutted a Dix Hills home owned by the Grammy-nominated rapper 50 Cent Friday morning, sending six people inside the house to the hospital.

An eyewitness told Newsday that among the injured, all of whom suffered smoke inhalation according to fire officials, were 50 Cent’s ex-girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins, and their 10-year-old son, Marquise.

“She was all right,” eyewitness Frank Hoyte, a Newsday employee, said, adding: “But she was angry.”

He said Tompkins was standing outside the home as it burned. Two young boys, one of them Marquise, two teenage girls and “an older woman” were also standing with Tompkins, Hoyte said.

“I walked around the back of the house and saw six people climbing out” of a second-story window onto a small eave, about 15 feet above the backyard, he said.

He then helped Tompkins, her 11-year-old son Marquise, another woman, and two other children and a teenager navigate their way to the ground, and he grabbed the children’s ankles as they dangled down from the roof.

“I helped break their fall,” Bose said. “One of the girls, I didn’t see what she had in her arms until later. She had a guinea pig in her arms,” Bose said.

“They were scared,” Bose said of the rescued people. “They thanked me.”

REPORT: Member of 50 Cent’s Entourage Trashes Lawyer’s Office is reporting that 50 Cent and his ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins were in a heated argument earlier this week that spilled out onto New York City streets.

The gossip website is also reporting that following a day of depositions, a member of 50’s entourage trashed Tompkins lawyer’s office and a police report was filed.

This escalated into an argument on the streets outside of the lawyer’s office. Video of the incident can be seen here.

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The Tale Of Two Rappers

May 14, 2008 Comments off

One Going To Jail And One Is Not

T.I. And Remy Ma

TI A/K/A Clifford Harris

Rapper T.I., real name Clifford Harris, was up on very serious gun charges, but with the help of a pricey legal team, was able to avoid jail time, in exchange for one year on house arrest.

TI’s home in East Point, Georgia, the subject of an ATF raid

I didn’t think he was about to start World War III with the weaponry he had in his possession. However, he needs to start adhering to the law, especially considering he has children that would miss him during their formative years, if he is sent to jail. Stay out of trouble.

Rapper Remy Ma, a chatty, braggadocios, sacrilegious rapper, shot her best friend over allegedly stealing $3,000 out of her purse. Today, she was sentenced to 8 years in prison by a New York judge.

Remy Ma

I do believe she deserves the jail time, as her friend could have died. That is a human life she placed in mortal jeopardy and over $3,000. She too has a young son, age 8, that she clearly wasn’t thinking about when she pulled the trigger twice.

She needs to thank the judge, as she could have been sentenced to jail for far longer than 8 years. Maybe she will take the time to better herself and find God as many do in prison.

When one is in a jail cell, it gives one time to ponder the choices one has made. Some see the light and some don’t.

BREAKING NEWS: Remy Ma Sentenced To Eight Years In Prison

New York–Grammy-nominated rapper Remy Ma was sentenced to eight years in prison today by a Manhattan Supreme Court judge for shooting her friend Makeda Barnes-Joseph after the two argued over money after leaving a party.

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Lil’ Wayne Is In A Lil’ Jail

January 23, 2008 Comments off
Rapper Lil’ Wayne Arrested By The D.E.A. On Drug Possession Charges

January 23. 2008

The D.E.A. and A.T.F. are cracking down on rappers like they’re black. Ok yea, they are black, but that’s not the point. A few months ago the A.T.F. moved in on rapper TI, arresting him on drug and gun charges. They raided his mansion like it was a crack house.


This week it’s Lil’ Wayne’s turn. The D.E.A. raided his tour bus like it was a crack house. The only problem is, Lil’ Wayne had a Lil’ drugs on board, “105 grams (3.7 ounces) of marijuana, 29 grams (1 ounce) of cocaine, 41 grams (1.45 ounces) of ecstasy and more than $22,000” to be exact. This is his third drug related arrest.

When the government says “Say No To Drugs”…they mean it! The D.E.A. now stands for Don’t Even Ask for probation. Just kidding.

Seriously, poor Wayne. It’s time for rehab. Drugs are not worth your freedom or your life. It’s definitely something you can overcome.

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Gangsta Rapper Shot In The Head By 2 Year Old

December 18, 2007 Comments off

Keeping It Real Proves Costly

December 15. 2007

An aspiring gansta rapper, Curtis Collins, was accidentally shot in the head by a 2 year old during a recording session in a Brunswick, Georgia studio called “Gutta Studios.” The toddler picked up the gun that was carelessly left on a table and the firearm accidentally discharged, with the bullet fatally striking the rapper in the head.

This story is dumbfounding. Talk about a freak accident. It does however remind the public of the importance of safety locks on guns and the perils of leaving them hanging around.

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Judge To Rapper Remy Ma: “Lean Back”

December 5, 2007 Comments off

Judge Refuses To Drop Additional Criminal Charges Against Female Rapper

December 5. 2007

Rapper Remy Ma, whose real name is Reminisce Smith, 26, is famous for the Fat Joe song “Lean Back.” A few months ago she was charged with shooting childhood friend, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, for allegedly stealing $2,000 from her purse. You know, most people would just file a police report, but I digress…

Her friend, a college graduate, denied the allegations.

Shortly after New York prosecutors filed charges against Remy Ma, it is alleged two members of her entourage attacked two men that are friends of the victim, as a form of witness intimidation (she barely sold any records and has an entourage – not exactly economically prudent).

Today, a New York City judge slapped her with additional criminal charges for “witness intimidation and gang assault” regarding the second incident. I say well done to the judge, as this kind of lawlessness is unacceptable.

She is clearly trying to live the violent life she raps about and portrays in her videos.

It’s funny, on a CD cover you called yourself “Shesus Chryst” mocking the name of the Lord, but you aren’t nailing yourself to a cross in your costly bid at keeping it real (which I don’t suggest, as you aren’t Jesus).

It’s only okay to keep it real when it’s painless to you and you’re shooting another person that is screaming out in pain for their life.

I Did Not Know A Bullet Could Come Out There

Remy Ma’s friend passed the bullet in a terrible way. Must be like passing spicy food times ten:

Barnes-Joseph herself—still recovering from three surgeries (the bullet passed through her, damaging her intestines and exiting from her buttocks) – Village Voice

Remy is also being accused of pulling a gun on video girl/rapper Gloria Velez. She probably just wanted some of Valez’s hair to make new bleached bangs for her bumble bee bouffant:

There was an altercation between the rapper and video vixen Gloria Velez in 2004, and Raysor also alludes to reports of Remy pulling a gun on someone in the Bronx (something the Voice was unable to confirm). – Village Voice

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