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Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Nanny Blabs

May 28, 2008 Comments off

Confidentiality Agreements

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Do confidentiality agreements really work? This week there is an unflattering article in Star magazine about actress Angelina Jolie and her partner, actor Brad Pitt, as told by their children’s former nanny.

One would think they had a confidentiality agreement in place and I suspect they did. Yet this nanny was able to spill the beans to Star magazine for payment and embarrass the couple.

Several things are alleged in the Star magazine article, from the couple’s kids having poor nutritional habits, to the parents skinny-dipping at 2AM in the morning.

“Exclusive: Brangelina Nanny Tells All”

The children rule the Jolie-Pitt household — throwing tantrums (in seven languages!), eating junk food-filled meals and obsessing over wild animals. Now, a nanny dishes the details to Star!

In the June 9 issue of Star, we report how pizza-and-chocolate breakfasts, dart-gun wars and screaming contests are all part of a normal day in the Jolie-Pitt household.

“Angelina doesn’t believe in old-fashioned restrictions because she finds them oppressive,” a pal of the pair tells Star. “So her rule is to have few rules.”

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NannyGate: More Sordid Spears Revelations

August 16, 2007 Comments off

When Nannies Revolt

August 16. 2007

This article is a follow up to one posted yesterday titled Britney’s Bad Week. Britney Spears, who sees herself as a model parent, in the eyes of the public and the press, is anything but.

Fresh on the heels of bad parenting allegations, comes a slew of tell-alls, as mentioned yesterday, that reports on Spears’ terrible mothering skills in great detail.

One allegation that has come to light this week, is similar to one I made in my July 31, 2007 Sound Off Column, where I wrote:

“Here’s apart of the book outline he (Sean Federline) sent me by email on his Fisher Price computer:

Chapter 1: This stinks…I’ve been wearing this diaper for three days…” Sound Off Column July 31, 2007

Spears’ former nanny said this week, as posted on MSNBC:

“She also lets them sit in soiled diapers for hours until someone else changes them.”

Last month, a magazine claimed Britney regularly gives her under 2 toddlers soda, candy, ice cream and Starbucks (coffee). This week, a former nanny further gave credulity to those terrible claims, by stating Britney has been trying to whiten her son’s teeth:

She tried to whiten (Sean Preston’s) teeth using Crest Whitestrips, but he kept crying. Finally, Britney threw the strips away, telling Sean, ‘Fine, you’ll just have ugly teeth then! And she keeps both children up late at night to ensure they sleep late — this includes waking them up if they fall asleep before 11 p.m.”

Note to Britney: if you keep feeding your kids soda, ice cream, candy and Starbucks on a regular basis, their teeth will become discolored and their health affected.

You never heard of Gerber! Better yet, why can’t you have someone cook for them – things like lean chicken breast with fresh, cut up vegetables such as steamed carrots or green beans. Water and fresh fruit juice would be better for the toddlers than Starbucks and Pepsi as well.

You have the money that you can pay to have this done for them. You have no excuse. Stop giving them any old thing you feel like. They’re kids.

The next claim comes as no surprise, as anyone who constantly exhibits rage filled tantrums and outbursts, most likely does the same at home, but to a greater degree when they feel it won’t get out:

“When Britney is upset, she yells and screams at the boys and once told them, ‘You were both mistakes!’ She’s called them ‘burdens, a pain in the as* and the reason (your) father left.”

This is so sad. No wonder they usually look sad when they are around her. US Magazine also revealed in an article yesterday:

Photo courtesy of X17

“Drinking in front of the kids? Stripping in front of the staffers? Kevin Federline has been collecting stories from Britney Spears’ employees about her alleged bad parenting and her nannies, it seems, have plenty to say.

While Federline has been serving subpoenas to members of Spears inner circle in an effort to bolster his custody battle, several ex nannies spilled her dark secrets to Us.

One of Spears’ strangest requests? Before she had Jayden, she asked a nanny to sleep in the same bed with her and Sean.

Another shocking revelation: “She drinks in front of the kids,” one former staffer says of Spears, 25, who spent 28 days at Promises Treatment Center earlier this year.

“At first, the drinks would help her loosen up and not be so angry. But she’d inevitably drink too much and be out of it, at which point the nannies would take care of the kids.”

And multiple sources confirm Spears’ exhibitionist streak: “She’ll strip down in front of staff, nannies, whomever,” says one. “She’ll ask, ‘Do I look sexy? Do I look pretty?’ She’s extremely insecure.”

As former caretakers tell Us, being on the Spears payroll requires much more than childcare experience. “She just cares about whether they’re young and fun and like to drink and party,” says a source: “She hires people to be her friends.”

The Image Of A Bad Parent

And how does Britney decide to show she is going to try to do better in light of the terrible revelations that have been coming out about her poor parenting skills, according to X17 she goes out partying the same night, meets up with TV magician Criss Angel, sends her bodyguard out for condoms and goes into the Tower Hotel in Beverly Hills with him. She got turned away form one hotel (do you notice that keeps happening) but that didn’t stop her from going to another:

Meanwhile, her kids are at home, could wake up in the middle of the night as toddlers often do, cry for mommy and she’s not there.

Last week she was pictured in sexually suggestive situations, topless in a pool, fooling around with a man she’d just met that day, who was in her new music video.

Former assistant Shannon Funk

She was also pictured topless in the pool being kissed by her former female assistant Shannon Funk. Now she is promiscuously going into a hotel at 4AM with a man she just met after a night of partying, Criss Angel.

Note to Britney: just because you see someone on TV doesn’t mean you know them.

She looks drunk and high all the time and is being promiscuous as well, which is a terrible combo. She is not acting like someone who wants custody of her children.

“After satisfying her Cravings, Britney and her crew met up with Criss Angel at the Bel-Air Hotel. But there must not have been any rooms available, because they were turned away at the front desk. Britney then hopped into Angel’s car, which drove them over to the another hotel, where they partied on the balcony. Britney and Criss left briefly alone together, but they returned to the hotel where they spent the rest of the night.

But wait! There’s more! At some point in the evening, our photogs say Brit’s bodyguard ran out to 7 Eleven and brought back a box of condoms!!!!” – X17

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