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Madonna’s Brother To Write Tell All

June 27, 2008 Comments off

Madonna’s pervert brother Christopher Ciccone, who is a non-rehabilitated drug addict that did a book containing nothing but photos of naked butts, and got in on dirty business deals with his even more perverted sister, is doing a tell all about her.

That family behaves like barbarians. What a messed up gene pool. Knowing them, I highly doubt the book will be original. What’s he really going to tell us that we don’t already know, anyway:


That his sister’s marriage is in trouble. Though she denies it – yet in the same breath states they are getting marriage counseling over their problems.

That her fraudulent music has faded and audiences are totally over her, hence her flopped CD “Hard Candy.”

That she’s had 11 abortions according to Barbara Victor, Andrew Morton and many others:

Barbara Victor’s book “Goddess” (HarperCollins), published in the same week as Morton’s, includes the shock claim that Madonna has had 11 abortions in 25 years, and tricked British film director Guy Ritchie into marrying her by deliberately getting pregnant with her second child, Rocco.

She has had abortions. She has been known to be insecure, pestering her menfolk with telephone calls.

Superstar Madonna has had 11 abortions in her life – according to an unauthorized biography by Barbara Victor. In new book Goddess, Victor says the Material Girl would be the mother of 13 children if she had retained her catholic beliefs of termination being wrong. Victor says, “She had a pregnancy in between Lourdes and Rocco. It was with a British man.” The last abortion is alleged to have taken place just before Madonna met her husband Guy Ritchie.

“Madonna had several abortions when she was with Jellybean, at least three that I know of,” says Erica.

That she has a currently medically incurable STD she contracted from one of the many people she slept with.

Madonna devilishly laying on a pentagram in her video “Human Nature”

That at age 25, she made out with and fondled her manager’s 15-year-old nephew.

That at age 25, she went around downtown Manhattan having sex with underage Latino youths (she just keeps spreading that herpes).

That all her major hits and many of her minor ones as well were stolen from other artists she ripped off.

That she, um, exchanged funds (that’s a euphemism) for the mafia (her ex-boyfriend Mafioso, Chris Paciello, and others)

That she’s still a lesbian and is having sex with a woman in her employ. Isn’t that not allowed in Kabbalah.

Claudia Schiffer

That her husband made a pass at model Claudia Schiffer (pictured above) even though she is the wife of one of his friends.

Kelly Brook

That he has a crush on model/actress Kelly Brook, who he was seen standing too close to and sniffing her perfume and hair with a grin on his face.

That she engages in bribery to win court cases.

That she’s frequently used hard drugs like ecstasy (“The night I met Michael Rosenblatt, who signed me to Sire Records, I jammed my demo tape into his hand, we both did a tab of ecstasy and then we danced the night away”).


That she puts testosterone into her system via a skin cream:

Madonna is rubbing male hormones on her face. The Material Girl has started a strict regime of massaging her skin with testosterone cream due to it’s toted ability to increase muscle mass, boost energy, improve memory, and ward off mood swings. But Madge has got a hairy surprise that’s a bit more than she bargained for.

That she’s been pictured out in public drunk.

That she’s been stalking Prince William and Prince Harry in London with that sick Kabbalah cult.

That she is abusive to kids:

1. A group of young girls waited patiently for hours in the Westbury Hotel lobby for Madonna’s autograph. Her personal assistant, Melinda Cooper told the crazy pop star:

“They’ve been waiting here all day, Madonna. Why don’t you sign an autograph for them” to which the she-devil Madonna walked up to the kids and said ” ‘If I do it for you, then I’ll have to do it for everybody. You’re nothing. You don’t mean anything to me’ then turns and leaves.” – from the “I Hate Madonna Handbook”

2. That she choked a 10-year-old boy for “pestering” her for an autograph on her day off:


“Madonna beat me up,” reported Keith Sorrentino, a 10-year-old fan from Staten Island, whose parents sued the superstar after she allegedly choked their son. Little Keith and his older sister Darlene were devoted fans.

They knew when Madonna got up, where she took morning coffee, where she jogged. They knew the name of her private secretary, when she left the theater (after performing in Speed-The-Plow) and from which door.

What they didn’t know was how Madonna felt about their adulation. “We’re her fans,” Keith said innocently. “We were following Madonna out of the San Remo [co-op]. I ran in front and took her picture, that’s when she started cursing me out – she’s got some mouth on her – and threw me against the wall. Look. I got bruises,” he told New York Post columnist Amy Pagnozzi, exposing a skinny arm.

Keith suffers from “regular nightmares,” according to his attorney, who filed a $600,000 damage suit over the encounter. Madonna settled out of court.– New York Post

3. That she choked Dick Clark’s son

Music industry veteran Dick Clark

The book titled “THE BIG SHOW: HIGH TIMES AND DIRTY DEALINGS BACKSTAGE AT THE ACADEMY AWARDS” by Steve Pond, detailed how a camerawoman fell into the orchestra pit and was seriously injured, and as she laid there on the floor waiting for paramedics, a furious Madonna was upset that she wouldn’t be able to rehearse for the show. Madonna, obviously not concerned for the woman’s welfare exclaimed, “But she’s just lying there. Can’t we just do this.”

Still upset at not being able to rehearse (like it was gonna help), Madonna later choked Dick Clarke’s son Rac who accidentally fell asleep during her show (can you blame him) and ruined a planned microphone stunt for her performance. According to the book she then, “Launched into an astonishingly profane tirade, despite the fact that the area below was occupied by a group of children.” And now she’s writing children’s books. Alrighty, then.


Madonna Killed Her Husband’s Libido

April 15, 2008 Comments off

…And His Career

April 15. 2008

Madonna and her, er, trainer, working out. Is that what they’re calling it now.

Madonna keeps trying extra hard to make the public believe that she and her husband, Guy Ritchie, who she’s all but destroyed, have a great marriage and wonderful sex life. The only problem is, no one believes that and have written articles and blogs to that effect.

As a result, she changed her story to say her husband’s libido died as a result of a cookie diet. If you say so.

Are you sure it’s not being married to a she-male psychopath with a personality disorder, who keeps transforming into other known singers, killed your career, made her face plastic and non-human with way too much surgery and transformed her body into that of He-man and Mr. Universe combined, coupled with rumored Herpes, that did the trick.

Madonna training with Gwyneth Paltrow, who is covering her face.

Men like feminine women. The only men that like butch women are drag queens…and your ex-girlfriend Rosie O’Donnell.

I don’t believe Guy Ritchie’s libido is gone. He’s been using it elsewhere according to rumors in London. Maybe if Madonna would spend less time being nosy in younger singers’ personal business and stealing everybody else’s work, and paid attention to her own marriage, she would notice that.

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Stars And Steroids

January 19, 2008 Comments off
Investigation Reveals Stars Are Using Steroids

January 18. 2008 

Mary J. Blige

Remember two months ago in my November 19, 2007 article Barry Bonds Is Going To Need Bond where I joked that if the FBI/DOJ are going to indict baseball player Barry Bonds for steroids use, it is only fair that they charge Madonna as well.

That joke is quite ironic now in light of an investigative report released a week ago that was launched by the Albany District Attorney, which found celebrities such as Mary J Blige, Timbaland and 50 Cent have been receiving shipments of steroids.

I only want to know one thing – who did Madonna bribe to keep her name out of this report or is she receiving her steroids from elsewhere (LOL).

Mannish Madonna

The report states R&B singer Mary J. Blige received shipments of steroids, “The human growth hormone Jentropin and Oxandrolone, an anabolic steroid”:

The report also stated 50 Cent received steroids shipments as well. He was in prison, so he can easily say that’s where his muscles came from. If you go to prison and don’t come out with muscles people will wonder just what you were doing in there (just kidding):

Timbaland was also named as a steroids recipient in the report:

Do they ‘roid up together:


“Entertainers in steroid report”

“ALBANY, N.Y. – A number of entertainers were named in connection with an Albany-based steroid investigation, but they are not part of an ongoing criminal probe, according to a published report.

The Times Union of Albany cited unidentified law enforcement officials in reporting Sunday that R&B music star Mary J. Blige, rap musicians 50 Cent, Timbaland and Wyclef Jean, and award-winning author and producer Tyler Perry may have received or used performance-enhancing drugs.

Law enforcement officials have said evidence does not indicate that the celebrities broke the law, but that investigators are focusing on doctors, pharmacists and clinics that provide the drugs.

A spokeswoman for Blige denied the singer had taken illegal steroids. Ken Sunshine, a spokesman for Perry, declined to comment.

There was no response to calls Sunday and Monday seeking comment from representatives of other entertainers.

Soares’ multistate investigation has focused on Signature Pharmacy of Orlando, Fla. So far, 10 defendants have pleaded guilty and news reports have linked some professional athletes to Soares’ probe.

Soares has said Signature was at the center of a web of businesses and doctors that illegally wrote prescriptions for steroids. Authorities raided the company almost a year ago and its owners and operators are awaiting trial in Albany on related charges.

Records shared with the Times Union and information from several cooperating witnesses on Long Island allege the celebrities received prescribed human growth hormone or steroids, the newspaper said.

The newspaper said that Blige received the human growth hormone Jentropin and Oxandrolone, an anabolic steroid, in orders sent to her at the Beverly Hills Hotel…” –

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Barry Bonds Is Going To Need Bond

November 19, 2007 Comments off

Barry Bonds Indicted For Lying To The Feds

November 19. 2007

Baseball player Barry Bonds is going to need bond. Forget that…he is going to need James Bond to get out of these charges the FBI/DOJ dropped on him for lying to the Feds and a grand jury about his alleged steroids use. This year, Bonds became the homerun king, but his victory was steeped in speculation of steroid use.

Wow, this case is sad, but it brings to mind what I wrote in May of this year. It’s often lying to the Feds that will draw a worse sentence than the crime you are actually accused of committing. Bonds will need a good legal team regarding this one.

This case is just another example of the FBI’s blatant double standard. How are you going to charge a black man, Barry Bonds, with steroid use and then let a white woman, He-Man She-Man Madonna, go for using them. It’s racism (LOL).

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Wall Street Wonders About Madonna’s Live Nation Deal

November 16, 2007 Comments off

Analysts Ask Are Madonna’s Muscles Worth The Money

November 15. 2007

Photo courtesy of the Daily Mail

After Warner Bros beat the steroids out of Madonna with a sarcastic, facetious, jab laden financial report detailing why they would not be resigning her to the plummeting label, others have been taking a closer look at her dubious Live Nation deal, as the numbers just don’t make sense. 

Morgan Joseph & Co. analyst David Kestenbaum wondered the same thing I did last month, as to how they are going to make money off a smoke and mirrors, hype driven artist that doesn’t have…what’s the word I’m looking for…ah, yes, talent.

Considering she’s not aging well, like say the stunning Christie Brinkley who is in her 50’s and looks fabulous, and Madonna’s only talent, if you can call it that, is stripping, did Live Nation just flush many millions down the loo. It appears so.

This type of deal would have made sense for a Britney Spears seven years ago. Not a Madonna now.

When Madonna Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stand in from Conan The Barbarian is unable to deliver the type of financial returns Live Nation is expecting, due to not doing their homework, the shareholders will be left holding the hag bag.

Ahead of the Bell: Live Nation, Madonna

Nov. 15, 2007, 6:38AM – NEW YORK — Live Nation Inc. on Thursday is expected to provide commentary on a high-profile partnership with Madonna, though one analyst warned that the Material Girl’s popularity may fade with time.

In October, Live Nation and Madonna revealed plans to share future music and music-related revenue from the Madonna brand, albums, touring, merchandising, among other sources. The deal reportedly cost the company about $120 million, and Madonna will receive an $18 million signing bonus and partial stock compensation.

Morgan Joseph & Co. analyst David Kestenbaum said many on Wall Street have been in the dark regarding financial details of the deal, but expects Live Nation to provide an update Thursday.

Kestenbaum said the deal bodes well for Live Nation’s chance to accumulate more artists, but still questioned the longevity of Madonna’s notoriety as a pop star now that she’s nearing 50.

“We still have questions regarding returns on Madonna, specifically on her popularity longevity and Live Nation’s related advance payment schedule for her talent,” Kestenbaum wrote in a client note.

Kestenbaum said if Madonna is unable to live up to her persona, her CD sales and touring tickets may be affected.

“While we do not discredit the artist’s high-profile name, we are slightly cautious of her reliance on high-action, performance-oriented concerts versus an act that is more musically relevant regardless of age,” Kestenbaum wrote. – Houston Chronicle

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