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Hollywood Hit By U.S. Banking Crisis

August 12, 2008 Comments off

Hollywood Will Have To Start Downsizing

Optimus Sub Prime

Hollywood is feeling the crunch from the banking woes happening in America. Spielberg and DreamWorks had to borrow money from abroad. Warner Bros. shutdown some of its film companies. Now comes word that Paramount had to suspend a $450 million dollar financing deal. Films like “Transformers 2” are in jeopardy.

Transformer actress Megan Fox

Paramount forced to suspend $450m financing

The credit crunch has hit home in Hollywood after Paramount Pictures, which has released a string of hit movies this year, was forced to suspend plans for a $450m film financing.

The studio has been working with Deutsche Bank on financing that would have provided funds for up to 30 films, including possible blockbusters such as the sequel to Transformers and a new version of Star Trek.

However, the bank was unable to close the financing because of a market-wide lack of enthusiasm for the deal’s senior debt component. Deutsche has subsequently decided to close its film finance unit and concentrate on other areas.


McCain Has More Money Than The Democrats

May 28, 2008 Comments off

Hillary Wasting Obama’s Funds Fighting Her

Democrats Having Trouble Raising Money For Denver Convention

McCain and his wife Cindy

Due to Democratic senator Hillary Clinton’s selfishness in continuing to stay in a race she has lost, Republican rival, senator John McCain, now has more money at his disposal for the general election. This gives the Republican party an advantage.

Not only is Hillary unnecessarily wearing out Obama with this race, she is wasting his money in not conceding. Time and energy that could be spent on the real race are being usurped by her inability to let go.

He’s had to spend tens of millions of dollars in fighting Hillary’s foolishness, that could have gone to the general election.

McCain camp claims it has money lead over Obama

5/27/08 11:45 AM – Carly Fiorina, an adviser to Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign, said Tuesday that the Arizona Republican has more funds at his disposal than does Democratic front-runner Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.).

“At the end of the April, John McCain had cash on hand of over $60 million, and Sen. Obama had cash on hand of over $50 million,” Fiorina said on CNN.

While McCain is raising far less money than Obama and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), he is also not forced to spend as much money, because he has clinched the GOP nomination. Obama has spent over $100 million through the first four months of the year, according to Federal Election Commission reports.

Democrats Miss Marks to Finance Convention

The Democratic Party is struggling to raise money for its convention in Denver on Aug. 25-28, with fund-raising by the host committee falling far short of the party’s goals and lagging behind the Republicans’ efforts for their convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Howard Dean, Democratic National Committee chairman, at a publicity event in November at the Pepsi Center in Denver. So far, the Denver host committee is about $15 million short of the $40.6 million it must raise by June 16.

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McCain Proclaims Troops Home By 2013

May 16, 2008 Comments off

There’ll Be Flying Cars By Then!

John McCain

Presidential candidate John McCain has stated that most of the U.S. troops will be out of Iraq by 2013. He’s reduced it from his previous proclamation of 100 years to 5 years.

Regardless, that’s way too long. The Treasury better start printing up trucks of money and brace itself for the nation to hit even more terrible financial woes to pay for this fiasco:

McCain: Most Troops Will Be Home by 2013

Updated | 10:59 a.m. COLUMBUS, Ohio — Senator John McCain declared on Thursday that most American troops will be home from Iraq by 2013 and that Iraq will be a functioning democracy with only “spasmodic’’ episodes of violence, a striking departure from his refusal so far to set a date for U.S. withdrawal.

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