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Scientist A.Q. Khan Denies Selling Stolen Secrets

July 5, 2008 Comments off

This is a follow up to yesterday’s article Stolen Nuclear Bomb Plans Sold On Black Market. Today, scientist, A.Q. Khan, denied reports coming out of Washington that stated he sold stolen nuclear warhead blueprints to factions in the Middle East.

A.Q. Khan

While I think he knows more than he is saying, one would be able to rule out all other culprits, save for the fact that high ranking U.S. government officials in Washington, also illegally sold nuclear bomb plans to parties in the Middle East, such as Turkey.

There were closed hearings in Congress regarding it with many credible newspapers lambasting FBI headquarters for trying to cover it up and not prosecuting the offenders. Not to mention, Robert Mueller’s predecessor at the FBI, the now incarcerated, Robert Hansen, was spying for Russia for 20 years.

Sidebar: FBI headquarters is not good at covering things up. FBI headquarters is like the CIA’s idiot cousin that keeps dropping the ball when you throw it to him (hence 9/11 and 7/7 happening). That’s why the public always finds out the FBI’s business, sometimes, without even trying (*looking at the EFF and the ACLU*).

You know, like trying to look all official in putting out redacted documents when there is software on the market than can un-redact it. Stuff like that (LOL). Or the head of the FBI, Robert Mueller, going into Congress asking for tools they already gave him.

Robert Mueller

It’s all quite sad, as the FBI has the potential to do a great amount of good in America, especially with some of the dedicated agents it has, but the corrupt agenda that trickles down from headquarters is constantly disgracing and humiliating the FBI as a whole…and the press is always there to capture it for posterity.

With proper leadership the agency could really kick butt, but with headquarters in chaos under Mueller’s poor stewardship, bad things are going to keep happening, for which excuses will continue to be made to Congress. The American people deserve more than that for the billions a year in their tax dollars given to the agency.

Pakistan’s Khan denies selling advanced nuke blueprint

Jun 17 03:52 AM US/Eastern – Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan on Tuesday denied selling blueprints for an advanced nuclear weapon to Iran or North Korea, telling AFP that Western countries were to blame…

“This is all a lie, there is no truth in this. It is total bulls**t,” Khan told AFP by telephone from his Islamabad villa, where he has been kept under house arrest since confessing to proliferation activities in 2004.

“The Western countries are suppliers of the technology, they sold it, they are the proliferators…. Why don’t they publish juicy stories about Israel. There is not a single word about Israel on the nuclear issue,” he added.

Boeing Scientist Charged with Mishandling Govt. Info

June 16, 2008 – A former Boeing scientist who specialized in anti-missile systems for aircrafts was charged in federal court today with the unlawful retention of national defense information. Abraham Lesnik will plead guilty to the charge, his lawyer Marc Harris told

Agents in the FBI’s foreign intelligence unit opened a criminal investigation into Lesnik in 2006 after questions were raised as to whether or not classified information ended up in the hands of unauthorized individuals, including foreigners.


How Much Did The FBI Know And When

April 16, 2008 Comments off

How Much Did The FBI Know About The Suspects In The London Bombings Before It Happened?

April 16. 2008

Robert “Show Me The Money” Mueller

It was uncovered the FBI knew about some of the suspects in the September 11th bombings in advance, before it happened. Therefore, how much did they know about the suspects in the London bombings before it happened?

I have to ask, as the criminal negligence present in 9/11 left many bewildered, as to why FBI headquarters in Washington stonewalled its own agents that wanted to investigate suspicious people related to the bombings, before it happened.

FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds once stated in an interview that FBI headquarters would allow work to pile up, so they could go into Congress and say, look how much work we have, we’re falling behind and need more money for additional staff and resources.

Sibel Edmonds

She said she was encouraged at times to do nothing on the job, to create a backlog, that would go as evidence to present in Congress, to ask for more of the nation’s hard earned tax dollars for the FBI.

Considering, FBI director Robert Mueller squandered 1 billion dollars in taxpayer money, for a computer system that still hasn’t surfaced and is mysteriously plagued with bizarre problems and technical glitches the average computer company would not have experienced, it makes you wonder. Said system keeps requiring more and more congressionally earmarked taxpayer money, when the job at most should have cost roughly $50 million. Once again, it makes you wonder.

Mueller is a man that went so far as to turn in dodgy invoices for exorbitant payments rendered to “miscellaneous” entities for “miscellaneous” services, totaling a few hundred thousand dollars.

Equipment was also missing and unaccounted for (does Mueller have an EBay account). Where exactly is all the FBI’s money going, especially in light of all the massive budget increases they keep asking Congress for, at a time the nation needs the money for other things.

Story found here

NATIONAL NEWS Bush’s Babbling

March 1, 2008 Comments off

Nix the clueless facial expressions, already

George Bush’s reckless spending has been adding up in a terrible way. His I’m-the-president-so-write-a-check way of government has all but destroyed the U.S. economy.

The war, according to Senator Harry Reid, is costing the American taxpayer $500,000,000 per day. That money could have done a lot of good in America.

Instead, what did the American people get in exchange for their hard earned tax dollars Bush wasted? He sent deceived men and women to fight a war that is really over oil he is stealing from the Middle East. Bush’s family has oil holdings. So does Cheney.

Thousands of these men and women have died, so have over 1 MILLION Iraqi men, women, children and babies. 4 MILLION more Iraqis have been displaced from their homes, fleeing to neighboring Syria, who is also feeling the effects of this terrible war. Bush has destabilized the region and failed in every promise he issued in this misrepresented war.

He has further failed in his presidential duties at home, running a poor administration under the policy of let-the-rich-gouge-the-poor.

He looked out for his rich cronies in big tobacco, Enron and the banking sector, who have clear, provable ties to him, whilst they greatly harmed the American people. Now the U.S. economy is collapsing:

The declining dollar is severely weakened, surpassed by other currencies it once exceeded in value.

3 million Americans have lost their homes (that’s 3 MILLION households severely damaged in the financial realm – and in real time, a household represents 2, 3, 4, 5, even 6 or more Americans.) 

Unemployment is rising

Food costs are rising

Gas prices are rising

The stock market is unstable

Yet Bush arrogantly goes on television like a con artist, telling everyone the U.S. economy is fine and not heading for a recession. He’s right, it looks like it’s headed for a depression. 

But what does he do? Tells the public to spend, spend, spend, when the message should have been, save, save, save – because a phony war is driving up the cost of everything and endangering national security, so you will need money for incidentals when there are unexpected spikes in the cost of living.

America is severely in debt, both nationally and internationally. You don’t spend money to get out of debt. You don’t waste billions in taxpayer money at law enforcement agencies and government offices bilking the American people with padded expenses that come up in congressional hearings. You don’t throw it at foreign governments either to accomplish your imperialistic agenda in said countries. You spend the money at home to repair and rebuild.

You’ve got to give Bush credit for one thing, though. He brought autocracy to America – he carried on for years, a war the people through their vote showed they didn’t want anymore and destroyed the U.S. economy through villainy, thievery, negligence and wasteful spending of tax dollars he didn’t earn. Applaud yourself, because history won’t.

When the Levees Broke

October 31, 2007 Comments off

Title: When the Levees Broke

Year Of Release: 2006

Review Date: October 30, 2007

Rating: R

Running time: 256 minutes

Box Office Gross: N/A

Recommendation: Great documentary. Contains some profanity and graphic scenes of suffering.

“When the Levees Broke” is an excellent documentary chronicling the struggles of hurricane Katrina victims. It made my eyes well up with tears that they were basically left to fend for themselves under terrible conditions.

Spike Lee captured their stories in a very poignant way. He should have won an Oscar for this film. Instead, Gore took home the statute for telling us the weather is bad, whereas Lee told us something we needed to know, all is not equal and FEMA has become ineffectual. While FEMA is a good idea, it is clearly a broken one.

Imagine having to flee to your attic or roof top in the summer heat, to save your life, watching bodies float by on your street that is now a river, then surviving that only to find out the government has left you stranded. 

Natural disasters happen all over the world. They are a fact of life. However, it’s what you do afterwards that can cause even greater damage.

I didn’t see the film as anti-American. I saw it as anti-government failure. Inasmuch as many lost their homes, they lost something far more important, their belief that the government cared.