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Christie Brinkley Divorce Settled

July 30, 2008 Comments off

Christie Brinkley

The Christie Brinkley divorce trial has been settled. She keeps full custody of her children, her 18 homes in the Hamptons, New York, while he gets visitation and $2.1 million dollars. I don’t think he should have been granted a penny after what he put his family through.

Christie Brinkley

Peter Cook drew gasps in the courtroom when it was revealed he had slept with 35 women. He is clearly very promiscuous.

Peter Cook

People shouldn’t do that to themselves. It should not be about the quantity of lovers, but the quality in that, within a monogamous marriage, two people could have sex just as much, if not more, than the person sleeping with many people.

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook

Variety is not the spice of life in this regard, as it can prove destructive. Promiscuity can destroy you emotionally and physically.

Cook had it all: a beautiful wife, beautiful kids and a picturesque home in the Hamptons

Promiscuous sex exposes people to the proclivities of their sex partners. You’ll start to retain their sexual habits, deviant or otherwise. Then you become dysfunctional with compulsions that can destroy your life.

“He continued to draw gasps from the courtroom when he revealed that Cook told him he had slept with 35 women.”

Christie Brinkley’s cheating husband ‘slept with THIRTY FIVE women’

The divorce case between Christie Brinkley and her fourth husband Peter Cook grew increasingly bitter when it was revealed that her husband had slept with 35 women.

Under the agreement, Brinkley will give Cook $2.1 million but keep 18 properties in the Hamptons that were at dispute. Cook will get parenting time with the children, under an agreement mutually satisfactory to both.


Lawyer: Britney Spears Still Mentally Ill

July 12, 2008 Comments off

However, She Can See Her Kids More

Britney Spears

A Los Angeles judge has not given Britney Spears control over her financial affairs, leaving her dad, Jamie, as her court appointed conservator. A hearing is scheduled for July 31, 2008.

Another judge, Commissioner Gordon, has decided to give her select overnight visits with her kids, as Spears has been responding decently to court instruction, her father’s leadership and the medication she has been prescribed.

Britney Spears wearing a Madonna t-shirt at the start of her terrible foray into the Kabbalah cult. Madonna got her involved in the sick cult, which is one of the biggest mistakes Spears ever made. It was the beginning of the end for her sanity and career.

It’s still amazing to me what cults like Kabbalah and Scientology do to people. Kabbalah took a once happy young woman, Spears, and through manipulation and mind control, turned her into a raving, psychotic, mentally ill person that will never be her old self again.

sick Scientology frontman actor Tom Cruise

These cults need to be outlawed. All they do is destroy lives, fleece people and render individuals shells of their former selves…like Spears.

Britney Spears ‘not well enough to take control of estate’

Conservatorship court case would be ‘harmful’ to singer

Britney Spears’ lawyer has deemed her unfit to take part in a court case which could grant the singer control of her estate.

Britney Spears granted overnight stays with sons: report

LOS ANGELES (AFP) — Pop star Britney Spears won the right to overnight visits with her two children, it was reported on Tuesday, in a further sign that the troubled star was back on the mend…

Both Spears, 26, and ex-husband Federline, who has primary legal and physical custody of the children, attended the hearing.

Crooked Judges Convicted

June 20, 2008 Comments off

Two Bribe Taking Judges To Be Sentenced To Prison

Vernon Claville and Michael Walker

The FBI secretly wiretapped and recorded two crooked judges taking bribes in Louisiana. They were indicted, arrested and convicted on racketeering charges. Having been found guilty, they now face sentencing that will see them locked away on very serious bribery charges.

When judges accept bribes, they not only betray innocent victims, they betray justice as well. Not to mention, disgracing the judiciary in ways that can never truly be repaired. It is a terrible abuse of power.

Vernon Claville and Michael Walker

Judges who engage in such conduct never think of the consequences of their choices. What happens when bribe taking judges let criminals go who go on to finish what they started and murder victims they previously assaulted. It has happened.

One day, that type of conduct could maim or wipe out a future head of state or future inventor/scientist that finds cures to life threatening diseases. All because a dirty judge decided to take a bribe.

How would such a judge explain their conduct to their children, family, friends, historians and the public.

Judges remain jailed until sentencing

Despite defense attorneys pleading for their clients’ release, favorable testimony from nine witnesses and a relative’s willingness to move in with one of the convicted, Caddo Judges Vernon Claville and Michael Walker must stay in jail until sentencing Sept. 4…

Claville and Walker were ordered to jail Saturday and taken to the Bossier Parish Maximum Security Facility after a jury convicted them for accepting cash payments for reducing bonds and lifting holds. They were indicted last year after a nearly five-year investigation. Prosecutors say the pair took a total of 24 bribes between May 2007 and July.

The jury deliberated a day and a half before unanimously finding the two guilty as charged, and Hicks ordered them to jail pending Tuesday’s hearing.

Officials would not say where the judges ultimately will be held, citing concerns for their safety…

In efforts to keep Michael Walker and Claville in jail, an FBI agent testified that Travis McCullough, the government’s key witness during the trial, fears for his life as well as the lives of his family. McCullough was arrested July 12 on drug charges, but he agreed to testify against the judges in exchange for having the charges against him dismissed.

R. Kelly Sex Tape Victim

June 5, 2008 Comments off

R&B Singer Faces A Barrage Of Damning Testimony

R. Kelly

For years people have claimed, Reshonda Landfair, was the underage girl featured in R Kelly’s sex tape. She is now in her twenties and reportedly the daughter of his former guitarist, and niece of his ex protégé and one time girlfriend, singer Sparkle (Stephanie Edwards).

4 The Cause (Reshonda Landfair pictured closest to the camera)

Reshonda Landfair has also been a member of the R&B group “4 The Cause” since their musical debut in the 1990’s when the crime is said to have occurred.

R Kelly on his way to court

The FBI testified in the case last week that the sex tape was not altered. An independent video specialist also enhanced the footage to show a mole is present on the man in the tape, just like on singer R Kelly.

Lisa Van Allen

The most damning testimony came from, Lisa Van Allen, who was 17-years-old when she made a separate sex tape with R. Kelly and an underage, Reshonda Landfair.

R. Kelly Update: ‘He Likes Them When They Are Ripe and Young’ says former employee

8/30/2002 Everyone must know now that R. Kelly faces child pornography charges and a magazine is reporting that the 14 year old girl who allegedly appears having sex with him on a videotape is his own goddaughter, Reshonda Landfair, the daughter of one of his musicians.

Singer Sparkle, who formerly recorded with Kelly, says Landfair is her niece. She says “There have been too many girls to count. His whole M.O., he stated this to me not long ago, is he likes them when they are ripe and young because he can mold them into what he wants them to be and control their minds and make them do what women ‘should’ do. He needs to get some help. He needs to be stopped.”

According to the magazine, the tape that led to Kelly’s arrest was stolen from his gym bag four years ago in Chicago.

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