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Scientist A.Q. Khan Denies Selling Stolen Secrets

July 5, 2008 Comments off

This is a follow up to yesterday’s article Stolen Nuclear Bomb Plans Sold On Black Market. Today, scientist, A.Q. Khan, denied reports coming out of Washington that stated he sold stolen nuclear warhead blueprints to factions in the Middle East.

A.Q. Khan

While I think he knows more than he is saying, one would be able to rule out all other culprits, save for the fact that high ranking U.S. government officials in Washington, also illegally sold nuclear bomb plans to parties in the Middle East, such as Turkey.

There were closed hearings in Congress regarding it with many credible newspapers lambasting FBI headquarters for trying to cover it up and not prosecuting the offenders. Not to mention, Robert Mueller’s predecessor at the FBI, the now incarcerated, Robert Hansen, was spying for Russia for 20 years.

Sidebar: FBI headquarters is not good at covering things up. FBI headquarters is like the CIA’s idiot cousin that keeps dropping the ball when you throw it to him (hence 9/11 and 7/7 happening). That’s why the public always finds out the FBI’s business, sometimes, without even trying (*looking at the EFF and the ACLU*).

You know, like trying to look all official in putting out redacted documents when there is software on the market than can un-redact it. Stuff like that (LOL). Or the head of the FBI, Robert Mueller, going into Congress asking for tools they already gave him.

Robert Mueller

It’s all quite sad, as the FBI has the potential to do a great amount of good in America, especially with some of the dedicated agents it has, but the corrupt agenda that trickles down from headquarters is constantly disgracing and humiliating the FBI as a whole…and the press is always there to capture it for posterity.

With proper leadership the agency could really kick butt, but with headquarters in chaos under Mueller’s poor stewardship, bad things are going to keep happening, for which excuses will continue to be made to Congress. The American people deserve more than that for the billions a year in their tax dollars given to the agency.

Pakistan’s Khan denies selling advanced nuke blueprint

Jun 17 03:52 AM US/Eastern – Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan on Tuesday denied selling blueprints for an advanced nuclear weapon to Iran or North Korea, telling AFP that Western countries were to blame…

“This is all a lie, there is no truth in this. It is total bulls**t,” Khan told AFP by telephone from his Islamabad villa, where he has been kept under house arrest since confessing to proliferation activities in 2004.

“The Western countries are suppliers of the technology, they sold it, they are the proliferators…. Why don’t they publish juicy stories about Israel. There is not a single word about Israel on the nuclear issue,” he added.

Boeing Scientist Charged with Mishandling Govt. Info

June 16, 2008 – A former Boeing scientist who specialized in anti-missile systems for aircrafts was charged in federal court today with the unlawful retention of national defense information. Abraham Lesnik will plead guilty to the charge, his lawyer Marc Harris told

Agents in the FBI’s foreign intelligence unit opened a criminal investigation into Lesnik in 2006 after questions were raised as to whether or not classified information ended up in the hands of unauthorized individuals, including foreigners.


Stolen Nuclear Bomb Plans Sold On Black Market

June 27, 2008 Comments off

Rogue Scientist A.Q. Khan Allegedly Sold Stolen Nuclear Warhead Blueprints To Dangerous Factions

June 16. 2008

Doc Brown He Is Not! (Dr. A.Q. Khan)

Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan, who is under house arrest, is being accused of selling stolen, sophisticated nuclear weapons blueprints to dangerous parties in the Middle East.

Doc “1.21 gigawatz” Brown (Back to the Future)

The information was discovered on computers “belonging to the smuggling network” A.Q. Khan is said to be head of. Washington is not sure who Khan sold the plans to, but are concerned at the news, as several entities in the region have been producing more sophisticated weapons, resembling the swiped blueprints.


Nuclear weapons often contain uranium or plutonium (you know, stuff that ends in “ium”). I saw a photo of plutonium and it was in the form of a cylindrical, metal object.

Being the brilliant scientific mind I am I thought to myself that can’t be plutonium. In the movie “Back to the Future” it was in liquid form and in vials. That thing (pictured below) looks like a discus (though I wouldn’t advise you throwing it):


Then I scrolled down some more and there were the vials of plutonium -just like in Back To The Future. Where’s Doc Brown when you need him.


Seriously, this news is quite alarming, especially in light of how negligent the government can be in matters of national security.

Nuclear ring reportedly had advanced design

Published: June 15, 2008 – WASHINGTON: American and international investigators say that they have found the electronic blueprints for an advanced nuclear weapon on computers that belonged to the nuclear smuggling network run by Abdul Qadeer Khan, the rogue Pakistani nuclear scientist, but that they have not been able to determine whether they were sold to Iran or the smuggling ring’s other customers.

Warner Bros. Inflated Speed Racer Ticket Sales

June 3, 2008 Comments off

Go No Speed Racer”

Speed Racer Fallout Continues – Warner Bros Inflated Opening Numbers

Warner Bros. engaged in a trick that Warner Music does often – they inflated their sales numbers to make a flop appear successful or at least not as disastrous.

According to Nikke Finke and others, Warner Bros. first reported the bombtastic “Speed Racer” by the Wachowski brothers, made $21.5 million dollars at the box office during its opening weekend. Turns out it made way less – $18 million and actually came in at #3, not #2.

Emile Hirsch

The movie’s star, Emile Hirsch, was so upset with the flop, he left his agent. The movie’s producer, Joel Silver, one of the worst copyright infringers in Hollywood (stole The Matrix with the Wachowski brothers from Sophia Stewart), is now responsible for the $200 million dollar loss Warner Bros. sustained. His TV show “Moonlight” was also axed in the days following Speed Racer’s flop.

Joel Silver’s fashion sense is positively criminal. Where is the fashion police when you need them.

Next up for Silver is Madonna’s husband Guy Ritchie’s criminal copyright infringing film “Rock N Rolla” stolen from my Copyrighted Catalog.

This is Guy Ritchie’s fourth copyright infringing project. He was sued by others for stealing his poorly performing films “Snatch” with Brad Pitt, “Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels,” “Swept Away” and the TV show “Swag.”

wow, don’t they look happy (not)

Guy, don’t hold your breath that “Rock N Rolla” will do anything at the box office or in DVD sales. Clearly, Madonna has taught you stealing from everyone is the way to get ahead in life and it’s cost you your name, dignity and career. As the phrase goes, “God don’t like ugly.”

You’ll just have to settle for being an emasculated male married to a witch that has given you a life of luxury, she dishonorably gained through years of stealing many copyrights and whoring herself out. However long that lasts…

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Speed Racer Bombs

May 12, 2008 Comments off

Movie Crashes Box Office

May 12. 2008

The $185 million dollar Warner Bros. movie Speed Racer, directed by the Wachowski brothers, crashed and burned at the box office.

The studio spent $185 million to make the film and another $30 million to promote it, but the turkey only brought in $20 million during opening weekend, which is very bad under the circumstances.

After stealing the Matrix, the Wachowskis are showing the world they are one trick ponies. You’re going to have to do better than that.

Warner has been having a tough time of late with plummeting shares and film failures. Their even more costly Christmas 2007 release of the sacrilegious Golden Compass bombed as well. Warner’s books couldn’t be in a very pretty state right now.

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