Angelina Jolie Twins First Photo

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HTML clipboard

August 4. 2008

Yes, I was the photographer for the pics. Ok, no I was not. If I were, I’d crop a photo of Jennifer Aniston right into the shot.

The photos of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s newborn twins have been revealed and…those babies have her big ol’ lips already. And when a black person tells you that you have big lips, just know, you have some big lips. Just teasing. But can you imagine the Chapstick bill in that family.

Who gave Brad Pitt that, um, angular haircut. Did one of the twins cut your hair.

In a touching tribute to her mother that passed away of cancer, Jolie, has named her daughter Vivienne Marcheline, after her late mom Marcheline Bertrand.

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NYP: Mary Kate Dodging The Feds

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Uh Oh, White Girl In Trouble

Just Teasing

August 4. 2008

Mary Kate Olsen, half of the Olsen Twins

Here at the Judiciary Report, I aim to be what Fox News is not, fair and balanced (and smart). Therefore, I write about people of all races and nationalities who find their butts in a sling.

Today, it’s twin actress Mary Kate Olsen. Due to the tragic passing of Australian actor, Heath Ledger, the U.S. feds are conducting an investigation into how he obtained the prescription drugs that killed him…without a prescription.

Ledger passed away in Olsen’s New York apartment and she was also one of the last people he spoke to before he died. Therefore, the government wants to question her. However, according to the New York Post, the tiny, teacup actress has been avoiding them.

Mary Kate (left) and Ashley (right)

Well, if it’s the FBI, since you are famous, you can bribe Robert Mueller. If it’s the D.E.A., girlfriend you may have a problem.


The laws today are so complicated that no one from the Pope on down can know for sure whether he has committed a crime, especially a federal crime. 95% of Federal trials end in conviction. If Martha Stewart had “taken the fifth” she never would…

Pint-size actress Mary-Kate Olsen has refused to be interviewed by federal investigators probing the accidental drug death of her close friend Heath Ledger unless she receives immunity from prosecution, The Post has learned.

Paula Abdul Went Nuts At Gynecologist Office

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August 4. 2008

Paula Abdul

Apparently, former pop music lip-syncer and current “American Idol” host, Paula Abdul, was spotted getting hysterical at her gynecologist’s office in Los Angeles.

Privacy issues aside, what’s the problem. Did they find a penis or something.

Emotional Exam

July 27, 2008 — WHATEVER she was feeling, Paula Abdul was sure making a racket outside her gynecologist’s office Wednesday. Though her rep insists Abdul was “laughing and giggling” in a courtyard outside her doctor’s office on Crescent Boulevard in LA after an exam, a witness said she was having some sort of meltdown. Our spy saw Abdul “sobbing on the phone to her friends and clutching papers from her doctor” for two hours.

Batman Star Morgan Freeman In Accident

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“Driving Miss Daisy” My Butt

Maybe “Miss Daisy” Was Driving

August 4. 2008

Morgan Freeman

Just last week I wrote how some believe the movie Batman “Dark Knight” is jinxed due to the deaths and bad incidents associated with it. Today, another Batman star has encountered tragedy.

“Dark Knight” actors, Christian Bale, who was arrested last month (left) and Morgan Freeman (right)

Actor Morgan Freeman met in an accident, where his car flipped several times after flying off the highway into a ditch. Emergency services had to use the Jaws of Life to remove him from the wreck, then transported him to a neighboring state for medical treatment. He broke his arm, shoulder and collarbone.

Morgan Freeman seriously injured in car crash

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman was hospitalized in serious condition Monday after the car he was driving left a rural road in the Mississippi Delta and flipped several times.

The actor “has a broken arm, broken elbow and minor shoulder damage, but is in good spirits,” according to a statement from Donna Lee, Freeman’s publicist. A hospital spokeswoman said Freeman was in serious condition but would not discuss his injuries.

Crazy Cruise Sued

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Scientology And Its Frontman Sued By Former Member

August 4. 2008

Tom “Crazy” Cruise

Madman actor Tom Cruise has been named in a lawsuit against the sick, murderous cult known as Scientology. He and the cult are being accused of harassment, in hounding a man that left Scientology.

This is a common complaint among survivors of sick cults that psychologists note as one of several common threads. They act like it’s the mafia and you are not allowed to leave.

Regarding the litigant in the Cruise case, I hope you win. Hopefully the judge won’t be, um, corrupted, which is common place in Hollywood cases.

The FBI’s Robert Mueller has turned a blind eye to Scientology and Kabbalah breaking scores of Federal laws he was sworn to uphold. Just whose payroll are you on.

The government has done a terrible job in regulating sick Hollywood cults like Scientology and Kabbalah, who’ve caused the deaths of many innocent people, as illustrated by numerous court cases and death records. They are domestic terrorists.

Almost 100 people have died as a direct result of the Hollywood cults Scientology and Kabbalah, via the mentally ill practices they engage in.

Their dangerous quackery knows no limits, and includes, but is not limited to, practicing medicine without a license, putting members through intense, unneeded treatment programs that led to their untimely demise, pseudo-psychiatry procedures that resulted in murders and suicides. Their rigid detox programs are also more of a serious health risk than anything.

All this contemptuous conduct done under the guise of celebrity. They are supposed to be entertainers and look what these psychopaths are doing behind closed doors. What a bunch of frauds.

Leaked cult documents also show their goals of permeating governments to promote their mentally ill madness they claim is religion.

Too bad they didn’t oil the car down before he got on it

You are not licensed doctors. You are not psychologists. You are not elected politicians. You are not designated lawmakers. You are entertainers. Know your place.

How some of you get mixed up in this illegality, criminal harassment and coercion is beyond justification. There is no excuse for your conduct. You’re supposed to be making entertainment for the masses and look at the sick rubbish you get up to when you think no one is looking. How do you think that makes you look to the public.

In Christianity, if someone chooses to leave the faith, the average church/believer, doesn’t badger, bully or stalk them. We pray for them that one day they will return to believing in God again.

Not so with Hollywood cults like Scientology and Kabbalah. In many documented cases a pattern emerges. They will threaten, blackmail, criminally harass, stalk and humiliate you for leaving.

They will call your house and leave many messages. They will call your job and speak to your co-workers in unflattering ways. They will threaten to disclose personal items they learned about you, usually through illegal means, when they delved into your private life to very disturbing degrees.

If someone wants out of your mentally ill cult, let them go and stop harassing them. Stop stalking people and bombarding them with unwanted calls, emails and visits. It’s sick and despicable. No one appreciates that.

NOTE: in a typical, unlawful legal maneuver used by Hollywood cults like Scientology and Kabbalah, they contacted the victim/plaintiff’s lawyer and engaged in witness tampering. Witness intimidation is a very serious crime and one that draws a substantial sentence.

“Hollywood star Tom Cruise has been named in a $250 million federal lawsuit, which accuses him of continuous harassment. Peter Letterese, a one-time Scientologist has filed the lawsuit against David Miscavage, the leader of the church as well as Tom Cruise.

Many believe that Cruise is now second in command for the church; he has been accused by Letterese of continuous harassment after he had left the organization.

Letterese has said in the lawsuit that he compares the Church of Scientology to a crime syndicate; he said that members of the church tried to convinces his lawyer’s wife that he was having a homosexual affair. One member of the church actually phoned the wife, the caller then tried to convince the lawyer’s wife that he was his Letterese’s gay lover…

We are not sure how far this lawsuit will go, one thing is sure though The Church of Scientology is having a hard time just lately.

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How Cults Use Technology To Mess With The Mind

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A Look At Kabbalah And Scientology’s Abuse Of Technology

Prof. Simon Baron Cohen, Relative of Kabbalah Member, Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Mind Reading Technology”

August 4. 2008


The Hollywood cults Kabbalah and Scientology have been misusing technology to abuse innocent members of the public they target for unsavory means (financial gain).

As was revealed in the Anthony Pellicano criminal trial, Hollywood denizens belonging to both aforementioned cults, had individuals illegally wiretapped, stalked, burglarized, hacked and terrorized, via private investigation services, later found guilty of breaking scores of United States laws.

They also abuse technology in another disgraceful manner. They utilize abusive, invasive software and hardware designed to break down people’s defenses and thought processes, to make them more susceptible and malleable to the cults’ leanings and teachings.


Scientology:  E-Meter


Scientology opts for the use of the E-Meter, which damagingly attempts to extract the subject’s most personal, embarrassing and humiliating thoughts, to be used against them in bids at fleecing them out of their money and as a form of blackmail in keeping them in said cult.

Katie Holmes, wife of Tom Cruise, converted from Catholicism to Scientology and never looked more miserable. The once bubbly, vibrant Holmes, now looks depressed in some pics and suicidal in others. She has been subjected to “Auditing” sessions at the Scientology center in Los Angeles.

Members are asked terrible questions about their deepest, darkest secrets and embarrassing sexual inquiries, the answers to which they normally would not reveal to the public. Answers are recorded by Scientology employees in a process known as “Auditing.”

A Scientology “E-Meter class”

Kabbalah: Mind Reading Technology

Sicko Madonna and daughter leaving Kabbalah Center in New York

Kabbalah opts for “Mind Reading Technology” that uses software to scan the subject’s facial expressions to match them up with a stored configuration of what each represents in correlation to what the person is thinking.

Through the computer’s analysis of said expressions they are able to guess, albeit with a level of inaccuracy, what words and images the person is privately thinking about. I would expect the software can be thrown off if one thinks about things such as mazes.

Cambridge University’s Simon Baron Cohen

A variation of “Mind Reading Technology” was developed by Cambridge Professor Simon Baron Cohen, who is a relative of fellow alumni, Kabbalah member and actor, Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat, Ali G). Sacha Baron Cohen is a friend of Madonna’s, who turned him on to the sick cult. Baron Cohen also made an appearance in one of her past videos.

Cambridge graduate Sacha Baron Cohen, responsible for the character’s Borat (a take off of Balky from the 80’s show “Perfect Strangers”) and Ali G (a take off of real life BBC disc jockey Tim Westwood).

The blueprint for this technology, was pioneered by other scientists, and is used by the U.S. government on terrorists (read below).

Yet, this sick, deranged Kabbalah cult is unethically abusing mind reading technology, where the software reads people’s expressions to guess what they are thinking, then criminally uses the data to manipulate, harass, terrorize and control people, who are duped into thinking they have some unearthly, paranormal ability to read their minds that is based in spirituality, which is not true.

All that is required is the software and a video camera pointed at the target. Kabbalah opts for hidden cameras to catch the subject unaware (similar to the one a Kabbalah member caught A-Rod on).

software renders brain scans, real time snap shots of the brain displayed as computer images, that correlate to words programmed into a database, revealing a person’s thoughts.

It’s just so ugly that anyone would do such a thing, but Kabbalah is actively engaging in this. You nasty, perverted animals.

It is a gross, depraved invasion of privacy. The people in that cult are criminally insane. What kind of animal do you have to be to engage in such a thing and mentally abuse others with such a sick practice. You are criminals and a danger to the public. Bar none the sickest people in existence.


Think about it. You are searching for spiritual fulfillment. Kabbalah proposes they have the answers. Unbeknownst to you, they start with the illegal wiretapping, bugging, hidden cameras, hacking and “Mind Reading Technology.”

If you are not technologically savvy and abreast of current events (the news), you will believe they have some serious spiritual insight and inside track to your mind, body and soul, when they don’t. The terrible fact of the matter is, they are invading your privacy in very sick, disgusting, criminal ways, that they should be imprisoned for, as none of that invasiveness is legal.

Neuroscience fMRI “Mind Reading Technology” software

What’s worse is after playing with people’s minds and causing them to mentally snap, flip out and kill (Kabbalah member Phiona Davis) or injure someone (Kabbalah members Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan), or end up getting killed by the police (Kabbalah member Gideon Busch) no one in said cult wants to accept responsibility.

Madonna and the Kabbalah Center mentally abused Britney Spears

Said invasiveness is the source of Kabbalah member Britney Spears’ rapidly developing, severe mental illness and the public breakdown that resulted in her being admitted to psych wards, where she complained to doctors and nurses “People can read my mind” (News of the World).

The cult was deviously abusing said “Mind Reading Technology” created by Simon Baron Cohen to manipulate and control her, along with wiretapping, hacking and bugging her home. Spears was even given a teddy bear that unbeknownst to her was bugged, so they could eavesdrop on her in her home.

As with all cult based attempts at mind control and manipulation, it runs the serious risk that it will render the subject mentally ill and morbidly depressed, resulting in schizophrenia, an incurable mental disorder.

Playing with the mind is a dangerous proposition. It is not like many other human organs that respond well to medicine and heal with time. Once the human mind is gone that’s it.

Britney Spears

In this day and age of unconstitutional government spying on citizens (see George Bush ordered FBI “Patriot Act” abuses) the mind was essentially the last bastion of privacy left. However, some very sick people, under the auspices of celebrity and spirituality, have invaded that as well and ought to be locked away in homes for the criminally insane for engaging in this unspeakably vile perversion.

It is destroying what made America, America. Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, privacy and liberty. A hand full of wealthy and so-called influential people with too much time and money on their hands, are trotting down a road that will lead to America’s deterioration as a nation, in forsaking and abusing what people the world over once applauded about the country. Sadly, they are taking the rest of the nation along for the terrible ride.

Emotionally intelligent interfaces

Our computer system is based on the latest research in the theory of mind by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Director of the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge. His research provides a taxonomy of facial expressions and the emotions they represent. In 2004, his group published the Mind Reading DVD, an interactive computer-based guide to reading emotions from the face and voice. The DVD contains videos of people showing 412 different mental states. We have developed computer programs that can read facial expressions using machine vision, and then infer emotions using probabilistic machine learning trained by examples from the DVD.

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen

The Autism Research Centre (ARC), of which I am Director, has 6 programs of research, all focusing on Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC):

(a) Perception and Cognition (investigating social and non-social cognition and sensory processing);

(b) Neuroscience (using fMRI, DTI, ERP, neuropathology, and TMS);

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen Director

Simon Baron-Cohen is Professor of Developmental Psychopathology at the University of Cambridge and Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge. He is Director of the Autism Research Centre (ARC) in Cambridge.

ACLU objects as two companies offer ‘mind reading’ technology to government

Published: Wednesday June 28, 2006 – The American Civil Liberties Union today announced that it has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests with the primary American security agencies for information relating to the use of “cutting-edge brain-scanning technologies” on suspected terrorists, RAW STORY has learned.

Two private companies have announced that they will begin to offer “lie detection” services using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), as early as this summer. fMRI can produce live, real-time images of people’s brains as they answer questions, view images, listen to sounds, and respond to other stimuli.

These companies are marketing their services to federal government agencies, including the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, the National Security Agency and the CIA, and to state and local police departments.

“There are certain things that have such powerful implications for our society — and for humanity at large — that we have a right to know how they are being used so that we can grapple with them as a democratic society,” said Barry Steinhardt, Director of the ACLU’s Technology and Liberty Project.

Cowardly Madonna

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August 4. 2008

Mindless Madonna

Madonna has been having entertainment industry friends defend her ghastly conduct to the public. In a series of arranged and placed articles, actors Vinny Jones and Jason Statham, among others, have spoken up for her, to a public that wants her off their TV screens and radios (hence her failed album and bad tour sales).

Why is she always getting her friends to come forward and uncomfortably defend her. We know its prearranged. That’s how those interviews and press quotes of that nature work. It’s not spontaneous.

Why can’t the raggedy witch speak for herself. Why is she always hiding behind others when she does things the public condemns her for. You were arrogant enough to be unethical, certainly you can defend yourself or are you that much of a coward.

Vinny Jones

No one’s that special that they can’t properly address the public and Madonna is as common as can be. A low life, thieving animal.

Therefore, why can’t she stand up and tell the world what we already know – you’re trash with no morals or talent – consistently causing other people emotional, physical and financial injury.

Furthermore, for someone who is always gossiping and running her mouth in the entertainment industry, viciously spreading lies about other people, she certainly has a peculiar way of shutting down when people put her dirty laundry out for all to see.

Jason Statham

Additionally, Madonna pushing forward her friends to speak for her certainly isn’t changing public opinion, as people still loathe her conduct and have been voicing statements to that effect online. One thing is for sure, it shall damage said stars’ names for defending her in things she is guilty of doing. When the truth comes out, as it inevitably does, they end up discredited as well.

Madonna’s always trying to get some male to verbally bully or browbeat others. Why doesn’t she use the testicles I know she has and defend herself.

Oh yea, that’s right. She can’t. She’s done too many horrible things that no excuse will justify said conduct to the public, who have grown tired of her.

She and her staff are busy faxing and emailing stories about her to papers and blogs every week, working her crazy self up into a frenzy, not grasping that public perception of her is so horrible now. No one is impressed. She’s just gone too far and the mask fell off.

Madonna’s husband Guy Ritchie is now a lunatic, babbling crazy things to the press about “sugar killing people” and being a “spy.” You know what’s even more dangerous you nutball, crazy pop stars commissioning attempted murder to avoid indictment.

Jones insists that Madonna and co do not “read anything” when she reads the blogs and magazine sites. She’s quoted things from them that gave that away.

Statham stated people are jealous of Guy Ritchie because he is “good looking” and a “successful” director. On what planet? His stolen movies keep bombing.

That’s funny, because I for one would not want to wake up tomorrow as a white man, as I’m a black woman and would have a lot of explaining to do (that was a joke).

Moreover, if I had the movie “Swept Away” on my resume, I’d cry myself to sleep every night (that’s not a joke). I don’t envy not a one of them. They are two untalented, boring, fake people, who’ve been sued for stealing just about every project they’ve put out. No doubt he learned that from Madonna.

Madonna Doesn’t Read Tabloids

Ritchie’s pal, actor Vinnie Jones, tells the magazine: “I know for a fact (that) they don’t read anything. No one’s getting at them. It seems nowadays people can write about what they want and get away with it.”

He adds that the family “seem very close”.

The couple share three children – Madonna’s daughter Lourdes, 11, from a previous relationship; Rocco, seven, and adopted son David, two.

Jason Statham Blasts Guy Ritchie’s ‘Jealous’ Critics

Jason StathamJason Statham has defended director pal Guy Ritchie, insisting any criticism of his films is based on jealousy. The 35-year-old – who has worked with Ritchie on Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Revolver and Snatch – believes Madonna’s husband is subjected to criticism because he is so talented.

He says, “Guy’s a good-looking, talented man with a great family. He’s very successful and people are jealous – maybe more so than they like to admit, and that puts a bad taste in people’s mouth’s.”