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Madonna’s Misery Mounts

July 12, 2008 Comments off

Marriage Ending And Career In The Toilet With Flopped Album and Poor Selling Tour

Madonna looking her usual crazy self

Madonna’s marriage to failed director Guy Ritchie is reportedly over, as the vulgar, untalented old harlot was seen visiting Paul McCartney’s divorce lawyer.

Well, she trapped him into marriage through pregnancy, cost him the woman he really loved, Tania Strecker, then killed his career with the box office bomb Swept Away. I can’t fathom any of that helped.

Tania Strecker

She’s also got his friends in London calling him nuts, because of the Kabbalah craziness the two have been saying and doing. He also has a wandering eye that homed in on his friends’ women.

It’s amazing, a couple weeks ago a blog Holy Moly posted this very information about the divorce and her seeing McCartney’s lawyer, and Madonna and her team said the blog was lying and making up stories. Yet, here we have it, the story was true.

Like anyone wants to make up stories on your washed up, nutty self with your messed up life. You’re absolutely crazy and completely boring. You don’t even draw good hits for bloggers (web site hits or music hits).

They both look like men

I’ve been posting for several weeks that the marriage was in shambles, so I knew that blog was telling the truth. Madonna and her vile battleaxe publicist, Liz “liar liar” Rosenberg, are pathological liars anyway and one day it is going to get them into massive legal trouble.

However, the marriage has been in trouble for quite sometime and knowing how much of a media whore Madonna is, she released this information now for sympathy and publicity, because of the terrible stories being run regarding her album flopping and tour tickets not selling. This has been the worst year of her career.

People have also been blaming her for the fall of the Live Nation corporation. It is being reported that Madonna’s new tour in support of her “Hard Candy” album is not doing well at all.

This is a major problem for Live Nation, who signed the washed up, thieving fraud of an artist for $120 million in stock and promised payment, only to see their stock drop to record lows as a result.

The Madonna Revelations blog has revealed a scam where Madonna’s tickets were sold to the Stubhub ticket agency to give the appearance that the tickets were selling well, when they’d simply been sold to another ticket agency (Stubhub) to resell.

The whole thing is a lie and scam brought to you by Live Nation, Madonna and Stubhub? To get this scam to work, Live Nation LIED and reported that Madonna’s concerts are SOLD OUT, which at this point is not true, she has only added ONE extra date so far.

They did this on the first day of the tickets going on sale to throw all the fans into a panic and believe that the only tickets available are at STUBHUB, which is mostly true, but they did it on purpose to make tons of money!

Not only that, STUBHUB bought out the seats strategically, meaning they bought out group sections, leaving mostly SINGLE seats left at, which is why everyone is buying the theory this concert is SOLD OUT, because mostly single seats are available on ticketmaster now, when in fact these concerts are NOT sold out, it is a scam.

A couple years ago, the New York Post exposed a scam Madonna ran, where she and her staff ordered thousands of seats in arenas roped/closed off, then proclaimed the tour sold out, which wasn’t true.

There were many seats available in each venue, but the corresponding tickets were cancelled out (roped off) to create the illusion the tour had sold out.

To propagate the lie, she charged exorbitant amounts for tickets and was later hard-pressed to explain to the press, the massive earnings deficit and low audience attendance numbers at the end of the tour.

It’s the equivalent of charging for 1 ticket what other artists would charge for 12, to grant the illusion that a dozen tickets had been sold, when it was only the proverbial 1.

Her current CD “Hard Candy” has bombed badly barely selling 450,000 copies in America, in spite of the fact it was given the best promotion, advertising and marketing, more so than other releases by numerous artists, who have outsold her in the same quarter.

At least she has the starring role in the He-Man movie to look forward to. They can rename it She-Man in her honor (just kidding).

Touring, the one thing Madonna had to fall back on has fallen through. People have turned away from Madonna for several reasons and it has destroyed her career. However, she deserves it.

Madonna is a terrible, vicious human being with no sense of decency or morals. She has done unspeakably evil things to preserve her career that is now in tatters and enriched herself through criminally gotten gains. That woman has stolen from many to make a living, which is positively illegal.

Edgar Bronfman and wife

As many of you know, she and her label Warner Bros are frequent visitors to this web site and I have been the target of a terrible theft and harassment campaign by them, over my Copyrighted Catalog containing 10,000 songs, 300 movie scripts and short stories, 15 book manuscripts, 200 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 150 photo treatments, a perfume line and clothing line, that they criminally pillaged.

Over 20 years of my labor those animals plundered like barbarians, and continue to try to destroy me in the process, through ongoing acts of commissioned harassment, intimidation and violence (which was later revealed in 2008 to be the very same pattern of harassment Madonna’s PI and Anthony Pellicano used on others as well, after being hired by her lawyer Bert Fields).

Madonna and co. being the animals they are brought slavery back and violated the Civil Rights Act at my expense. Do you know the kind of animal you have to be to do something like that in modern times.

And don’t kid yourselves, what you’ve done is absolutely disgraceful and constitutes modern day slavery…and you did it in clear sight of the world that is aghast.

And she has the nerve to have a lyric on her new rip off album in a song titled “Voices” that goes, “But who is the master, and who is the slave?” You seem to be quite fond of slavery. You certainly brought it back to America you animal.


Madonna’s Marriage Mess

June 7, 2008 Comments off

Trapped Into Marriage By Pregnancy, Madonna’s Husband Pines Away For Former Girlfriend

Talk continues of Madonna’s marriage to director Guy Ritchie being on the rocks. The Daily Mail has published an article claiming the two have agreed to a trial separation.


Madonna and Ritchie in trial split
Ninemsn, Australia – May 25, 2008
By ninemsn staff Rumours that Madonna will split from husband Guy Ritchie have gained momentum with fresh reports the pair are heading for a trial …

Madge’s marriage ‘on the rocks’
The West Australian, Australia – May 25, 2008
Madonna has had enough of arguing with her husband Guy Ritchie and her seven-year marriage is on the rocks, London’s Daily Mail reports today…

Tania Strecker (Guy Ritchie’s ex-girlfriend that he is still in love with)

Word in London is Guy Ritchie has been ogling one of his best friends’ wives, German bombshell Claudia Schiffer, who he reportedly has a thing for. Schiffer is married to Matthew Vaughn.

Claudia Schiffer

He was also said to be admiring big-breasted, and apparently silicone free, Kelly Brook, the ex-girlfriend of his friend actor Jason Statham.

Word is he does not like Madonna’s friend actress Gwyneth Paltrow (apparently he and many bloggers), but finds her attractive. On a night out, he was seen looking at her butt.

Kelly Brook

Madonna vindictively stated in an interview that he is not the man she thought he would be. Yea, like he married Cinderella. He married Cruela Deville.

Trapping a man into marriage through pregnancy, which she did, is not wise. Because if the man loves someone else, he will resent you for it.

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Madonna And Guy Ritchie On The Rocks

May 27, 2008 Comments off

Couple caught fighting in public again – Guy Ritchie gives his crazy wife hateful stare

Rumors abound that the marriage of copyright infringer Madonna and her husband director Guy Ritchie are on the rocks. Madonna’s emasculating ways and insistence on all things Kabbalah, coupled with Ritchie actively cheating on her with another woman, are believed to be the cause.

Of course, their rep denies there is any tension or trouble, but the pictures and their conduct speaks volumes. Of course, not being able to admit she ruined his life when she tried to get him to turn her into a movie star, after almost two decades of being panned by just about every film critic in existence, couldn’t have helped.

Not to mention, making him nutty via Kabbalah, insisting he incorporate the cult into his rip off films that later flopped (he’s been sued by 4 different people for separate acts of copyright infringement) and the ridicule and humiliation she brought him, couldn’t have helped either.

Tania Strecker

Guy Ritchie is also said to be still hung up on his former girlfriend, Tania Strecker, pardon the pun. She recently married into the wealthy Rothschild family.

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Pro-Madonna Song Kills Robbie Williams’ Career

January 22, 2008 Comments off
His Unsold “Rudebox” CDs Shipped To China To Be Crushed And Used As Road Paving Material

Madonna’s So Uncool She Can Tank A Career By Association

January 22. 2008

Never mind what her paid for press articles, prearranged shout-outs and data-less, grossly inflated sales figures say, Madonna can be bad for your career. Robbie Williams found this out the hard way via a tribute song. Really, who wants to flip over a CD and see a pro-madonna song on it. Not cool.

Before Madonna, Robbie Williams was arguably the best selling popular artist in Britain and much of Europe. He released several hit CDs. Then came the stupid idea Madonna had a hand in, to write a song about how deluded great she thinks she is, whilst simultaneously taking jabs at her husband’s ex-girlfriend, model Tania Strecker.

He left this via pregnancy entrapment:

For this:

Either Guy Ritchie is gay and thought muscular Madonna was another dude or he is smoking this:

It seems the Materialess Girl was angry that her bid at trapping Guy Ritchie into marriage via pregnancy hit a major snag, when he kept sleeping with Strecker, who gave a very public interview to that effect. The interview was a source of considerable embarrassment for the singer lip-syncer.

So, after going to her place and playing the mutually agreed upon “She’s Madonna” song to, well, Madonna, whose no talent ego reveled in it, basking in all its fake, contrived, supposed glory, the track was released to the public as the third single from William’s “Rudebox” CD…and then it bombed. It reached #16 on the charts, which was a very poor showing for Williams. It’s his worst received single to date.

My song about Madonna and her disgusting ways titled Thieves received a better reception online than Robbie’s sponsored butt kiss. My song was downloaded a lot (people are still downloading it). If you’d like a free copy click here.

Rolling over the legacy of Robbie Williams

How’s this for the ultimate indignity for a singer? The Daily Mirror has discovered what will happen to more than a million unwanted copies of a “dreadful” new CD by British crooner Robbie Williams: They’re being shipped to China, crushed, and used to re-surface roads.

The 17-track CD in question, called Rudebox, came out in ’06 and sold only 500,000 copies in Britain, the paper says. (We can presume that sales elsewhere were roughly zero.) But his previous album had sold over two million. That’s why there’s such a surplus of Rudebox copies. Williams is 33. –

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