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The Big Picture

September 13, 2007 Comments off

Written on September 11. 2007. Due to a massive computer hack, posted on September 13. 2007

In the 6 years since the terrible terrorist attacks of September 11th, as a world, what have we learned. In a tragedy that showed the worst conduct a human can display, has it brought the world closer together in any regard. Looking at the big picture has the world improved as a community.

Sadly, it appears not. People are fighting more than ever. Things have not calmed down, seemingly getting worse.

It begat a misrepresented war in Iraq and on the opposite side of aisle more terrorist attacks all over the world. Spain and Britain are now in harm’s way as well with an increase in terrorist activity on their respective shores. Violent crime is up in America and the Middle East has grown increasingly unstable.

According to BBC News this morning (September 11, 2007), millions of Iraqis have fled to areas like Syria, creating massive population strain and bitter feelings against the west.

Many Iraqi families have been uprooted, had to burry their dead, leave their businesses and homes behind, in search of a new life in neighboring countries. This has created a great amount of resentment against the west, as they saw their towns being destroyed via war before the fled.

If there is one thing September 11th should have taught the world is compassion and civility. Unfortunately it didn’t. It’s still not too late to learn that lesson. A diplomatic resolution is in order.  

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Sports – Thierry Henry, Theo Walcott, David Beckham

September 1, 2007 Comments off

Thierry Henry has left Arsenal for Spain. He will be missed. Best wishes to him in the future:

The young man tipped to follow in his footsteps at Arsenal, Theo Walcott:

Beckham scored his first goal with the L.A. Galaxy:

Then they proceeded to batter and injure him twice over the course of the month: