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FBI Computer System Still A Financial Sinkhole

April 1, 2010 Comments off


FBI Director Robert S. Mueller (Photo credit: Stephanie Woodrow)

The New York Times has announced The FBI‘s long awaited computer system has hit the wall again. Unbelievable! The Judiciary Report’s sister site, the Sound Off Column, wrote a series of articles beginning in June 2006, warning of future trouble with the FBI’s planned computer system. 

The Sound Off Column even detailed methods of creating and implementing a computer system for the FBI that was a mere fraction of the cost being tossed around in Congress and would require far less time.

America has some of the biggest computer companies in the world, yet Mueller has the nation’s main law enforcement agency looking like they start fires with rocks and sticks, instead of matches.

Four years after the Sound Off Column articles, warning the FBI to change course in how it announced it would go about acquiring a computer system and $1 billion dollars later in taxpayer money and the FBI’s computer system is delayed once again with more problems cropping up. 

The Sound Off Column warned the system would be useless if it was implemented over years, rather than weeks or a few short months, as the speed of technology is as such, one year down the road, manufacturers will have released their latest innovations, making older models obsolete.   

However, site reader, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, clearly thinks he knows more than me about computers, when he nearly fell for an identity theft scam via an email link he nearly clicked, thus he went about the computer system the long and wrong way. Now they are sitting on scrap metal, er, I mean outdated computers, with old operating systems and slower peripherals, much of which have not even been implemented. 

I have a bridge I’d like to sell Mueller, because he is just that gullible that he would buy just about anything. This wouldn’t be so sad if the country was not facing an unprecedented rise in terrorism, both domestically and internationally. 

Having a great, cutting edge computer system, makes a big difference in law enforcement matters. Technology can be used to prevent crime and boost productivity, but some people just don’t grasp that. Robert S. Mueller is one of those people. Hence, the FBI being so slow and inefficient with cases, even when people’s lives are at stake.

Side Bar: you still haven’t accounted for hundreds of millions of dollars from the computer system money that went missing and was labeled “miscellaneous.” Do we have to guess which off shore accounts that embezzled taxpayer money is sitting in. You better be glad I’m not President, because your butt would be in prison.

Massive FBI computer overhaul is put on ice (again)Carrier pigeons still viable March 18, 2010 – WASHINGTON — The Federal Bureau of Investigation has suspended work on parts of its huge computer overhaul, dealing the agency the latest costly setback in a decade-long effort to develop a modernized information system to combat crime and terrorism.

F.B.I. Faces New Setback in Computer Overhaul

The overhaul was supposed to be completed this fall, but now will not be done until next year at the earliest. The delay could mean at least $30 million in cost overruns on a project considered vital to national security, Congressional officials said… 

The officials said the decision to suspend work on other parts of the program reflected the lessons learned from previous setbacks. When Lockheed Martin won the contract, the F.B.I. ended the previous computer overhaul and started over because the problems had grown too big to fix.

Robert S. Mueller III, director of the F.B.I., acknowledged problems in the project when he was asked about it at a House appropriations hearing on Wednesday…

While the F.B.I. described the problems as a minor setback, Congressional officials said they were alarmed. 

Posted in Government, 19th March 2010 20:35 GMT – The FBI has once again suspended work on parts of a massive computer overhaul that many say is vital to fighting crime and terrorism.

Putting the project known as Sentinel on hold has alarmed some on Capitol Hill because the upgrade was considered vital to shoring-up deficiencies in key areas, The New York Times reports. Several years ago, FBI computer systems were so poor that many agents couldn’t send or receive email and had difficulty getting case histories or tapping other databases.

Following the September 11 terrorist attacks, agents in Florida had to send their counterparts in Washington, DC, photographs of the hijackers by overnight mail because they couldn’t send email attachments.


CELEBRITY Cute Kids – Angelina Jolie’s daughters, Kobe’s Kids, Sinitta’s Zac and Magdalena, Garcelle Beauvais Nilon Twins, Lilly Ella Gerrard, Rafael & Sylvie van der Vaart’s son, Danielynn Birkhead, Violet Affleck

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Angelina Jolie out for a walk with her beautiful daughters:

Angelina’s daughter Shiloh wearing a totally adorable outfit. She really is her mother’s mini-me:

Remember last month I joked that Kobe’s daughters were trying to use their adorableness to con the league into making him MVP. Well, it worked. This month he was crowned MVP! Congrats to him. It’s good to see that his family stuck together after all they’ve been through.

British singer Sinitta and her little cutie pies Zac and Magdalena:

Jamie Foxx show actress Garcelle Beauvais Nilon took her adorable twin boys out for a stroll:

Football player Steven Gerrard and his pretty daughter Lilly Ella out for a stroll in Liverpool:

Football player Rafael van der Vaart, his wife model Sylvie, and their cute son:

The late Ana Nicole Smith’s daughter Danielynn is growing so pretty:

Beautiful little Violet Affleck out for a walk with her mom actress Jennifer Garner:

Note to actress Halle Berry: we’re still waiting on the photos of your baby (congrats).

CELEBRITY Cute Couples – Paula Patton and Robin Thicke, Lewis Hamilton and Vivian Burkhardt

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Actress Paula Patton and her R&B singer husband Robin Thicke:

British race car driver, Lewis Hamilton, and Miss World runner up Caribbean, Vivian Burkhardt

CELEBRITY Out And About – Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Alex Curran, Coleen McLoughlin, Kelly Brook, Nadine Coyle, Anna Wintour, Joan Collins, Chris Tucker

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Fashion plate actress Jennifer Lopez looking stunning on the red carpet:

Actress Angelina Jolie looking radiant at Cannes:

Alex Curran, model and wife of football player, Steven Gerrard, out and about looking quite stylish:

Coleen McLoughlin, TV personality and fiancée of English football player, Wayne Rooney, walking through the airport in this fashionable number:

English actress Kelly Brook looking happy and chic:

Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle is beaming in a casual summer number:

Style maven, Vogue magazine editor, Anna Wintour, looking great on the red carpet (girl, are you really like in that movie!):

The fabulous Joan Collins looking great at age 75. Now that’s how you age well (watch out for PETA, girl!):

Chris Tucker looking handsome and dignified (considering he is a comedian, the latter is quite strange for him – just kidding):

ENTERTAINMENT Follow Up – Paternity Confirmed In James Brown Case

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Tomi Ray Hynie

This is a follow up to a previous column regarding the late R&B singer James Brown. In the January 2007 Sound Off Column I wrote:

Um, I know the paternity tests aren’t in yet, but that little boy looks like James Brown. Poor sweetie pie, he is without a daddy:

Well, the results are in and the little boy is indeed James Brown’s child. It is good that the issue of who his dad is will no longer be questioned. The little boy deserved at least that much – and apart of his father’s estate.

Paternity Tests Show James Brown Fathered Son With Tomi Ray Hynie

Columbia, SC — An attorney says a DNA test confirms James Brown fathered the son of a woman who claimed to be the singer’s wife when he died. Peter Shahid, an attorney for James Brown II, said Friday that the boy was tested in April before a South Carolina judge ordered a paternity test.

The results of the court-ordered test have not been released. The boy is the 6-year-old son of Tomi Rae Hynie, a former backup singer for the “Godfather of Soul.”

Trustees handling Brown’s estate have suggested that Hynie was not legally married to Brown and that her boy is not his son.

SPORTS Photos – Adebayor, Thierry Henry, Michael Owen, Cristiano Ronaldo, Frank Lampard, Rafael Nadal, Dwayne Wade

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Football (soccer) player Adebayor letting the opposition know how he really feels about them (just kidding):

French football (soccer) player Thierry Henry:

English football (soccer) player Michael Owen:

Portuguese football (soccer) player Cristiano Ronaldo doing the Macarena (just kidding)

British football (soccer) player Frank Lampard celebrating a goal on the pitch:

Tennis player Rafael Nadal celebrating a win:

Miami Heat basketball player Dwayne Wade smiling on the court:


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Sometimes in life we are faced with obstacles that make us want to give up. Things can get pretty dark sometimes, but it is in those moments, that you really have to hold on to your faith.

It’s the equivalent of walking through a situation, where you’re not sure where you’re going or if you will survive it, but by God’s grace you can.

Though you may feel very discouraged, you can make it out of the difficult situation you are in. God is not about giving up and you shouldn’t be either. You must not lose your faith. Be encouraged and optimistic that things will improve for you. Don’t throw in the towel when obstacles appear.

Get up and peacefully fight for what is yours and where you want your life to be. Don’t let anyone take that from you. Out of dreams are born great ideas that go on to change the world.