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Paris Hilton’s Brother Barron Arrested For DUI

February 12, 2008 Comments off
Because The Family That Drinks Together…Gets DUIs Together

February 12. 2008

Barron Hilton (right) Paris Hilton (left)…no wait, Barron Hilton (left) Paris Hilton (right)…Paris is looking a little androgynous there.

Paris Hilton’s 18-year-old brother Barron was arrested for a hit and run DUI, where his blood alcohol level was almost two times the legal limit (.14).

He hit a gas station attendant in Malibu and kept going. To make matters worse, he is under twenty-one and not supposed to be drinking and was also caught with a fake ID.

Last year, Paris Hilton was charged, arrested and incarcerated for DUI and repeatedly driving without a valid license.

Boy, that’s a family of winners. Actually, that’s a family of wieners.

Barron Hilton’s mug shot

There’s something wrong in that family, producing this severe level of dysfunction. Well, to be fair, having Paris Hilton for a sister would drive anyone to drinking. Just kidding.

Seriously, that family needs help before it completely self-destructs. Paris (daughter) doing pornographic videos and DUIs, Barron (brother) under age drunk driving and hitting a civilian who’s on foot, Nicky (sister) looking like she is literally dying from anorexia nervosa and Kathy (mother) going clubbing with her adult daughters, whilst wearing a see through blouse. Something’s not right there.

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When Celebrity Marriages Go Wrong

November 6, 2007 Comments off

Marriages, Affairs And Legal Entanglements

November 6. 2007

When celebrity marriages go wrong it can get ugly – at least from a public perspective on the publicity side. A lot of terrible un-attributed quotes are presented as fact, when the public often truly does not know what is going on behind the scenes.

Infidelity often steps into the picture, as there is often a lot of temptation thrown famous people’s way that they sometimes do not say no to.

Famous women are usually more faithful than famous men. However, a few women have been caught in compromising situations that led to the demise of their marriages.

Jennifer Aniston photo shoot

Tabloids love this. It creates a feeding frenzy that is often humiliating for the famous parties involved and their families as well.

Children are sometimes mocked at school over their parents’ sexual indiscretions. That can be very traumatic for a child and often there isn’t much that can be done to screen them from such situations.

One of the most high profile splits in recent celebrity history was actress Jennifer Aniston and actor Brad Pitt. News of it was everywhere, which could not have been great for the parties involved.

Angelina Jolie

Pitt went to work on a film titled Mr. and Mrs. Smith, co-starring actress Angelina Jolie. Shortly after rumors began seeping out from the set of an affair. And of course, the press went into overdrive compounding Aniston’s grief. Jolie denied the allegations of infidelity with Pitt.

Hey, which woman really wants to go through something like that, but Pitt clearly was at fault. Can’t blame the woman cause you can’t keep it zipped. Same goes for women who cheat. You can’t blame the man in a case like that.

The issue of money always comes into play in these divorces. It’s the loss of one income in a household. Even if you pay alimony and child support, the household has still lost a great deal of its wealth.

Shaquille O’Neal and Shaunie

In the case of newly separated basketball star Shaquille O’Neal and his estranged wife Shaunie, money is going to be an issue because of his tax bracket.

Shaq’s Star Island House

Shaq’s house, the former home of Heat basketball player, Rony Seikaly, sold for $5 million in the 1990’s and due to Miami’s rise in popularity years after, is now worth $30 million.

Miami Beach’s Star Island

O’Neal’s net worth is estimated to be $300 million. That can buy a lot of copies of Kazaam (just playing.). With 5 children between them there is much to do in the way of financial planning.

When Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt split, they were each thought to have a net worth of $100 million dollars. You know, Friends didn’t pay Aniston much, especially towards the end – something like $1 million per episode – wow she was broke (that was a joke).

They’d bought a home for $12.5 million dollars, then once the separation hit, put it on the market and sold it for 22.5 million. They also shared a production company called Plan B Entertainment that is responsible for several productions. Aniston transferred all interest in the company to him as apart of the divorce.

Pitt Traded Beverly Hills For Malibu – How Long Before He Changes His Mind Again

So, they had to separate the money and extricate each individual’s assets from the other to make a so-called clean break. Then he entered into a relationship with Angelina Jolie and her cute United Colors of Benetton family (ok, bad joke).

Beverly Hills born Jolie is also thought to be worth $100 million dollars (is that like the standard number for net worth or something? Is no one worth $101 million or $125 million dollars).

Pitt and Jolie’s relationship may terminate in the not too distant future. You never know, as dude has a wandering eye and keeps picking younger chicks every few years. And with baby Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, hanging around…you never know.

Angelina (left) Angelina 2.0, Megan Fox (right)

As a general rule, I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t pick someone that looks that much younger than me as it would make me look that much older. I’m just saying. It’s free advice. Do with it what you will. All jokes aside, marriage requires commitment and when one or both parties let the other down it can get pretty sad.

Some divorces, painful as they may be, aren’t plagued by dramatic public scenes…:

…and some are:

Whitney Houston at the pinnacle of her career was said to have a net worth of $240 million and Bobby Brown at the height of his fame, $30 million.

Bobby Brown And Whitney Houston Wedding In 1992

They wed in a big ceremony in 1992 attended by 800 guests. It made headlines, as the two seemed an unlikely pairing. For a time things seemed well.

They settled in Houston’s home state of New Jersey in a town called Mendham, where she’d purchased an $11,000,000 home and later, an adjacent parcel.

She also bought homes in Miami, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Brown additionally purchased and sold a home in Atlanta as well. They lived a lavish lifestyle off their earnings.

Houston and daughter Bobby Kristina

After 14 years of marriage, they acrimoniously broke up, with news of financial problems hitting the press. The divorce went through, apparently uncontested, as Brown did not make an appearance in the case. Brown has since contested the divorce and requested alimony.

Divorce isn’t a walk in the park. It’s leaving someone you pledged your life to because they cheated or you cheated. This infidelity can be avoided, which is a good idea for the sake of all involved.

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Barbeque In Malibu

October 24, 2007 Comments off

Malibu Is Hot…Literally…It’s Burning

Has Britney Been Smoking Again!

October 22. 2007

This is what happens when you let Britney Spears and Paris Hilton move in a neighborhood, it catches fire. Too high of a tramp quota and the neighborhood combusted for medical reasons. It couldn’t take that much sin in one area.

Seriously, the pics from the Malibu fire are astonishing. Firefighters truly are hardworking people to be able to even logistically attempt to tackle such a blaze.

Headlines read “Exodus” as 250,000 were evacuated, while others called the scene “hell on earth” stating “the sky is red.”

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Britney’s Monitor Heads For The Hills

October 20, 2007 Comments off

Show Of Hands – Who Didn’t See This One Coming

October 20. 2007

After taking her court appointed monitor for a ride on the crazy train, said monitor called the judge, Commissioner Scott Gordon, and said she wanted out.

Not only did Britney take the woman on a horror ride, driving the wrong way down the road, with her kids in the back again, she kept missing appointments after the woman went all the way out to Malibu.

Britney lied to the judge and said via a rep that her cell phone wasn’t receiving proper transmission out in Malibu.

I was in Malibu last year and my cell phone worked just fine thank you very much – it said, “Searching for system.” Lip-syncers can be such liars.

Seriously, I don’t believe Britney.


In other news, Britney ran over a photographer’s foot. Homeboy allegedly got up like nothing happened, claiming it didn’t hurt.

What a liar. There is a picture of her running over your foot. You didn’t even have shoes on. You were wearing sandals. Someone runs over your foot and you didn’t cry like a little girl. Yea right. You were trying to be all manly for the cameras, but tell the truth, once you got home you cried like Justin Timberlake did on Punkd.

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