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FBI Sued In Madonna Case

September 1, 2009 Comments off

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FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, the FBI and DOJ, have been sued in the Madonna human rights abuse case, under the Freedom of Information Act and the Civil Rights Act. To read the lawsuit click here.

Be sure to read the parts about her famous producers, friends, associates, staff members and Kabbalah members, contacting and approaching me on her behalf and the part about Kabbalah member Russell Davies’ sick misconduct in conjunction with her (press ctrl F and then type in his name Russell Davies). I will post a summary of the lawsuit shortly.

During the George W. Bush administration, I filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI. First they lied in writing and stated there were no files. Then, when I pressed the issue some more with a written “appeal” of their decision, they stated in writing there are files and they are withholding them and I’d have to sue them to get it, so I did today.

The FBI has been withholding thousands of pages in files relating to the case and other items concerning me, in violation of the Freedom of Information Act.


When Obama ran for President, he promised “Change” in America. He also promised “transparency” in government, something that was sorely lacking during the Bush years.

Therefore, it is in this vein that I filed the lawsuit. A rough draft of the lawsuit, along with a polite, respectful letter was sent to Obama on July 15. 2009, which the U.S. Postal Service confirms the White House has received.

It was a last resort, as Madonna’s conduct is endangering my very life, as the lawsuit details and the FBI’s criminal negligence and cover-up thereof, has caused me extensive damage as well. Madonna, through her staff, famous producers, associates and friends, keeps contacting me and harassing me.

Marcia G. Cook (center)

As many of you know, I sued Madonna/Sony in 2005 and the case was corrupted by her. It was thrown out without being read, by Miami Judge and George W. Bush appointee, Marcia G. Cook (the magistrate judge was Stephen Brown).

She is the same judge that violated the Constitution to aid Bush, who for the first time in U.S. history, held a man in prison for years, without charging him for a crime. 400 years of painstaking law was thrown out the window, marking a profound low in the Judiciary’s history.

Cook further stated the case, which involved assault and death threats against me was, “Amusing.” Yes, really. That’s the word she inexcusably used in her ruling, while stating pop stars could not have broken the law. She reminds me of verbally abusive, Judge Kent, who was recently impeached.

She threw it out, clearly without reading it, the same day she received it, according to the court’s case transfer sheet. My case was not the only one she had that day, as she had dozens. Therefore, she could not have possibly read the 60 pages of the lawsuit, 200 pages of evidence exhibits and Gigabytes of comparative data illustrating infringements.

In short, she committed fraud. People do not pay their taxes and court filing fees, for their cases not to be read and reviewed correctly. That spits in the taxpayers faces, who pay judges salaries and is a violation of the judicial canons.

She also stated something in her ruling, that was riddled with misspellings and misapplied law, that I was instructed to cut the case down to 50 pages, when I was told to cut it down to “60 pages” by her colleague, who was the judge that had the case first, Cecilia Altonaga.

Cecilia Altonaga

Madonna and her cohorts kept stealing items from my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog and Altonaga ignored the motion for an injunction to bar her from stealing anything else, which I thought was strange.

Then, she and the Defendants called me into court for a hearing in December 2005, where she basically treated me the victim, like a criminal and the lawbreaking Defendants’ lawyers, like royalty.

She even sarcastically told me to “Try state court” which is absolutely the wrong venue for a copyright case, as copyrights pertain to federal law and federal court. I’ve seen other copyright cases dismissed from state court with the court stating it is the wrong venue. I can’t imagine as a judge, Altonaga did not know this. I politely requested in a motion that she recuse herself.

She was acting in the Defendants’ best financial interest, not in the interest of justice and truth. Turns out, Altonaga’s child had been given stock in the Defendants’ company (Sony) and her husband works for the law firm, Holland and Knight as a partner and Sony is one of their biggest clients. That’s a multi-million dollar account. So they put food on her table and as such, she ruled in their favor.

R. Allen Stanford was arrested a few months ago for running a ponzi scheme

It’s this same sort of thing that allowed R. Allen Stanford to win a case in Miami he should not have. It’s a shame, as had integrity prevailed in the case years ago, when a man formally sued and accused him in court, of running a ponzi scheme, providing proof thereof, investors in America, Britain and the Caribbean, would have saved billions of their hardearned life savings.

This year it was revealed, the FBI also knew since 1998, what Stanford was doing in running a ponzi scheme, but kept silent, allowing it to continue, instead of arresting him and stopping the financial damages a decade ago, which grew to terrible proportions over the last 10 years.

The case against Stanford was dismissed and the innocent, truth telling Plaintiff, was ordered to pay that crook Stanford $300,000 in court costs and damages. Talk about corrupt. Read about it by clicking here. Stanford’s chief financial officer has now pled guilty, disclosing their criminal misconduct.

As stated above, Obama promised “change” and “transparency” in government. So, let’s see if things have changed regarding the government, court system and corporate America or if my rights will be corruptly violated again in court.

It will also be a bellwether to you, the business owner and the domestic/global investor, as to the true state of things in the corporate and court sector.

I filed the case in the appropriate jurisdiction, under the appropriate laws, it is formatted according to the rules of federal procedure and I have successful proved access and misconduct that are a proximate cause of the clear cut damages I sustained.

The case has been assigned to judge Jose Martinez. However, the magistrate judge providing oversight, is the same one from the 2005 Madonna case, judge Stephen Brown (18 magistrate judges and I get the same one again). However, once again, I’m going to act in good faith.

I will post all the details of the case as it transpires, every single aspect, on the Judiciary Report and its affiliated sites. I’m also asking you to forward the lawsuit link to as many people as possible, to create awareness about the case.

The more people that know about it, the less inclined those Hollywood Kabbalah loons should be, in continuing to harass and terrorize me.


Ana Kournikova Sued For Stealing Music

March 11, 2008 Comments off

Kournikova Uses Indie Singer’s Music Without Permission

March 10. 2008

Ana Kournikova

Tennis star and Miami resident Ana Kournikova and serial copyright infringers Lions Gate have been sued by an indie musician, Christopher Swann, for stealing his music for use in her DVD “A Date With Ana.” The case number is C-C08-1477A and was filed March 3, 2008 in California.

The indie musician stated in his lawsuit that he was contacted by them requesting to use his music, he didn’t like the terms and turned them down. They went behind his back and used his songs anyway.

Ana Kournikova

Hey, what’s a silly little thing like civil and criminal copyright law to stop them, right. Hollywood acts like the U.S. Code, Copyright Law, The Lanham Act and United Nations laws don’t exist (unless you’re a file-sharer downloading their work, that is).

They pressed up many copies of the “A Date With Ana” DVD with his songs on it and shipped them all over the world for sale, which under the U.S. Code constitutes criminal copyright infringement.

Enrique Iglesias

Coincidentally, her most recent husband, fellow Miami resident Enrique Iglesias, has been sued as well for stealing music in a separate case that was brought by another indie musician. Must be a family thing with these two.

Editorial note 1: Lions Gate (Prince And Me) was a defendant in the Aisha v. Madonna lawsuit that is about to go international. So, I don’t doubt they did this. I’m not surprised at their arrogance, as they’ve been sued several times by different people for this very thing.

Editorial note 2: I met Kournikova once a few years ago. Her husband the hockey player, not the second one, the first one, Sergei, was nice to my friend and I, but she was very full of herself. We were surprised and he was embarrassed regarding her conduct.

Of the roughly 2 dozen celebrities I have met, she is the only one that acted like that. My friend said, “Who was that and what’s her problem.” I jokingly told my friend, “You don’t wanna to know,” then I told her and she still didn’t know (when it comes to tennis, if it’s not Venus or Serena, she doesn’t have a clue). On the contrary, my godbrother’s mom met Venus and Serena where she works in Palm Beach and she said they were very nice. You could learn from them, Ana.

Enrique Iglesias

“Songwriter Sues Anna Kournikova”

LOS ANGELES (CN) – Songwriter Christopher Swann sued Anna Kournikova and Lions Gate Entertainment in Federal Court on Monday, claiming they used two of his songs without permission on the DVD, “A Date With Anna.”

Swann says he recorded the album “Black Swann” in 1999, containing the two songs at issue, “If I Die” and “Only Your Eyes Can Tell.”

He says Mossberg contacted him in April 2003 and asked to use the tunes on the DVD, “A Date With Anna.” Swann says he refused, more than once, because of problems with the price and “other unacceptable clauses”. But he claims that in February 2006, he found the DVD in a San Diego video store, and that it contained 22 minutes of his copyrighted works.

He demands an accounting and punitive damages. He is represented by Lisa Cervantes of Santa Monica.

Enrique Iglesias Accused Of Copyright Infringement

(10/21/03, 4 p.m. ET) — Did Enrique Iglesias steal the musical composition for his hit song “Escape”? According to a recently filed federal lawsuit, the title track off his 2001 album is actually a revamped version of a song called “Remind Me.”

Henry Lorenzo Haynes claims he wrote and received the copyright for “Remind Me” in early 2001, and he says he brought the song to Iglesias and producer Steve Morales for their consideration. After presenting them the song, Haynes says he was banned from the studio. Haynes received no credit for his work on the song…

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