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FBI Sued In Madonna Case

September 1, 2009 Comments off

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FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, the FBI and DOJ, have been sued in the Madonna human rights abuse case, under the Freedom of Information Act and the Civil Rights Act. To read the lawsuit click here.

Be sure to read the parts about her famous producers, friends, associates, staff members and Kabbalah members, contacting and approaching me on her behalf and the part about Kabbalah member Russell Davies’ sick misconduct in conjunction with her (press ctrl F and then type in his name Russell Davies). I will post a summary of the lawsuit shortly.

During the George W. Bush administration, I filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI. First they lied in writing and stated there were no files. Then, when I pressed the issue some more with a written “appeal” of their decision, they stated in writing there are files and they are withholding them and I’d have to sue them to get it, so I did today.

The FBI has been withholding thousands of pages in files relating to the case and other items concerning me, in violation of the Freedom of Information Act.


When Obama ran for President, he promised “Change” in America. He also promised “transparency” in government, something that was sorely lacking during the Bush years.

Therefore, it is in this vein that I filed the lawsuit. A rough draft of the lawsuit, along with a polite, respectful letter was sent to Obama on July 15. 2009, which the U.S. Postal Service confirms the White House has received.

It was a last resort, as Madonna’s conduct is endangering my very life, as the lawsuit details and the FBI’s criminal negligence and cover-up thereof, has caused me extensive damage as well. Madonna, through her staff, famous producers, associates and friends, keeps contacting me and harassing me.

Marcia G. Cook (center)

As many of you know, I sued Madonna/Sony in 2005 and the case was corrupted by her. It was thrown out without being read, by Miami Judge and George W. Bush appointee, Marcia G. Cook (the magistrate judge was Stephen Brown).

She is the same judge that violated the Constitution to aid Bush, who for the first time in U.S. history, held a man in prison for years, without charging him for a crime. 400 years of painstaking law was thrown out the window, marking a profound low in the Judiciary’s history.

Cook further stated the case, which involved assault and death threats against me was, “Amusing.” Yes, really. That’s the word she inexcusably used in her ruling, while stating pop stars could not have broken the law. She reminds me of verbally abusive, Judge Kent, who was recently impeached.

She threw it out, clearly without reading it, the same day she received it, according to the court’s case transfer sheet. My case was not the only one she had that day, as she had dozens. Therefore, she could not have possibly read the 60 pages of the lawsuit, 200 pages of evidence exhibits and Gigabytes of comparative data illustrating infringements.

In short, she committed fraud. People do not pay their taxes and court filing fees, for their cases not to be read and reviewed correctly. That spits in the taxpayers faces, who pay judges salaries and is a violation of the judicial canons.

She also stated something in her ruling, that was riddled with misspellings and misapplied law, that I was instructed to cut the case down to 50 pages, when I was told to cut it down to “60 pages” by her colleague, who was the judge that had the case first, Cecilia Altonaga.

Cecilia Altonaga

Madonna and her cohorts kept stealing items from my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog and Altonaga ignored the motion for an injunction to bar her from stealing anything else, which I thought was strange.

Then, she and the Defendants called me into court for a hearing in December 2005, where she basically treated me the victim, like a criminal and the lawbreaking Defendants’ lawyers, like royalty.

She even sarcastically told me to “Try state court” which is absolutely the wrong venue for a copyright case, as copyrights pertain to federal law and federal court. I’ve seen other copyright cases dismissed from state court with the court stating it is the wrong venue. I can’t imagine as a judge, Altonaga did not know this. I politely requested in a motion that she recuse herself.

She was acting in the Defendants’ best financial interest, not in the interest of justice and truth. Turns out, Altonaga’s child had been given stock in the Defendants’ company (Sony) and her husband works for the law firm, Holland and Knight as a partner and Sony is one of their biggest clients. That’s a multi-million dollar account. So they put food on her table and as such, she ruled in their favor.

R. Allen Stanford was arrested a few months ago for running a ponzi scheme

It’s this same sort of thing that allowed R. Allen Stanford to win a case in Miami he should not have. It’s a shame, as had integrity prevailed in the case years ago, when a man formally sued and accused him in court, of running a ponzi scheme, providing proof thereof, investors in America, Britain and the Caribbean, would have saved billions of their hardearned life savings.

This year it was revealed, the FBI also knew since 1998, what Stanford was doing in running a ponzi scheme, but kept silent, allowing it to continue, instead of arresting him and stopping the financial damages a decade ago, which grew to terrible proportions over the last 10 years.

The case against Stanford was dismissed and the innocent, truth telling Plaintiff, was ordered to pay that crook Stanford $300,000 in court costs and damages. Talk about corrupt. Read about it by clicking here. Stanford’s chief financial officer has now pled guilty, disclosing their criminal misconduct.

As stated above, Obama promised “change” and “transparency” in government. So, let’s see if things have changed regarding the government, court system and corporate America or if my rights will be corruptly violated again in court.

It will also be a bellwether to you, the business owner and the domestic/global investor, as to the true state of things in the corporate and court sector.

I filed the case in the appropriate jurisdiction, under the appropriate laws, it is formatted according to the rules of federal procedure and I have successful proved access and misconduct that are a proximate cause of the clear cut damages I sustained.

The case has been assigned to judge Jose Martinez. However, the magistrate judge providing oversight, is the same one from the 2005 Madonna case, judge Stephen Brown (18 magistrate judges and I get the same one again). However, once again, I’m going to act in good faith.

I will post all the details of the case as it transpires, every single aspect, on the Judiciary Report and its affiliated sites. I’m also asking you to forward the lawsuit link to as many people as possible, to create awareness about the case.

The more people that know about it, the less inclined those Hollywood Kabbalah loons should be, in continuing to harass and terrorize me.


Madonna’s Link To The Commissioned Hackings Of My Business Computers

July 13, 2008 Comments off

Hacks into computers hosting company illegally in computers and sending me harassing emails
Madonna’s staff contacting people in my personal life offering them money to harass me
Madonna’s hacker’s criminal misconduct
More break-ins to my home

Photo courtesy of the Daily Mail

As many of you know, Madonna, her label and the people she illegally passed my copyrighted catalog to, have been frequent visitors to this web site before and after the criminal copyright infringement of my wholly owned Copyrighted Catalog began.

They did not obtain a copy of the Catalog through dumpster diving, as my work is digital and the only print outs that exists in part are sent to the Copyright Office in Washington, D.C.

I would say at best only 10% of the Catalog has ever been printed out and it was sent to the Library of Congress in D.C. The standard medium for my copyrights is read-only CD-ROMs.

My computers have been hacked on a daily basis in ongoing misconduct that predates the infringement of my preexisting Copyrights.

Despite our best efforts at blocking the hacks to my “protected computers” as the legal and software term goes, my system is still suffering from terrible, malicious computer intrusions, commissioned and paid for by Madonna, who is no stranger to copyright infringement claims, having been sued for it more than any other artist in history. She has made a living for 25 years off copyright infringement, which is absolutely shameful and illegal.

As mentioned before, two separate computer companies analyzed my computers and placed in writing that the systems are being severely hacked, with one of the computer specialists witnessing one of the hacks before his very eyes and mine. He also documented what he saw.

A McAfee representative confirmed in writing that the “Gateway” posted above is the IP address on the entity requesting access. The above posted IP is constantly trying to get into my computers, is stopped by McAfee for a minute, then illegally breaks in through backdoors, getting into the system.

The hacks are originating from the same IP address that belongs to IANA, which is an affiliate of ICANN and both are connected to the company DIGILINK through irrefutable business records. Bob Atkin’s DIGILINK has hosted the web site for years. All three companies are located in the same building in suites next to each other, with DIGILINK occupying multiple suites.

4676 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292 is home to ICANN, IANA and Madonna’s hosting company DIGILINK, owned by BOB ATKINS.


Then I began receiving specific, targeted, threatening and harassing emails about Madonna and the legal case, to my web site, from an IP address belonging to, once again, the company hosting, DIGILINK of 4676 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292.

The emails included personal, distinct info you would only know if you had wiretapped my phone and or were illegally in my home, listening to me speak to my dad and my lawyers. Separately, there was also a harassing email sent to me, registered to DIGILINK’s IP that stated things one could only know had you been in my private bank account. I have saved all these emails as evidence. DIGILINK also specializes in high tech phone service over the internet.


For years Madonna’s web site’s IP address with DIGILINK has been, up until 5 weeks ago when her hacker illegally accessed my computer and accessed the temp files. When said hacker did, he found a copy of DNS records I’d found online, linking the hacks of my business computers and threatening emails sent to my sites, to the same IP Block and hosting building address for (see the history of Madonna’s site DNS records below).

I also wrote about it on the Judiciary Report site weeks ago, stating I knew who she paid to do the hacks, how they did it and their business relation to her.

After years, all of a sudden she switched IPs like her shirttail was on fire due to the terrible link between her and Digilink.

She was switched, because of her irrefutable tie to DIGILINK and the fact she’s been paying someone in that company to commit computer intrusions/hacks, to engage in grand theft larceny of a very valuable Copyrighted Catalog, valued at billions, which constitutes very serious felonies.

There is also a link between Digilink, ICANN, IANA and the Kabbalah Center that I will go into shortly.

Someone at Digilink is abusing network router clearance privileges and using it to hack into computers.

Madonna and Warner Bros are the entertainment industry sites I have found whose IP’s registered to Digilink (Warner Bros. has recently switched IPs/hosts as well to get away from the terrible tie in the case). Not even Sony, Def Jam, Interscope or Universal’s sites are hosted by Digilink or on an IP address belonging to them.


Here’s another saved record that shows Digilink hosting for quite sometime (see “name server”):

Madonna’s Hacker Has Done The Following:

1. Illegally copied and forwarded my preexisting, multi-billion dollar valued copyrighted catalog to Madonna who began using it in criminal violation of the law.

2. Copied emails between me and my dad who works for the Jamaican government and various correspondences between me and my lawyers, then forwarded them to Madonna, who began spouting off verbatim in later public interviews, items from the preexisting time stamped emails. This animal has been passing my private emails around amongst her cohorts in the case as well. Who is she to do that. What are you doing in my email box you psychopathic, nosy old whore.

3. Copies unreleased site articles in the queue to be published, private papers and documents in my computers that I author and illegally forwards them to Madonna, who like clockwork, a day or so later, places these items, verbatim, attributed to herself, in the Daily Mail, the Sun or on TMZ as Madonna articles. She keeps doing this and there is time stamped proof that I authored them prior to her doing this each time. She’s also been placing my unreleased copyrighted articles, docs and items unique to me and my family, on a few blogs as well, that shall not be mentioned today, but will be in the not too distant future.

4. Illegally copied my Visa debit card number from bills I paid online and purchases I made online, at a time I did not realize her commissioned hackers were illegally in my computers watching and copying everything I did, then used said credit card to commit identity theft, which the FBI said they found evidence of and are investigating.

5. Constantly tries to block my web sites from being published, especially when I write about Madonna or her self-professed “cousin” Hillary Clinton, which are always unflattering articles.

6. Deletes or alters different pages and links of my web sites referencing Madonna’s misconduct.

7. Corrupts and tries to delete medical information pertaining to my parents respective physical health issues, containing doctors’ analysis, recommendations on treatment, medication requirements and recovery. What kind of animal does something like that. This is the kind of psychopath she has hacking my computers.

8. Corrupts and tries to delete scientific research files that are apart of patents.

9. Copied photos of my family members and friends from my computers and email account.

10. Placed spyware on my computers, KeySnatch, to record everything I type, then quietly emailed it to them.


We’ve experienced multiple break-ins to our home, during which time copyrighted CD-ROMs were stolen (I have back-ups) – then after the police reports were filed by us, items from said CD-ROMs surfaced in the public domain attributed to Madonna and her cohorts. Here are a few of the Miami Shores police report numbers: #03006193, #06001671 and # 06002483. They have deferred to the FBI in this case, stating the “Feds take years.” This is true, as Anita Busch went to them in 2002 regarding Bert Fields and Madonna’s private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, and the case went to trial in 2008. Regardless, I’m not depending on the FBI.

Our house door locks were picked to such degrees that they began falling off. They were replaced, but due to the ongoing break-ins, started falling off again.

Just recently, at the place we moved to, we experienced another break-in, where once again, nothing of physical value was stolen (only CD-ROMs with my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog), but my copyrighted work files and CD-ROMs were rummaged through by someone looking for something who removed a few discs.

This break-in destroyed a very sturdy, expensive front door handle that was new when we moved in and the accompanying lock shows signs of tampering. The backdoor lock to my home office/studio was also tampered with to the point it started falling off as well.

All my life these things never happened to us anywhere we lived with our locks until this Madonna madness started targeting me.

During another break-in to my home a few months ago, once again nothing was taken, but one of my best paintings I did was maliciously defaced out of spite by the intruder. It happened shortly after I received an email to one of my sites asking me to post some of my paintings online.

I am being harassed by people she hired, Anthony Pellicano style, when I go outside for my usual evening walks or to places I usual frequent in Miami, when prior to crazy Madonna stealing from and targeting me, never happened.

Furthermore, these aren’t regular members of the public, as members of the public do not know what I’m discussing on the phone with my parents, lawyers, business associates and friends, to come up to me in public issuing veiled threats, that are verbatim take offs of my previous phone calls, once again, ala Anthony Pellicano.

There have been concerning incidents regarding strangers knocking on my front door and coming up to me while I garden in the front yard, saying very invasive things that they could only know if they were illegally listening into my private phone calls or illegally in my computers. It’s apart of the criminal harassment she is paying for that should not have reached this close to home. She is very sick.

Oh, but it gets worse. Idle hands really are the devil’s work shop.

Madonna and the local private investigator she hired to harass us ala Anthony Pellicano, has even gone so far as to contact people in my personal life offering them money and favors to threaten, verbally abuse and harass me, which is a very serious crime, known as witness intimidation, that’s going to come back to bite her in the butt in court.

Then in February 2008 she had her producer Timbaland contact my MySpace page regarding the criminal copyright infringement they’d just committed and were about to release in 2 months (April 2008).

Then there are the harassing calls to my unlisted phone number with veiled and flat-out threats about the legal case, both civil and criminal.

My family and I are constantly being harassed by this lunatic and in terrible ways. We want her criminal mischief out of our lives, yet she refuses to stop this sick, depraved conduct.

She just keeps getting worse and worse with the misconduct, going further and further each time and it is the sickest, nastiest thing I have ever seen.

We are tired of her. I cannot emphasize enough that we are tired of her. Her sick criminal conduct has aggravated my mother’s preexisting health problems, sent her pressure up and caused her literal chest pains on different occasions.

When I leave the house, at times she looks at me like she may not see me again and warns me to be careful, because someone tried to run me over with a car, Anthony Pellicano style, on the same street the Kabbalah cult is now located in Miami.

My father was sent to the hospital twice for stress related illness after receiving terrible news about sick, illegal things Madonna paid to have done against me for suing her in trying to protect my copyrights. His doctors said severe stress caused it.

Yet this nasty, disgusting, vile animal Madonna continues with this madness, unprovoked, going to worse extremes each time. She belongs in prison.

More Madonna Thefts Uncovered (Part 5)

June 27, 2008 Comments off

Cindy Lauper rip off

Greta Garbo rip off

Marilyn Monroe rip off

(courtesy of

For more Madonna rip offs click here

Paramount Pictures VP To The Mafia: “You Talkin’ To Me!”

December 28, 2007 Comments off

Paramount Pictures VP To The Mafia: “You Talkin’ To Me!”

FBI To Paramount Pictures VP And The Mafia: “We Can Hear You Now”

December 27. 2007

Pam Abdy (left) mobster Joseph Perna (right)

Well well well, wouldn’t you know it, the very company I complained about in my October 15, 2007 article titled The Civil Rights Act, Paramount Pictures, and its FBI probed CEO Brad Grey, had the embarrassing misfortune of his reported trollop of a VP, Pamela Abdy, getting caught on a FBI wiretap talking to her married mafia boyfriend, Joseph Perna, who was later indicted this past Friday, December 21, 2007, as apart of a 2 billion dollar illegal gambling ring run by the mafia.

Joseph Perna

Joseph Perna, a member of the Luchese mafia family, was caught in the FBI sting on a tap talking to Pam Abdy about whose job was worse, with them likening the entertainment industry to the mafia.

It’s amazing, I wrote about that very thing almost two months ago in my November 2, 2007 article titled The Music Industry And The Mafia. Thank you for proving my claims 100% correct. Let that tell you how criminal the entertainment industry is that these two could even compare the two.

Pam Abdy

As my previously mentioned October 15, 2007 article indicates, Paramount Pictures came up in my web site statistics when they shouldn’t even know who I am (see October 15, 2007 article for site stats), only for me to notice months later that items from my private, unreleased Copyrighted Catalog, began popping up at Paramount via that trash Madonna, who has criminally spread it all over the place and used items for her company Maverick as well.

These companies know Madonna illegally accessed and unlawfully sold the items to them. Said companies and individuals associated with them landed on this web site one by one like clockwork and got caught in the site statistics, before committing criminal copyright infringement in putting out my preexisting copyrighted works as their own, which constitutes several felonies. They knew exactly what they were doing.

The Copyright Office/Library of Congress has sworn many times that they did not give anyone access to my private, unreleased copyrights that make up my copyrighted catalog containing 10,000 songs, 300 movie scripts and short stories, 15 book manuscripts, 200 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 150 photo treatments, a perfume line and clothing line.

Pam Abdy (left)

You’re going to have a very hard time explaining in court how you illegally gained access to years old copyrights that were stored on a protected business computer, that forensic computer experts declared in writing after analysis, was being “severely hacked” with the contents of the computer, the Copyrighted Catalog, illegally copied then forwarded to a commissioned hacker who also had help. Then all of a sudden after the hackings, these works that were registered with the Copyright Office years before, began coming out through your companies, verbatim as I had written and federally registered them years before.

When you commit “criminal copyright infringement” and put out stolen copyrights as your own, benefiting financially from it, that’s classified as “money laundering” which is very serious. If you don’t declare the illegal income from the fruits of your crimes, that’s classified as “tax evasion” which is also very serious. Either way, you’ve committed additional felonies, not just criminal copyright infringement.

Brad Grey

Paramount CEO Brad Grey is being investigated for illegal wiretapping under the Anthony Pellicano case. He is alleged to have paid him to illegally wiretap Gary Shandling so he could defraud him out of his royalties. Grey recently settled the civil case with Shandling, who sued him for stealing his royalties, also known as money.

“SQUAD C10” (“C10 SQUAD”)

As I wrote in my November 2, 2007 article The Music Industry And The Mafia, there are entertainment industry figures such as Madonna mixed up with them. The point really came home to me when I received the FBI interview summation I obtained under the Freedom Of Information Act I mentioned yesterday.

It’s ironic, a few days before the New Jersey state attorney brought the charges against mobster Joseph Perna, mentioned previously in this article, I called the FBI’s PR officer Debbie Lopes, who was very nice, to inquire about what some of the FBI’s agency codes on the paper they sent me under the Freedom Of Information Act meant.

The only things I had figured out from the FBI’s case code classifications on the paper was that “MM” meant Miami FBI field Office and the “Squad C-5” item I mentioned previously on the site in November 2007, according to sworn testimony online, stood for the FBI’s New York unit devoted to investigating the Genovese mafia.

In talking to Debbie Lopes last week, when I asked, she explained what a few other items on the paper meant according to “FBI logs.” She said the “288A-0” on the paper meant “computer intrusion and criminal matters” and the “C10” in my case number “C104694” meant “Squad C10.”

According to an article in the New York Times, Congressional testimony and other internet documents on the subject “Squad C10” also investigates mafia families. Joseph Perna is a member of the Luchese mafia family.

As I wrote before, I did not mention the mafia to the FBI in either of the two interviews I had with them. I wasn’t even thinking about them.

I went in there after they told me over the phone to come into the local office, when I called to inquire about my complaint sent to their headquarters in Washington. I was distressed about what that crazy, nasty old whore was doing via illegally accessing my copyrights and using them without permission, infringing my web site and commissioning the illegal wiretapping of our phones, that several people witnessed.

Forensic computer evidence shows how she paid to get copies of the copyrighted work and who she paid to do it, in violation of the law, then how she spread it all over the place, in a unlawful habit of copyright infringement she has engaged in at numerous artists expense for 20 years.

I can’t help but think that someone involved in the Aisha v. Madonna case on the defendants’ side, much like Pam Abdy, has a big mouth and said too much over the phone and the FBI picked it up. It’s clear they are watching a lot of people.

(note to the FBI: if you are watching me as well, when you see me at the mall or Wal-Mart, you know, you could help me with my bags – it’s the polite thing to do).

But back to Madonna. Amazingly, yet in light of all this, she has not stopped with the misconduct. I read about a new infringement today that leads right back to Madonna once again.

Obba Babatunde

“Actor Obba Babatunde is known for more than his prolific performances on the Broadway stage and on the big screen. He is also a singer, dancer and impressionist. Now, he has tackled yet another role — associate producer of the upcoming film “Haitian Nights.” It’s scheduled for release in 2008.” |

Obba Babatunde is the star of the copyright infringing Madonna/Maverick film “Material Girls” that a boycott launched by this site tanked at the box office. In one of the incidents Madonna criminally infringed my Copyrighted Catalog, stealing a movie from it titled “Material Girls” and once again, as she did with the Blonde Ambition infringement, renamed it after her song, has illegally sold a movie from my Catalog to Material Girls star Obba Babatunde.

The infringing film is called “Haitian Nights” and it is a rip off of one of my older private unreleased copyrights called “Jamaica Nights.” PLEASE BOYCOTT THIS FILM.

I’m sure the Jamaican tourist board is going to love that you unlawfully stole a positive, feel good movie project about Jamaica, written by a native, butchered it and made it about another island in the Caribbean, in criminal violation of Jamaican, U.S. and U.N. copyright and human rights law (sarcasm).

While I have nothing against Haiti, it is not the first time Madonna criminally infringed something from my Copyrighted Catalog to do with my homeland, Jamaica, and in an offensive manner, with some negative stereotypes and or slurs later added to it.

I wrote about that earlier in the year via her husband’s willful infringement “Rude Buay” that ripped off a 4 year old script of mine that they illegally accessed and added all sorts of slurs about Jamaica to it. She and her husband are positively sick.

It can also be construed as racist, prejudiced, xenophobic and hateful, because it is “criminal copyright infringement” coupled with slurs. It can also be perceived as a hate crime and violation of the Civil Rights Act. She is exhibiting a fixation with dishonoring my homeland Jamaica that has done nothing to her, and neither have I. Mixed with “criminal copyright infringement,” you’ve got a problem.

It’s amazing, a federal investigation, foreign officials got involved, a complaint sent to the U.N., my web site being read regularly by government agencies and law enforcement all over the world, yet that crazy old witch just keeps going with this mess that is building a terrible case against her. The evidence has left a very incriminating trail that leads right back to her.

Let me ask you a question, Nixon was way bigger than you could ever hope to be, and he fell and fell hard. What drug are you on that makes you think you won’t.

Paramount’s Abdy in hot water
Exec VP caught on tape talking to mobster

Producer-turned-Paramount executive Pam Abdy finds herself embroiled in a situation straight out of a “Sopranos” episode.

The exec veep of production and “Garden State” producer was caught on wiretap with New Jersey mobster Joseph Perna discussing the multibillion-dollar illegal gambling ring that he helped run.

Perna was arrested Tuesday and was one of 32 people charged in connection with the massive gambling operation, which reportedly has ties to the Bloods gang.

Abdy, a New Jersey native, became tainted by the scandal Thursday when news broke in the New York press that her conversations with Perna were part of a 195-page affidavit filed by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office in the case…

Abdy’s name made its way into the documents because she is the niece of another man charged in the case, Martin Taccetta…

Ironically, Paramount has benefited from its fictitious Mafia ties as the studio behind the “Godfather” trilogy. Studio topper Grey also was executive producer of long-running series “The Sopranos.”

Story found here

Blonde Ambition Bombs

December 27, 2007 Comments off
Successful Site Boycott Of Infringing Film

Only 48 People Bought Movie Tickets

December 26. 2007

Another boycott from the Aisha v Madonna legal case was successful this past weekend when the infringing film Blonde Ambition bombed at the box office. Thanks to all that participated in the boycott.

This is one of the infringements I complained about in the first FBI interview I had about the case. It is also mentioned in the FBI interview summation I obtained under the Freedom Of Information Act.

I listed this infringement as an example of the willful and criminal copyright thefts when asked by the agent. The flop “Blonde Ambition” is a “criminal copyright infringement” of my book manuscript and film script “Beautiful Inspirations” copyrighted in 2003.

As I told the first FBI agent in November 2005 during the interview, Madonna ripped off my unreleased 2003 copyrighted book manuscript, changing the name from “Beautiful Inspirations” (2003) to Madonna’s Inspirations” and illegally released it as her own in 2006. My Library of Congress copyright predates her illegal release by 3 years.

But in 2007, Madonna illegally sold my accompanying film script to Joe Simpson and Jessica Simpson, once again, criminally renaming my copyright from “Beautiful Inspirations” (the movie) to “Blonde Ambition” after herself and her 90’s tour of the same name. Once again, my copyright from the Library of Congress predates the illegally released film “Blonde Ambition” by 4 years.

Furthermore, Sony Pictures, who according to IMDB was the original studio for the film – came up in my web site statistics records as a visitor with many hits/visits to this site before the movie “Blonde Ambition” was illegally made – when they shouldn’t even know who I am at all.

For a couple years now, several private, unreleased copyrights of mine registered with the Library Of Congress years ago, have been surfacing at Sony Pictures. “Hancock” is another criminally infringing film that was willfully stolen from my older copyrights in violation of international law.

Another thing that I have noticed is actor Luke Wilson is in “Blonde Ambition” and another film stolen from my copyrights “My Super Ex-Girlfriend.” He has some serious explaining to do.

But back to Simpson. Last month, there were articles in the press about book publishers mysteriously rejecting a poetry and photography book by Jessica Simpson that bears a striking resemblance to my unreleased poetry and photography book “Poetic Heart” whose copyright once again predates hers by 2 years.

Ms. Simpson also has some explaining to do, as my copyrighted book and photos for it that I took is in an unreleased, private copyright in the Library of Congress.

That’s two criminally infringing projects that have ended up in your possession Jessica and since the word in the industry is you are in Madonna’s Kabbalah cult, it fills in many blanks in this story as to how you illegally came across said work.

Furthermore, have you no shame. I come from generations of writers – my aunt is Jamaica’s poet laureate. How do you think it looks criminally ripping me off, a poet and photographer, among other things, at my family’s trade that there is so much proof we’ve been doing for many years – seeing as though you’re a ditzy former reality TV star that can’t tell chicken from tuna, yet people are supposed to believe you authored a book of poetry and photographic works.

The worst thing next to stealing my work in such a vile, brazen manner is the complete trash you lot involved in the case turn it into.

I can only equate it to painting a beautiful oil canvas…then some idiot stealing it, taking a can of spray paint to it, erasing your signature and adding their own, right before hanging it in a museum for critics to gawk at. Then the critics, baffled and horrified, look at the devalued painting and go, “You idiot, is that oil and spray paint and what’s with the xoxo sign scrawled across the canvas?”


Jessica Simpson may also have set a record at the box office. Her latest film, Blonde Ambition, co-starring Luke Wilson, took in just $1,190 over the weekend. True, it was shown in only eight Texas theaters, but that’s still an average of less than $50 per theater per day, meaning about six people showed up to see it in each location each day. On his TV Guide Online blog, film critic Ken Fox asked, “Doesn’t someone like Jessica Simpson have more than 48 friends? What about that big Texas family of hers?…Just how bad is this thing anyway?” –

Story found here

Library Of Congress In Violation Of WIPO Rules And United Nations Treaties

October 6, 2007 Comments off

October 4. 2007

The Copyright Office In Washington DC charges $45 to copyright items, stating it grants writers exclusive rights, but the court system is so corrupt, routinely bought out by Hollywood and corporate companies, that the average citizen rarely gets justice.

Hundreds of copyright infringement cases reflect this corrupt pattern that no matter how terrible the theft, the judges seldom award to the average citizen.

99% of the time the labels and studios win and it is through bribery via cash and or stock options. In quite a few of these cases, the truth comes out after regarding what quietly changed hands.

There was one industry case where the judge’s daughter got a record deal in exchange for ruling in favor of a label owner (in a non-copyright issue).

But I digress…

The WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) states what the world knows as international law, in that the second you write something it is automatically protected under the Berne Treaty.

But never mind Congress via the Library Of Congress is charging citizens $45 in violation of international law, claiming it grants writers rights protecting their works and permitting them to sue in the U.S. court system, when treaties were signed decades ago stating people have that right anyway FOR FREE.

The Copyright Office has made hundreds of millions of dollars and at the end of the day the copyright certificates are worthless, as the judges almost always side with the labels and studios, no matter how flagrant and illegal their misconduct is in a case.

Take for example the Britney Spears “Sometimes” copyright infringement case (one of five separate copyright infringement cases for Britney showing something that is clearly a habit).

The similarities between the two songs were said to be overwhelming. The guy that was ripped off even had an email from Britney that was posted online illustrating something unlawful went down. Said email was submitted into evidence.

However, a crooked judge threw out the case stating the defrauded 18 year old writer only had a “Poor Man’s Copyright” (mailing the item to yourself via U.S. mail and not opening it, only doing so if someone steals your work and the matter ends up in court).

It was proven the guy wrote the song first, Spears and her team infringed it later – yet the judge corruptly did what any crooked judge would, nitpicked the life out of the lawsuit looking for any single little thing he could find to throw it out.

And that’s all the dirty judge could come up with. However, that case was thrown out in violation of international law and needs to be revisited. From the WIPO site:

Copyright and Related Rights

Disclaimer: The attention of the Secretariat of WIPO has been drawn to the fact that certain organizations issue certificates purporting to grant copyright protection. It should be noted that these certificates do not create any right. The Secretariat recalls that, by virtue of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, works are protected without any formality in all the countries party to that Convention. This means that international copyright protection is automatic, it exists as soon as a work is created, and this principle applies in all the countries party to the Berne Convention. (

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