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CELEBRITY Out And About – Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Alex Curran, Coleen McLoughlin, Kelly Brook, Nadine Coyle, Anna Wintour, Joan Collins, Chris Tucker

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Fashion plate actress Jennifer Lopez looking stunning on the red carpet:

Actress Angelina Jolie looking radiant at Cannes:

Alex Curran, model and wife of football player, Steven Gerrard, out and about looking quite stylish:

Coleen McLoughlin, TV personality and fiancรฉe of English football player, Wayne Rooney, walking through the airport in this fashionable number:

English actress Kelly Brook looking happy and chic:

Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle is beaming in a casual summer number:

Style maven, Vogue magazine editor, Anna Wintour, looking great on the red carpet (girl, are you really like in that movie!):

The fabulous Joan Collins looking great at age 75. Now that’s how you age well (watch out for PETA, girl!):

Chris Tucker looking handsome and dignified (considering he is a comedian, the latter is quite strange for him – just kidding):


Hollywood And Cults

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Cult Orders Hit On Songwriter

No, not that kind of hit – the kind with a gun

May 22. 2008

Jennifer Lopez

The Miami New Times did a very telling piece that further exposed why Hollywood and cults are a dangerous combo. The two don’t mix, as evidence by many cult related murders that occurred in Kabbalah and Scientology, respectively.

The article also proved once again, a very damning fact, these cults operate for one thing and one thing only, money. Their is nothing religious or spiritual about a cult. They are all sick and deluded.

Paulino Rubio

True religion from God is free. You don’t have to buy God’s love, because He gives it freely and abundantly. You don’t have to pay Jesus to be your friend, as his friendship and acceptance is free. But not so in cults.

Gloria Estefan

The May 8, 2008 cover story “Pray Now, Shoot Later” and its accompanying article “Musical Bullets” explores the gruesome, near fatal shooting of famous Miami songwriter/producer Estefano (Fabio Salgado), who is responsible for numerous songs by singers Jennifer Lopez, Julio Iglesias, Gloria Estefan and Paulino Rubio.


He wrote many songs that generated millions of dollars in profit for Sony/BMG and their artists. However, he was being systematically robbed by the cult of Santeria.


When he started inquiring about his money, they sent someone to shoot him in the head and chest. He amazingly survived. The cult was sloppy in how they handled the hit and enough evidence was found to arrest the fingered shooter, Francisco Oliveira Jr.

Estefano and singer Donato

However, the civil suit by the songwriter has been marred in controversy. It has been alleged the Santeria cult and its Miami front man, Jose Luis Gil, blackmailed Estefano into settling the case and letting them steal his money, via threatening to release a videotape of him, where he participated in an embarrassing Santeria ritual.

He gave in, but should not have. Blackmail is illegal and such cases have been successfully prosecuted in numerous criminal courts.

shooter Francisco Oliveira Jr.

Several cults resort to blackmailing members via recordings, video tapes and or files that are very revealing and embarrassing. If the member opts to leave or sue for being fleeced, blackmail enters the picture.

Jason Beghe

Actor Jason Beghe who left Scientology this year, has been demanding his files back, where via Scientology’s standard practice, they make members tell them their most embarrassing and humiliating thoughts and secrets.

Scientology is refusing to give him the files and tapes back that according to experts could be used to blackmail and humiliate him.

Tom Cruise and adopted son Connor

Note to the public: The moral of the story is, avoid cults at all cost, lest they cost you more than you’re willing to pay. Figuratively and literally.

Note to cult leaders: you continue fleecing and blackmailing people and see where it will lead you. These things never last forever, as God has a funny way of bringing justice about when you least expect it. The same way you treat other people is the same way you will be treated. Never dance with the devil, because the time will come when you’ll have to pay the piper.


Story found here

CELEBRITY Cute Couples – Eli Manning, Abby McGrew, Denzel Washington, Pauletta Washington, Tony Parker, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, Mark Anthony, Robert Deniro, Grace Deniro

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Football player Eli Manning married his long time girlfriend Abby McGrew in Mexico. They make a very cute couple. Congrats to them.

Actor Denzel Washington and his wife, Pauletta, still look happy after all these years. They look very much in love. That’s a great thing to see:

Basketball player Tony Parker and his wife actress Eva Longoria walking hand in hand (aww). Tony is smiling. He must have just cashed that check from X17:

singer/actress Jennifer Lopez and her husband singer/actor Mark Anthony go out for dinner. Jennifer is looking great after her pregnancy.

Actor Robert Deniro and his wife of many years, Grace, at a movie premiere looking very relaxed:


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Jennifer Lopez poses with her new born twins Max and Emme:

What a beautiful nursery (note: web sites have been warning about the pillows and stuffed animals in the crib, stating they pose a risk to the children. be careful.):

Basketball player Lebron James and his adorable son stand center court:

Aww she’s so precious – little Violet Affleck and her mom Jennifer Garner-Affleck. Check out her little dimple:

Actress Angela Bassett and her beautiful family pose for a photo:

CELEBRITY Cute Couples

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Singers Mark Anthony and Jennifer Lopez escape go out for dinner. Tell the truth, your newborn twins are kicking your butts, keeping you up at night:

One of the NBA’s top rated basketball players, Lebron James, and his girlfriend Savannah:

Manchester’s top couple Wayne Rooney and fiancรฉe Coleen McLoughlin going for a stroll:

The Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade and his wife Siohvaughn:

Out And About (11-30-07)

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Look at them swooning over David Beckham:

Try not to swoon so hard…that goes for you too Tom (in the middle with the Colgate grin). Really Meryl, try not to look so happy:

Actress Jennifer Lopez looking like a doll…a pregnant doll (just teasing). She’s glowing and looking beautiful:

Singer and cancer survivor Kylie Minogue looking great on the red carpet:

This is a fabulous look:

Royal consort Chelsy Davy wearing a very stylish number:

Royal consort Kate Middleton looking great in gray:

Singer Ciara looking fabulous on the red carpet. The mix of materials in one outfit looks great:

English actress Kelly Brook looking radiant:

Model Christie Brinkley, as always, looking great. She still looks the same – great at any age. The hairstyle is flawless:

Model Petra Nemcova looking very stylish and casual in this cute ensemble:

Dora The Explorer

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My friend’s 2 year old daughter loves the animated character Dora The Explorer. My mom got her some Dora yogurt the other day and she, who could barely speak, lit up and ate food she normally wouldn’t. I thought, you little sucker, they just conned you into eating yogurt (teasing).

Recently, in trying to find her a Dora gift for Christmas, I was stunned to see how many products the little Latina has. Dora was on dolls, books, DVDs, bags, frozen vegetables, yogurt and ice cream. She’s the highest paid Latina in Hollywood, not Jennifer Lopez (teasing)

Dora: hey J-Lo check out my bling:

Dora: What? I’m being audited by the IRS on an anonymous tip:

J-Lo: (whistling)