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FBI Lawsuit Update – Part 1

April 1, 2010 Comments off

Aisha v. FBI

Robert S. Mueller

In light of what happened last time in the Aisha v. Madonna case, the great incivility I was met with and the manner in which my human rights and Constitutional rights were vilely trampled, in violation of the law, I am going to disclose all items concerning the case on this website to let you the public view and decide, with the hope it leads to greater government accountability and transparency (as Obama promised the world). The following are a list of updates thus far, since the filing of the case on August 31, 2009.

The case number for the Aisha v. FBI lawsuit is 09-22574-CIV-MARTINEZ-BROWN. The clerk forgot to stamp the case number on the lawsuit the day it was filed.

The judge is Jose Martinez. The magistrate judge is Steven Brown (the same magistrate judge from the 2005 Aisha v. Madonna case).

On September 1, 2009, the day after the case was filed, the judge issued a nine page order stating he wants a “Scheduling Conference” meeting between both parties click here

In the aforementioned judicial order regarding the “Scheduling Conference” the judge also requested a “Certificate of Interest” be filed by each side. I filed my “Certificate of Interest” a few weeks ago click here

I sent a copy of the 11 page “Scheduling Conference” order, in compliance with the judge’s aforementioned request, along with a cover letter, to the FBI’s lawyer click here

The three defendants Robert Mueller, The FBI and DOJ were served on September 15, 2009 and as they are a government agency, they have 60 days to respond, as opposed to the standard 20 click here

I filed a motion to correct to reflect a few minor errors (spelling of a name ect.) click here

Here is the mailing receipt showing confirmation of President Obama/White House receiving my letter and an advance draft of the Aisha v. FBI lawsuit click here.

I did not wish to write to Obama about this subject, but Robert Mueller and the FBI’s severe criminal negligence, left me no choice, as my life has been placed in danger. Repeated incidents of severe harassment that began increasing in frequency and becoming more hostile, clearly illustrates Madonna and co. are escalating their criminal and violent commissioned misconduct towards me, building up to something very bad.

Enough is enough. I haven’t done anything to these people, don’t know them and want nothing to do with them. I do not wish to end up dead like Michael Jackson and Sam Cooke, because a certain set of people are trying to steal my Copyrighted Catalog. What a disgrace those thieves are, going to such sick, evil extremes to steal from innocent people.

I recently filed a formal complaint with the DOJ Inspector General, regarding Mueller and co.’s misconduct in my case, as the Department of Justice’s website, states one is to do so under said circumstances.


Singer Cheryl Cole of Girls Aloud and Simon Cowell on his show X-Factor

Regarding the ongoing infringements, Sony still leads the pack with the most instances of criminal copyright infringement.

Recent incidents of criminal copyright infringement include “Happy” by Leona Lewis via Syco(Simon Cowell)/Sony Music.

The video for “Bad Boys” by Alexandra Burke via Syco(Simon Cowell)/Sony Music, with Bryan Barber criminally taking credit and payment for my preexisting copyright, Syco passed to him.

“Fight For This Love” by Simon Cowell’s “X-Factor” co-host Cheryl Cole, with Steve Kipner, Andre Merritt and Wayne Wilkins criminally taking credit and payment for my preexisting copyright, Syco and co. passed to them.

And other new infringing items by Chris Brown (Sony) and his girlfriend Rihanna, who continue to steal from the Copyrighted Catalog.

Madonna’s latest single “Celebration” is also a criminal copyright infringement of a preexisting song in my Copyrighted Catalog, of the same name, which has been copyrighted for years. 



The illegal hacking into my computers by Madonna’s hackers at Digilink that is also of a very malicious nature, to not only snoop on the contents of my computers, but to damage and destroy the local copy of my websites in bids at blocking them from being updated six days a week, continues unabated.

This is amazingly occurring in spite of the aforementioned FBI lawsuit and the agency’s alleged pledge on their website regarding “preventing crime.” Apparently the sick Hollywood stars in the case, can say whatever garbage pops out of their illiterate, thieving mouths and onto their vile websites, but the Constitution and international human rights charters do not apply to me, via the right to having free speech and freed press.


There was also a vile, unlawful incident of harassment and terrorization geared towards my mother by a Kabbalah affiliate (Madonna’s cult) as retaliation for me filing the FBI lawsuit. I am going to enter it into the case and post it to the site. When you read about what transpired, it is going to disgust and appall you. My mother nearly had a heart attack due to it and ended up in the hospital on September 30, 2009. She has since been released. She has since been released from the hospital.

As previously mentioned, on August 31, 2009, there was an incident at the Federal courthouse, via a red string bracelet wearing Kabbalah member and felon, named Alexis A. Palme, who followed me into said courthouse (his photo ID is on file, as one must show it to enter the building), after being sent to intimidate and browbeat me, on federal property (a felonious no-no), into not filing the FBI lawsuit, disclosing Madonna and Kabbalah’s sick misconduct (which I filed anyway).

Crooked Judges Convicted

June 20, 2008 Comments off

Two Bribe Taking Judges To Be Sentenced To Prison

Vernon Claville and Michael Walker

The FBI secretly wiretapped and recorded two crooked judges taking bribes in Louisiana. They were indicted, arrested and convicted on racketeering charges. Having been found guilty, they now face sentencing that will see them locked away on very serious bribery charges.

When judges accept bribes, they not only betray innocent victims, they betray justice as well. Not to mention, disgracing the judiciary in ways that can never truly be repaired. It is a terrible abuse of power.

Vernon Claville and Michael Walker

Judges who engage in such conduct never think of the consequences of their choices. What happens when bribe taking judges let criminals go who go on to finish what they started and murder victims they previously assaulted. It has happened.

One day, that type of conduct could maim or wipe out a future head of state or future inventor/scientist that finds cures to life threatening diseases. All because a dirty judge decided to take a bribe.

How would such a judge explain their conduct to their children, family, friends, historians and the public.

Judges remain jailed until sentencing

Despite defense attorneys pleading for their clients’ release, favorable testimony from nine witnesses and a relative’s willingness to move in with one of the convicted, Caddo Judges Vernon Claville and Michael Walker must stay in jail until sentencing Sept. 4…

Claville and Walker were ordered to jail Saturday and taken to the Bossier Parish Maximum Security Facility after a jury convicted them for accepting cash payments for reducing bonds and lifting holds. They were indicted last year after a nearly five-year investigation. Prosecutors say the pair took a total of 24 bribes between May 2007 and July.

The jury deliberated a day and a half before unanimously finding the two guilty as charged, and Hicks ordered them to jail pending Tuesday’s hearing.

Officials would not say where the judges ultimately will be held, citing concerns for their safety…

In efforts to keep Michael Walker and Claville in jail, an FBI agent testified that Travis McCullough, the government’s key witness during the trial, fears for his life as well as the lives of his family. McCullough was arrested July 12 on drug charges, but he agreed to testify against the judges in exchange for having the charges against him dismissed.

R. Kelly Sex Tape Victim

June 5, 2008 Comments off

R&B Singer Faces A Barrage Of Damning Testimony

R. Kelly

For years people have claimed, Reshonda Landfair, was the underage girl featured in R Kelly’s sex tape. She is now in her twenties and reportedly the daughter of his former guitarist, and niece of his ex protégé and one time girlfriend, singer Sparkle (Stephanie Edwards).

4 The Cause (Reshonda Landfair pictured closest to the camera)

Reshonda Landfair has also been a member of the R&B group “4 The Cause” since their musical debut in the 1990’s when the crime is said to have occurred.

R Kelly on his way to court

The FBI testified in the case last week that the sex tape was not altered. An independent video specialist also enhanced the footage to show a mole is present on the man in the tape, just like on singer R Kelly.

Lisa Van Allen

The most damning testimony came from, Lisa Van Allen, who was 17-years-old when she made a separate sex tape with R. Kelly and an underage, Reshonda Landfair.

R. Kelly Update: ‘He Likes Them When They Are Ripe and Young’ says former employee

8/30/2002 Everyone must know now that R. Kelly faces child pornography charges and a magazine is reporting that the 14 year old girl who allegedly appears having sex with him on a videotape is his own goddaughter, Reshonda Landfair, the daughter of one of his musicians.

Singer Sparkle, who formerly recorded with Kelly, says Landfair is her niece. She says “There have been too many girls to count. His whole M.O., he stated this to me not long ago, is he likes them when they are ripe and young because he can mold them into what he wants them to be and control their minds and make them do what women ‘should’ do. He needs to get some help. He needs to be stopped.”

According to the magazine, the tape that led to Kelly’s arrest was stolen from his gym bag four years ago in Chicago.

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Bert Fields Lost In Court

January 12, 2008 Comments off
FBI Probe Subject Bert Fields Loses Copyright Case

 January 11. 2008

“The names cited in an indictment of private eye Anthony Pellicano read like a road map leading to Bertram Fields and his famous clients.” – Robert W. Welkos, L.A. Times, Photo: Al Seib

Madonna’s attorney Bert Fields, no relation to Mrs. Fields, who is the subject of an FBI probe into illegal wiretapping, in conjunction with that of their incarcerated private eye, Anthony Pellicano, lost a round AGAIN in court having to do with a copyright infringement case. The lawsuit is regarding the film “Sahara” starring Matthew McConaghuey. 

Previously, the judge ordered Fields’ client, Clive Cussler, to pay $5 million dollars to Crusader Entertainment. This week, judge John P. Shook, denied a motion that was attached to Bert Fields’ amended complaint, which was an attempt to block payment of said sum (article link).

Fields’ influence with the courts is clearly waning. Hmm I wonder why. What oh what could it be that’s changed.

But look at the bright side. You are an 80 year old, stressed out, cantankerous, overworked, press mouthpiece for trouble prone stars – you could kick the bucket before the FBI gets a chance to lock you up.

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Michael Vick Sentenced To 23 Months In Jail

December 11, 2007 Comments off

Atlanta Falcon’s football player Michael Vick has been sentenced to 23 months in jail for his part in a dog fighting ring. Vick’s confession was thought to result in his sentence being increased from the federal recommendation of 12-18 months, to 23 months by an angry judge.

“Suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was sentenced Monday to 23 months in prison after prosecutors revealed that he told federal agents he hanged two dogs as part of an illegal dogfighting venture.

Vick had denied for months that he was personally involved in the killings.

U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson pronounced the 23-month term, which was longer than the 12 to 18 months prosecutors and defense attorneys had initially recommended. Hudson said he was concerned that Vick made conflicting statements to FBI agents about his role in executing the dogs and also misled probation officers about smoking marijuana against the orders of the court.”

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Mafia Judge To The Feds: “You Talkin’ To Me”

November 19, 2007 Comments off

Judge Working For The Mafia Arrested And Sentenced To 3 Years

November 19. 2007

Judge David Gross did something really gross – he was laundering $400,000 in bribes, cash and stolen jewelry while working with the Genovese mafia in New York. He even bragged he could hide items in his car because he has “judge (license) plates.” This guy is pure class.

Well well well, the FBI’s Squad C-5 again. On a personal note, it’s good to know that a federal judge would work with the mafia. That sure explains a lot.

Former Nassau judge sentenced for money laundering

November 16, 2007 – Former Nassau County Court Judge David Gross shamed more than just himself and his family when he was caught up in a mob money laundering scheme — he disgraced the profession of anyone who has ever worn a jurist’s robe, a federal court judge told Gross as he sentenced him to 33 months in prison.

“The position of a judge in our society is a prized achievement and brings with it the responsibility of total integrity, honesty and good character,” U.S. District Court Judge Arthur Spatt told Gross in Central Islip Friday. “There is no position in this country more important for integrity.”

Gross, 45, pleaded guilty in July to money laundering conspiracy for working with members of the Genovese crime family in an attempt to launder nearly $400,000 that included cash, stolen diamonds, watches and jewelry. Federal prosecutors say they never targeted Gross, but they arrested him after he “walked into” an FBI organized-crime sting.

As part of the plea deal, Gross will begin his sentence in January. Speaking before sentencing, the former judge, who had a reputation for being quirky and once wrote a book titled “If The Robe Fits: A View From The Bench,” said he stood “before this court a broken man.”…

Federal prosecutors recommended a sentence of up to 41 months for Gross, who Assistant U.S. District Attorney Cynthia Monaco said deserved no leniency and should be held to a higher standard. She noted that in one scheme, Gross kept $40,000 in laundered cash in his car trunk and told his accomplices it was safe there because he had “judge plates.”

“His commission of these crimes is a betrayal of the trust that the public placed in him,” Monaco said. –

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