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Madonna’s Link To The Commissioned Hackings Of My Business Computers

July 13, 2008 Comments off

Hacks into computers hosting company illegally in computers and sending me harassing emails
Madonna’s staff contacting people in my personal life offering them money to harass me
Madonna’s hacker’s criminal misconduct
More break-ins to my home

Photo courtesy of the Daily Mail

As many of you know, Madonna, her label and the people she illegally passed my copyrighted catalog to, have been frequent visitors to this web site before and after the criminal copyright infringement of my wholly owned Copyrighted Catalog began.

They did not obtain a copy of the Catalog through dumpster diving, as my work is digital and the only print outs that exists in part are sent to the Copyright Office in Washington, D.C.

I would say at best only 10% of the Catalog has ever been printed out and it was sent to the Library of Congress in D.C. The standard medium for my copyrights is read-only CD-ROMs.

My computers have been hacked on a daily basis in ongoing misconduct that predates the infringement of my preexisting Copyrights.

Despite our best efforts at blocking the hacks to my “protected computers” as the legal and software term goes, my system is still suffering from terrible, malicious computer intrusions, commissioned and paid for by Madonna, who is no stranger to copyright infringement claims, having been sued for it more than any other artist in history. She has made a living for 25 years off copyright infringement, which is absolutely shameful and illegal.

As mentioned before, two separate computer companies analyzed my computers and placed in writing that the systems are being severely hacked, with one of the computer specialists witnessing one of the hacks before his very eyes and mine. He also documented what he saw.

A McAfee representative confirmed in writing that the “Gateway” posted above is the IP address on the entity requesting access. The above posted IP is constantly trying to get into my computers, is stopped by McAfee for a minute, then illegally breaks in through backdoors, getting into the system.

The hacks are originating from the same IP address that belongs to IANA, which is an affiliate of ICANN and both are connected to the company DIGILINK through irrefutable business records. Bob Atkin’s DIGILINK has hosted the web site for years. All three companies are located in the same building in suites next to each other, with DIGILINK occupying multiple suites.

4676 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292 is home to ICANN, IANA and Madonna’s hosting company DIGILINK, owned by BOB ATKINS.


Then I began receiving specific, targeted, threatening and harassing emails about Madonna and the legal case, to my web site, from an IP address belonging to, once again, the company hosting, DIGILINK of 4676 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292.

The emails included personal, distinct info you would only know if you had wiretapped my phone and or were illegally in my home, listening to me speak to my dad and my lawyers. Separately, there was also a harassing email sent to me, registered to DIGILINK’s IP that stated things one could only know had you been in my private bank account. I have saved all these emails as evidence. DIGILINK also specializes in high tech phone service over the internet.


For years Madonna’s web site’s IP address with DIGILINK has been, up until 5 weeks ago when her hacker illegally accessed my computer and accessed the temp files. When said hacker did, he found a copy of DNS records I’d found online, linking the hacks of my business computers and threatening emails sent to my sites, to the same IP Block and hosting building address for (see the history of Madonna’s site DNS records below).

I also wrote about it on the Judiciary Report site weeks ago, stating I knew who she paid to do the hacks, how they did it and their business relation to her.

After years, all of a sudden she switched IPs like her shirttail was on fire due to the terrible link between her and Digilink.

She was switched, because of her irrefutable tie to DIGILINK and the fact she’s been paying someone in that company to commit computer intrusions/hacks, to engage in grand theft larceny of a very valuable Copyrighted Catalog, valued at billions, which constitutes very serious felonies.

There is also a link between Digilink, ICANN, IANA and the Kabbalah Center that I will go into shortly.

Someone at Digilink is abusing network router clearance privileges and using it to hack into computers.

Madonna and Warner Bros are the entertainment industry sites I have found whose IP’s registered to Digilink (Warner Bros. has recently switched IPs/hosts as well to get away from the terrible tie in the case). Not even Sony, Def Jam, Interscope or Universal’s sites are hosted by Digilink or on an IP address belonging to them.


Here’s another saved record that shows Digilink hosting for quite sometime (see “name server”):

Madonna’s Hacker Has Done The Following:

1. Illegally copied and forwarded my preexisting, multi-billion dollar valued copyrighted catalog to Madonna who began using it in criminal violation of the law.

2. Copied emails between me and my dad who works for the Jamaican government and various correspondences between me and my lawyers, then forwarded them to Madonna, who began spouting off verbatim in later public interviews, items from the preexisting time stamped emails. This animal has been passing my private emails around amongst her cohorts in the case as well. Who is she to do that. What are you doing in my email box you psychopathic, nosy old whore.

3. Copies unreleased site articles in the queue to be published, private papers and documents in my computers that I author and illegally forwards them to Madonna, who like clockwork, a day or so later, places these items, verbatim, attributed to herself, in the Daily Mail, the Sun or on TMZ as Madonna articles. She keeps doing this and there is time stamped proof that I authored them prior to her doing this each time. She’s also been placing my unreleased copyrighted articles, docs and items unique to me and my family, on a few blogs as well, that shall not be mentioned today, but will be in the not too distant future.

4. Illegally copied my Visa debit card number from bills I paid online and purchases I made online, at a time I did not realize her commissioned hackers were illegally in my computers watching and copying everything I did, then used said credit card to commit identity theft, which the FBI said they found evidence of and are investigating.

5. Constantly tries to block my web sites from being published, especially when I write about Madonna or her self-professed “cousin” Hillary Clinton, which are always unflattering articles.

6. Deletes or alters different pages and links of my web sites referencing Madonna’s misconduct.

7. Corrupts and tries to delete medical information pertaining to my parents respective physical health issues, containing doctors’ analysis, recommendations on treatment, medication requirements and recovery. What kind of animal does something like that. This is the kind of psychopath she has hacking my computers.

8. Corrupts and tries to delete scientific research files that are apart of patents.

9. Copied photos of my family members and friends from my computers and email account.

10. Placed spyware on my computers, KeySnatch, to record everything I type, then quietly emailed it to them.


We’ve experienced multiple break-ins to our home, during which time copyrighted CD-ROMs were stolen (I have back-ups) – then after the police reports were filed by us, items from said CD-ROMs surfaced in the public domain attributed to Madonna and her cohorts. Here are a few of the Miami Shores police report numbers: #03006193, #06001671 and # 06002483. They have deferred to the FBI in this case, stating the “Feds take years.” This is true, as Anita Busch went to them in 2002 regarding Bert Fields and Madonna’s private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, and the case went to trial in 2008. Regardless, I’m not depending on the FBI.

Our house door locks were picked to such degrees that they began falling off. They were replaced, but due to the ongoing break-ins, started falling off again.

Just recently, at the place we moved to, we experienced another break-in, where once again, nothing of physical value was stolen (only CD-ROMs with my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog), but my copyrighted work files and CD-ROMs were rummaged through by someone looking for something who removed a few discs.

This break-in destroyed a very sturdy, expensive front door handle that was new when we moved in and the accompanying lock shows signs of tampering. The backdoor lock to my home office/studio was also tampered with to the point it started falling off as well.

All my life these things never happened to us anywhere we lived with our locks until this Madonna madness started targeting me.

During another break-in to my home a few months ago, once again nothing was taken, but one of my best paintings I did was maliciously defaced out of spite by the intruder. It happened shortly after I received an email to one of my sites asking me to post some of my paintings online.

I am being harassed by people she hired, Anthony Pellicano style, when I go outside for my usual evening walks or to places I usual frequent in Miami, when prior to crazy Madonna stealing from and targeting me, never happened.

Furthermore, these aren’t regular members of the public, as members of the public do not know what I’m discussing on the phone with my parents, lawyers, business associates and friends, to come up to me in public issuing veiled threats, that are verbatim take offs of my previous phone calls, once again, ala Anthony Pellicano.

There have been concerning incidents regarding strangers knocking on my front door and coming up to me while I garden in the front yard, saying very invasive things that they could only know if they were illegally listening into my private phone calls or illegally in my computers. It’s apart of the criminal harassment she is paying for that should not have reached this close to home. She is very sick.

Oh, but it gets worse. Idle hands really are the devil’s work shop.

Madonna and the local private investigator she hired to harass us ala Anthony Pellicano, has even gone so far as to contact people in my personal life offering them money and favors to threaten, verbally abuse and harass me, which is a very serious crime, known as witness intimidation, that’s going to come back to bite her in the butt in court.

Then in February 2008 she had her producer Timbaland contact my MySpace page regarding the criminal copyright infringement they’d just committed and were about to release in 2 months (April 2008).

Then there are the harassing calls to my unlisted phone number with veiled and flat-out threats about the legal case, both civil and criminal.

My family and I are constantly being harassed by this lunatic and in terrible ways. We want her criminal mischief out of our lives, yet she refuses to stop this sick, depraved conduct.

She just keeps getting worse and worse with the misconduct, going further and further each time and it is the sickest, nastiest thing I have ever seen.

We are tired of her. I cannot emphasize enough that we are tired of her. Her sick criminal conduct has aggravated my mother’s preexisting health problems, sent her pressure up and caused her literal chest pains on different occasions.

When I leave the house, at times she looks at me like she may not see me again and warns me to be careful, because someone tried to run me over with a car, Anthony Pellicano style, on the same street the Kabbalah cult is now located in Miami.

My father was sent to the hospital twice for stress related illness after receiving terrible news about sick, illegal things Madonna paid to have done against me for suing her in trying to protect my copyrights. His doctors said severe stress caused it.

Yet this nasty, disgusting, vile animal Madonna continues with this madness, unprovoked, going to worse extremes each time. She belongs in prison.


More Madonna Thefts Uncovered (Part 4)

June 10, 2008 Comments off

Madonna’s Many Looks Stolen From Others

June 9. 2008


As many of you know, I think Madonna is a terrible human being. She’s stolen vast amounts of copyrighted music, film, clothing and photos from my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog containing 10,000 songs, 300 movie scripts and short stories, 15 book manuscripts, 200 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 150 photo treatments, a perfume line and clothing line.

Hence this page on my site illustrating she is a sick, crazy, vulgar, common, low class thief with no talent, who has stolen from DOZENS of copyright holders around the world.

Today, I found a blog (NSFW) that unmasked additional Madonna thefts that are appalling. This stuff is really stunning. The blog proved once and for all that Madonna is a complete, unadulterated fraud that stole from everyone to put together her farce of a career. Nothing she has done is original.

View the images below for yourself and watch how the blatant thefts pop right out at you. It’s really terrible how far she has gone in stealing from everyone.

The photos are additional evidence that illustrate from day one there’s been nothing real about Madonna’s career. It’s all been a fraud. From the music to the videos to the images, all stolen from other people’s preexisting copyrighted works she butchered.

That’s another thing – butchering people’s work. In viewing the following photos, one can’t help but notice how unwise she is in ripping off photographs of beautiful women – they make her look like dog chow in comparison.

Madonna, if you’re going to rip off people’s photos, which is illegal and is also known as copyright infringement, rip off items from the Lord Of The Rings, then at least you’ll have a chance.

The so-called “iconic” images – well, none of it was real – she stole it all to go with all the music she stole:

Greta Garbo rip off

Jean Harlow rip off

Jean Harlow rip off

Jane Mansfield rip off

Jane Russell rip off

Gina Lollobrigida rip off

Marilyn Monroe rip off

Marilyn Monroe rip off

Marilyn Monroe rip off

Marilyn Monroe rip off

Marilyn Monroe rip off

Marilyn Monroe rip off

Marilyn Monroe rip off

Marilyn Monroe rip off

Marlene Dietrich rip off

Marlene Dietrich rip off

Marlene Dietrich rip off

Bette Davis rip off

Bette Davis rip off

Brigitte Bardot rip off

Brigitte Bardot rip off

Chrissie Hynde rip off

Princess Diana rip off

Princess Diana rip off

Princess Diana rip off

Princess Diana rip off

Audrey Hepburn rip off

Ginger Rogers rip off

Story found here

Justin Timberlake Calls Madonna Old

May 19, 2008 Comments off

Justin Timberlake Calls Madonna Old

May 19. 2008

Mad-onna and Justin Timberlake

Singer Justin Timberlake teases his co-copyright infringer Madonna about being old. He is clearly deluded as she thinks she is his contemporary (sarcasm).

People wouldn’t make fun of her age if she acted with dignity instead of making such a salacious spectacle of herself. That doesn’t look good on anyone at any age.

People keep calling her old, she refuses to accept it and that is why she keeps cutting up her face with plastic surgery. She’s gone too far, as her face is taking on that cat/tiger effect and it’s a very unattractive look with the cheek implants, face lifts, eye lifts, botox and fillers.

With all that surgery she still has crows feet (hence the sun glasses all the time), wrinkles and laugh lines, which happens naturally when people age.

Christie Brinkley

However, some people age better than others. Look at Christie Brinkley – she is older than Madonna, yet looks so much younger and better than she does.

Timberlake winds up Madonna over her age

The 27-year-old Sexy Back star said he loved to remind Madge she was 49 while they were recording their hit Four Minutes.

He told US chat show host Ellen DeGeneres: “It wasn’t all peaches and cream in the studio every day. We had our little tiffs – obviously being from different generations.

“I love to remind her of that. I’m just messing around.”

Story found here

Woman Convicted Of Bringing Baby Into Britain

May 17, 2008 Comments off

No, Not Madonna…But It Highlights The Double Standard

Madonna leering like a crazy person

The Metropolitan Police in Britain has convicted a Nigerian woman, Peace Sandberg, of buying an African baby and bringing him into London without permission. She has been sentenced to 26 months in prison.

It’s amazing, Madonna illegally brought a child into the UK, breaking the law just as Sandberg did, and hasn’t been given so much as a caution by the Metropolitan Police. Why? Is it because Sandberg is not rich or is it because she is black or both. It doesn’t look good, as it shows a disgraceful double standard.

Peace Sandberg

This story highlights the fact that you can buy/bribe your way out of trouble, as Madonna did, and has done repeatedly, but the world will hate you for it.

At the end of the day, when you disgrace a police force with your corruption, not once, but twice, and provoke an “international backlash” that was featured on CNN and countless press outlets, with people all over the world hating you, calling you terrible names like “baby snatcher” “baby thief” and “baby buyer” it amounts to a stupid move, in a failed publicity bid in competing with Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie

While I am not a fan of Brad Pitt, I’ll give Jolie credit that she really does seem sincere in her work for the poor, wanting to help people and her adoptions. She was like this for many years before Pitt and it’s something I liked about her.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

But with Madonna, she bought that baby for publicity and is a danger to him. As I have mentioned before, she choked and assault a 10-year-old boy that kept following her for an autograph on her day off. She threw him against a wall and choked him.

Having written that, if you harm one more child again, I pray God brings it back around to you. What kind of animal chokes a kid, you demonic beast.

Woman jailed for smuggling baby

A Nigerian woman has been jailed for 26 months for bringing a child illegally into the UK.

Peace Sandberg, who was living in the UK, went to Nigeria and bought a baby to become eligible for a council flat, Isleworth Court Court heard.

She was convicted last month of bringing a child illegally into the UK.

She was reported to police after she initially told council staff she had given birth to the boy, then changed her story to say he was adopted.

Story found here

Madonna’s “Hard Candy” Receives Terrible Reviews

May 14, 2008 Comments off

Madonna’s infringing CD “Hard Candy” has been the recipient of terrible reviews. The album really is quite poor and has seen the phony pop star butchering other people’s copyrighted works.

Many critics are now accusing her of ripping off others music and following trends well after they happened, when she falsely claims to be an innovator. No, she is the imitator and always has been.

In going over some of the songs on her “Hard Candy” CD I also heard other people’s lyrics on her album, not just mine. For example:

In one song she rips off R. Kelly stealing his lyric “Silence can seem so loud” from his big hit “I Believe I Can Fly.”

In another song she ripped off Ciara’s 2007’s smash “Promise” for her 2008 “Spanish Lesson” that appears on Hard Candy by lifting the following lyrics:

Ciara 2007: You can be my teacher I’ll do homework. You can give me extra credit baby I’ll do more work.

Madonna 2008: If you do your homework. Maybe I will give you more work.

Then there’s the 50 Cent rip off where she steals his song “Candy Shop” calling her own version “Candy Shop as well, whilst ripping off his lyrics.

She continually steals other people’s music, regurgitates substandard versions of it, claiming it as her own. She really knows how to mess up a song.

This type of conduct is unacceptable. Artists are supposed to bring something new to the table. Not rip off preexisting pieces of music and imagery, repackaging them as your own.

That’s the ultimate fraud. You don’t get worse as an artist than that. It tells the world you are a fake and not the real deal. No one respects that.

It’s funny, one reviewer points out she “ripped off” her own music via the infringing song “She’s Not Me” from “Hard Candy” that knocks off her previous infringing song “Sorry” from Confessions On A Dance Floor.

However, these are both tracks I had formally accused Madonna of infringing from my Copyrighted Catalog. That’s my writing style and the songs had been in the Copyright Office registered to me, years before she criminally stole them in violation of U.S. and U.N. law.

Tainted ‘Candy’

When trendsetting turns into trend-chasing, it’s time to hang it up.

Most surprising, some of Candy’s catchier moments are barely disguised thefts from other, better songs. She’s Not Me shamelessly apes Sorry from her own Dancefloor; Spanish Lesson steals so baldly from Timberlake’s Senorita and Like I Love You that it’s a wonder Madonna didn’t just sample those songs instead.

But perhaps Confessions was her swan song, a last best guess that left her sifting through sounds, searching in vain for that next groundbreaking, guaranteed hit.

Madonna’s ‘Hard Candy’ definitely not better with age

Madonna is known as one of those artists who jumps on the latest trends in music, only to leave it lying in the dust when she goes back into the studio to work on her next album. On “Hard Candy” the only thing that is offered up is lots of dancing, relationships and sex.

CD Review: Madonna “Hard Candy”

But with “Hard Candy,” Madonna plays catch-up with mainstream pop charts. She essentially has remade Nelly Furtado’s “Loose” and half of Justin Timberlake’s “FutureSex/LoveSounds,” following fashion trends that are 2 years old. Is this where Madonna wants to be?

Never mind the off-putting come-ons such as “My sugar is raw, sticky and sweet” from the opener, “Candy Shop,” or the nausea-inducing cover art redolent of down-market porn: Those are the least of Madonna’s problems. She banks everything on the catchy but vacant single, “4 Minutes,” in which Timbaland recycles the marching band trope that drove Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl.” With Timbaland and Timberlake in the foreground, Madge certainly doesn’t own the song; she is a bit player on her own track.

On “Hard Candy,” when she slags Madonnalikes such as Britney Spears and Furtado (“She’s Not Me”), the argument falls flat because these days, Madonna’s trying to be them.

CD reviews: Madonna’s ‘Hard Candy’ is more bland than sweet

Simply, one cannot imagine a major artist — and no matter how one feels about Madame Ciccone, she’s a star of the highest magnitude — releasing such tepid material.

“Hard Candy” feels and sounds like a desperate attempt to remain relevant, with Madonna enlisting the likes of Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West for support.

That’s sort of like enlisting Picasso and Van Gogh to paint a house.

What’s most apparent is that Madonna, at 49, has become what she must fear most: Irrelevant, boring and disposable.
— Regis Behe

Madonna’s hard sell for new album

Hard Candy is expected to make No.1 in the US and Australia in its first week and has been reviewed favourably in a number of overseas publications, but already there has been considerable negative press in her own country, most of it suggesting that the raunch, not to mention the music, is beginning to look a little tired.

It’s baffling that Madonna, of all people, couldn’t bring the best out of Timbaland and Pharrell, and the fact that she couldn’t highlights the degree to which she was in over her head. It’s sadder than the balding guy who buys a sports car; it’s like a balding guy who goes to buy a sports car and drives off with a lemon because he doesn’t know anything about cars. Unless Madonna can figure out how to recalibrate her identity in a way that compliments her, she could be facing an early retirement.

More sour than sweet

Madonna sounds out of touch on Hard Candy, her 11th album

It’s no secret Madonna is unhappy with the way time is ticking ever onward. But the cover of her new CD, Hard Candy, tells the story in a way that words cannot. There’s Madge, almost 50, in faux-bondage gear, trying to make like it’s 1992.

Make her think she’s invulnerable to the aging process, that she can keep up with the kids? She certainly tries, here. But that’s the problem — you can hear her trying…

For Madonna to get on the bandwagon at this late stage feels like a calculated (and belated) attempt to get some street cred…

The problem is Madonna. She sounds out of touch, like she’s not sure what to do with herself. Her trademark frigid coo doesn’t fit with these bump ‘n’ grind rhythms, and her usually harmless pop hooks repeatedly fall flat.

Hard Candy quickly loses its flavor

Madonna seems to have made the unfortunate mistake of letting other pop stars serve as her bellwether — instead of Britney looking to Madge for inspiration, Madge seems to have taken a page out of Britney’s latest book, taking half-a**ed sleaze over the seductive sounds that made her an icon in the ‘80s.

Still, you have to give her and her pop juggernaut friends credit — recycling pop music trends has to help curb the effects of global warming, right?


Story found here

Madonna Plays Dumb Regarding Britney Spears

May 13, 2008 Comments off

Spears Going Broke

In more “Madonna is being delusional” news. She has blamed Britney Spears’ terrible fall from grace on not having a childhood. Oh please, Michael Jackson didn’t have a childhood and he turned out just fine. Just kidding.

Seriously, it’s more Madonna got her involved in Kabbalah, forcing it upon her, where even the cult’s nutty management state you must be “over 40” to study what real scholars have deemed “madness” “gibberish” “fake” and “false teachings.”

Another set of web sites critical of the cult stated there is an old Jewish saying that Kabbalah should not be taught to anyone under 40 or they will go insane. Britney proved that. So did Lindsay Lohan who also flew off the rails and self-destructed. And let’s not even talk about Paris Hilton who went cuckoo in jail.

You’ve destroyed those girls lives and careers with that Kabbalah cult and I don’t think the public has seen the worst of it yet, but they should have known better than to get involved in it, as they were being asked to do some very sick things.

However, one shouldn’t go around destroying other people’s lives, because what goes around comes around.

She is so busy sticking her nose in younger people’s business and it’s not a good look. It makes her look like a meddlesome, perverted busybody with nothing better to do in her old age than hound young people.

Madonna: Britney Spears’ troubles down to lack of childhood

Madge said: “She never was allowed to have a childhood, she was a star when she was a child. She didn’t get to grow up and make mistakes privately. She’s been under a microscope since she was a teenager, which I think is really tough. It’s hard to evolve that way.”

Spears Going Broke

Many articles have surfaced stating Britney Spears is going broke. There is truth to some of them. Her finances are tapped out from years of heavy spending, massive property payments, unwise business decisions, cult donations and being fleeced. There is also mention of an IRS probe.

She should not have blown through that money in such a manner, as $100 million dollars is very difficult to replace, especially in the latter part of her career. After all her debts and various deductions for items owed to different entities, she has $10 million left, which can disappear overnight as well in extravagant Hollywood.

Young artists take a lesson – avoid cults and excessive spending.

Story found here

Madonna’s Label Warner Music Suffers $37 Million In Losses

May 9, 2008 Comments off

Warner Music Group Continues Its Descent

Too much plastic surgery. Madonna looks like someone ran a science experiment on her and it went wrong. A drag queen named Jackie Beat made an explicit diss song about Mariah and Madonna titled “Retouch My Body.” In it she said of Madonna “Just look at Madonna. In real life she looks like an ancient iguana.”

Observers noting Warner Music Group’s fluctuating stock price, which made two bizarre rallies this year, though sales were and continue to be significantly down, wondered out loud what was going on over there at the crooked label.

Singer Mariah Carey’s publicity stunt of a marriage stole Madonna’s thunder this week, as “Hard Candy” descends into obscurity with a massive second week sales drop of 70% on numbers that had already suffered a 70,000 copy fall off from her previous album.

Edgar Bronfman jr.

Warner Music is clearly hanging on by fraud. France already formally accused Edgar Bronfman jr. of a stock buy back scam with another company. Therefore, I wouldn’t put it past him. Warner Music investors are not protected and are being set up for a nasty fall.

Mariah Carey, 39, and second husband Nick Cannon, 27 (she’s outdone Madonna again, whose husband, Guy “Madonna destroyed my career” Ritchie, is 10 years younger than she)

Warner Music Second-Quarter Loss Widened on Taxes (Update2)

May 8 (Bloomberg) — Warner Music Group Corp., the world’s third-largest record company, reported a wider second-quarter loss as taxes increased and compact disc sales fell. The company suspended its quarterly dividend.

The net loss of $37 million, or 25 cents a share, compared with a loss of $27 million, or 19 cents, a year earlier, the New York-based company said today in a statement.

Story found here