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The Golden Compass Bombs At The Box Office

December 10, 2007 Comments off

The Golden Compass Compost Heap Reaps Big Losses For New Line/Warner Bros.

This is a follow up to my November 29, 2007 article and boycott request titled “Boycott The Movie The Golden Compass That Features A Child Killing God

Because the public boycotted the film the movie bombed…and not just a little, but a lot. It is being called the biggest bomb of the year – a title no studio wants.

Well done to all who did not go see this film. Why should Christians pay movie makers to insult our faith.

I think it’s only fair. They tried to kill our God so the church tried to kill their movie. Fair is fair. When Hollywood doesn’t like something they protest, does the church not have that same right.

Several sites reported the movie’s budget, as confirmed by the director, the thieving Chris Weitz, and the equally unoriginal Phillip “my books are about killing God” Pullman, was $250 million dollars (LOL) and they were hoping for a $60 million debut weekend, like the Chronicles Of Narnia, that was released this very weekend a year ago.

However, the Golden Compass opened in theaters with $26 million for the weekend, which is a major bomb under the circumstances. New Line/Warner Bros did not respond for comment to news outlets such as the AP and Reuters (LOL again).

Movie studios get 55% of the gross, while the other 45% ($11,700,000) goes to movie theaters for showing the films.

Therefore, thus far, they’ve made $14,300,000 in the U.S. and Canada on a $250,000,000 budget film that has no legs. Oh yea, and then there’s taxes. Hence, people calling the movie a major bomb.

They were positioning this demented tale to be the next major box office smash. It didn’t happen, but I want to know what grade of drugs they were smoking when they thought this was a good idea.

The National Ledger wrote, “Nicole Kidman and “The Golden Compass” Fail at the Box Office…The film was ripped as being “anti-Christian” and that controversy likely didn’t help the box office numbers.”

Deadline Hollywood wrote, “Golden Compass’ = 2007’s Bigger Bombs…This flop should sink New Line Cinema chairman Bob Shaye’s chances to stay on when his contract expires in 2008”

Cinematical wrote, “’The Golden Compass’ Crashes and Burns — Is Bob Shaye Finished?”

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Boycott The Movie “The Golden Compass” That Features A Child Killing God

November 30, 2007 Comments off

Phillip Pullman: “My books are about killing God.” – 2003

Hollywood is once again engaging in more Christian bashing. Their latest foray into hatred of the faith, comes at the holidays of all times, via the film “The Golden Compass.” Many Christians have been urging a boycott of this twisted movie, written by atheist, Phillip Pullman, and directed by criminal copyright infringer Chris Weitz.

Phillip Pullman stated he hates C.S. Lewis and “The Chronicles of Naria,” so he decided to write vitriolic, violent children’s books that have now been made into a movie, “The Golden Compass.”

Phillip Pullman: “My books are about killing God.” – 2003

Number one, “The Golden Compass” director Chris Weitz is a fraud. He has shown that via the theft of the movie “American Dreamz” that a successful boycott launched by my site completely tanked at the box office click here (thanks again to everyone that participated in the boycott). It’s one of the barefaced, blaring infringements apart of my FBI criminal complaint that I sent to my FBI point of contact as additional materials for comparison in the investigation (they confirmed to an investigative agency I went to last year, Kroll, that they received the comparative materials).

But once again, here comes Chris Weitz with another rip off film that is a sub-par, demented version of a preexisting copyrighted Christian film, but this time it’s “The Chronicles of Naria” he’s knocking off. Get some originality already, you lazy degenerate. You and your brother. Copyright infringement is a crime.

Not only does the infringing imagery in 2007’s The Golden Compass look like the imagery, sets and costumes in 2006’s The Chronicles of Naria, the plot is the same, with the one difference being a child killing God, in the former (The Golden Compass). The films even start out the same:

“Lewis’ epic begins with a young heroine named Lucy ducking inside a wardrobe that opens into the land of Narnia. In The Golden Compass, 12-year-old Lyra Belacqua hides inside a wardrobe, where she hears her uncle talking about Dust, a mysterious element that becomes a key component of the story” – Toledo Blade

Number two, I am not for sacrilegious films. They are offensive, unnecessary and fruitless.

Number three, I am not for children being exposed to violence. How could it be healthy for children to be exposed to a film about killing God, Who is loved by many (Christianity is the largest religion in the world with billions of believers).


The ‘Golden Compass’ points to controversy

The Golden Compass is being advertised as “an exciting fantasy adventure” for children set in “a world where witches rule the northern skies, where ice bears are the bravest of warriors, and where every human is joined with an animal spirit who is as close to them as their own heart.”

But the $180 million Hollywood movie, which opens Dec. 7, is also drawing criticism from religious groups that describe it as “militantly atheistic,” “blasphemous,” “heretical,” and “diabolical.”

The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights and the American Family Association are among the groups calling for a boycott.

The controversy stems from His Dark Materials, the series of children’s fantasy novels on which The Golden Compass is based. Written by 61-year-old British author Philip Pullman, the books in the trilogy have sold more than 14 million copies since debuting in 1995…

Mr. Pullman has made it clear that he is not happy with the way religious institutions have answered those questions.

He told the Sydney Morning Herald in 2003, for example, that “my books are about killing God,” and that he was amused that American Christians have been more critical of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books than His Dark Materials.

“I’ve been flying under the radar, saying things that are far more subversive than anything old Harry has said,” Mr. Pullman said.

He has stated a number of times that he wrote His Dark Materials in part to counter the Christian themes and values woven into C.S. Lewis’ literary children’s classic, The Chronicles of Narnia. That series was the basis for the 2005 blockbuster film, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, grossing more than $740 million worldwide, and a sequel, Prince Caspian, due for release in May…

“I hate the Narnia books, and I hate them with a deep and bitter passion,” Mr. Pullman told one interviewer, according to Christian movie guide Plugged-in Online.

Lewis’ epic begins with a young heroine named Lucy ducking inside a wardrobe that opens into the land of Narnia. In The Golden Compass, 12-year-old Lyra Belacqua (played by newcomer Dakota Blue Richards in the film) hides inside a wardrobe, where she hears her uncle talking about Dust, a mysterious element that becomes a key component of the story…

“By the third written text, it’s very explicit that God needs to be ‘taken out,'” Mr. Edwards said.

Compared to Lewis’ skill at telling stories with spiritual metaphors, Mr. Pullman packs in his atheistic message “like a sledgehammer,” he said…