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Obama On Tour

August 20, 2008 Comments off

Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama, has been doing a tour of the Middle East, Britain and Europe in a bid to shore up worldwide support for his White House bid in November of 2008.

His rival for the presidency, John McCain, has criticized him for this expedition and further denounced Obama’s desire to speak to world leaders America currently shuns. McCain expressed those views in an op-ed that was rejected by the New York Times, but accepted by Drudge Report.

The warmongering and hostility has got to stop, as it is a great liability to America. Other nations such as Russia and China have surpassed America in weapons technology. A few months ago, a Chinese submarine snuck up on an American vessel and went undetected until it deliberately surfaced next to the U.S. unit in Asian waters.

Everybody needs to calm down and think with clear heads, as the situation is escalating in undesirable ways. Bush made terrible decisions in the diplomacy arena, stoking world tensions. The next president will need to calm them down, as things never should have reached this point.

All it takes is the wrong provocation from one leader and an angry response from another and the world as we know it will be changed forever. Don’t think it can’t happen.

Bush and McCain are already talking about bombing Iran, while its head of state, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is inflaming the situation with dreadful proclamations of wiping other nations off the map.

John McCain

Mr. McCain, I urge you to calm down and desist with the “bomb Iran” and “kill Iranians” jokes. They are in poor taste and I do believe they would fire back…and so would their allies.


Chinese Offended By Kung Fu Panda

August 12, 2008 Comments off

A famous Chinese artist is suing Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks over the Angelina Jolie movie Kung Fu Panda, which has been labeled insulting and a mockery of Chinese culture.

Director Steven Spielberg previously denounced the Chinese government in a well publicized rant, for which he was slammed click here.


A high profile Chinese performance artist is suing movie bosses for allegedly “insulting” the country’s national symbol in new animated film KUNG FU PANDA.

Zhao Bandi has launched legal action against Dreamworks – the studio behind the movie – for apparently depicting the panda in a negative light and making a mockery of Chinese heritage.

Bandi previously called on people in China to boycott the picture amid fears it could be seen as offensive. And now he has filed papers in Beijing, demanding an apology from the filmmakers.

Economic Outlook In America

July 12, 2008 Comments off

Marie Antoinette Bush hiding his neck from Congress

The president is still fighting Congress and Congress is still fighting Congress, hence not much getting accomplished in the realm of rescuing distressed homeowners from the U.S. mortgage crisis.

The president and Congress has the ability to turn things around, but due to party differences and special interest, they are quibbling day in and day out and not resolving the financial crisis. Their inability to agree is exacerbating and prolonging the problem.

In the mean time, more homes are being lost to foreclosure, jobs are disappearing, the dollar is weakening, consumer spending is down and gas is up. The government isn’t exporting enough either to compete with China and the EU. The only real exporting that’s going on is jobs overseas. Oh what has the government wrought.

Stocks Fall on Worse Economic Data

More bad news on home prices and consumer confidence, as well as a profit warning from UPS, put pressure on equities

U.S. stocks were trading lower on Tuesday after an earnings warning from United Parcel Service and a more negative economic data showing further slippage in home prices and consumer confidence. Jitters about the Federal Reserve’s thinking on the direction of interest rates, to be revealed Wednesday, are also weighing on the markets.

On Tuesday, the Dow Jones industrial average was trading 99.74 points, or 0.84%, lower at 11,742.62. The broader Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index was off 11.88 points, or 0.90%, at 1,306.12. The tech-heavy Nasdaq composite index was down 33.64 points, or 1.41%, at 2,352.10.

The dollar weakened on the new batch of gloomy economic data, while gold and oil prices gained strength.

The U.S. Consumer: Darkness in June
The plunge in the consumer confidence index shows deepening worries about inflation, with the report’s future expectations index hitting an all-time low

S&P/Case-Shiller Home Prices Fell 15.3% in April (Update1)

June 24 (Bloomberg) — Home prices in 20 U.S. metropolitan areas fell in April by the most on record, signaling the housing recession is far from over, a private survey showed today….

“There’s such an excess of inventories that we certainly expect to see more price declines,” said James O’Sullivan, a senior economist at UBS Securities LLC in Stamford, Connecticut. “The economy is still weakening and housing still looks pretty weak.”

Four years of gains in home prices wiped out

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Home prices across 20 major U.S. cities have dropped a record 15.3% in the past year and are now back to where they were in the summer of 2004, according to the Case-Shiller home price index released Tuesday by Standard & Poor’s.

Prices in the 20 cities are now down 17.8% from the peak two years ago. Prices were lower in April than they were a year earlier in all 20 of the major metropolitan areas as tracked by the Case-Shiller index.

‘There might be some regional pockets of improvement, but on an annual basis the overall numbers continue to decline.’

Las Vegas, Miami and Phoenix saw the biggest declines, with prices falling by 25% or more in the past year. Prices in 10 cities have fallen by more than 10%.

Midwest flood victims feel misled by feds

Then on Tuesday, the worst happened: The levee burst and Gulfport was submerged in 10 feet of water. Only 28 property owners were insured against the damage.

“They all told us, ‘The levees are good. You can go ahead and build,'” said Parks, who did not buy flood coverage because her bank no longer required it. “We had so much confidence in those levees.”

Senator: Let’s Nationalize Oil Refineries

July 8, 2008 Comments off

Somebody’s Gonna Get Shot! *Shakes Head*

Democrats in Congress

Recently, Democrat Rep. Maurice Hinchey, brought up the idea of nationalizing oil refineries in America. He must have a death wish. You must want Exxon to take out a hit on you. I suggest you retract that statement or beef up security.

Sidebar: nationalizing refineries…isn’t that socialism, the very thing Congress gets down on Chavez about. How come he’s not supposed to do that but Congress can? Don’t get mad, I’m just asking, as it seems like a double standard.

Also, how come the State Department condemns Cuba for being communist, but doesn’t do that to China. Is it because China is becoming the richest nation in the world and the supplier of just about everything on the planet?

Condoleezza Rice

I realize it is those respective nations’ way of life, and if their people want it, they are free to do as they wish. I can understand that. But it would be nice if Congress was congruent and consistent.

And lest I acquire a FBI file in vain for simply speaking my mind in a peaceful, legal way (according to the stats, the government reads this site more than I do), I am not a socialist or a communist, because I prefer democracy. But, the real kind of democracy, where one does not engage in severe human rights abuses against innocent people under the auspices of national security *looks at George Bush*.

When Rep. Maurice Hinchey, a New York Democrat, broached the idea for the nationalization of the nation’s oil refineries at a Capitol Hill press conference yesterday, it was a safe bet that congressional Republicans would seize on a patently controversial idea to paint House Democrats in toto as extreme.

The office of Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio), the House Minority Leader, didn’t disappoint. Last night, they put up a press release that started this way:

Bombshell: House Democrats Call for Government Takeover of Oil Refineries

Should the Federal Government Run the Entire Oil Industry? Senior Dem Says: “To Me, That Sounds Like a Very Good Idea”

Violence In Tibet

March 27, 2008 Comments off

A Tibetan monk covered in blood during protests broken up by police

The violence in Tibet sparked by their desire for emancipation from China, which seeks to remain unified, has left dozens dead. I would like to urge the Chinese government to seek a peaceful way to resolve this dispute, as loss of life is always a sad event.

Let peace be the order of the day.  

Paramilitaries open fire on hundreds of monks and nuns at Tibet rally

Paramilitary police opened fire on hundreds of monks, nuns and Tibetans who tried to march on a local government office in western China yesterday to demand the return of the Dalai Lama.

Residents of Luhuo said that a monk and a farmer appeared to have been killed and about a dozen people wounded in the latest violence in Tibetan areas of China.

Story found here

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Spielberg Slammed In China

February 21, 2008 Comments off
February 20. 2008

Steven Spielberg

Director Steven Spielberg is being slammed in China for withdrawing as creative director of the 2008 Olympics, due to him blaming them for the crisis in Darfur.

It is being said Spielberg took this stance under the advice of actress Mia Farrow. The Chinese are offended and have fired off a number of articles and columns expressing their views on the matter. The British press has also criticized Spielberg’s decision, labeling it being misled by Farrow.

Spielberg mocked in China over Olympic pullout

Hollywood film-maker Steven Spielberg has been ridiculed in the Chinese media and on the Internet for living in a “sci-fi” dreamworld over his decision to sever ties with the Beijing Olympics.

Spielberg said last week that his conscience would no longer allow him to work on the Olympics as an artistic consultant while Sudan’s China-backed government carried out genocide in its western Darfur province.

Spielberg’s films have been box office hits in China but the producer has come under regular attack after his withdrawal from the Beijing Games.

“This person is completely living in his sci-fi world and cannot distinguish dream from reality,” said a commentator in the China Youth Daily…

“Mr Spielberg knows nothing about China’s endeavour to solve the Darfur issue,” Xinhua quoted a commentary in the Guangming Daily as saying. “He is unqualified to blame the Chinese government.”

Thousands of angry Chinese ganged up against him on Internet forums, according to the news agency. They targeted Spielberg “as a person who failed to keep his word” and for linking politics to the Beijing Olympics.

One posting said: “The US slaughters civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq. Director Spielberg, don’t you feel ashamed being an American? “You don’t criticise your own country, then how can you criticise China?”

It quoted Xinghe, a Chinese writer, as saying that the US producer had inspired Chinese youngsters who love science fiction. “He has great talent. We are regretful over his decision, but we can still enjoy his movies,” he said.

Pro-Madonna Song Kills Robbie Williams’ Career

January 22, 2008 Comments off
His Unsold “Rudebox” CDs Shipped To China To Be Crushed And Used As Road Paving Material

Madonna’s So Uncool She Can Tank A Career By Association

January 22. 2008

Never mind what her paid for press articles, prearranged shout-outs and data-less, grossly inflated sales figures say, Madonna can be bad for your career. Robbie Williams found this out the hard way via a tribute song. Really, who wants to flip over a CD and see a pro-madonna song on it. Not cool.

Before Madonna, Robbie Williams was arguably the best selling popular artist in Britain and much of Europe. He released several hit CDs. Then came the stupid idea Madonna had a hand in, to write a song about how deluded great she thinks she is, whilst simultaneously taking jabs at her husband’s ex-girlfriend, model Tania Strecker.

He left this via pregnancy entrapment:

For this:

Either Guy Ritchie is gay and thought muscular Madonna was another dude or he is smoking this:

It seems the Materialess Girl was angry that her bid at trapping Guy Ritchie into marriage via pregnancy hit a major snag, when he kept sleeping with Strecker, who gave a very public interview to that effect. The interview was a source of considerable embarrassment for the singer lip-syncer.

So, after going to her place and playing the mutually agreed upon “She’s Madonna” song to, well, Madonna, whose no talent ego reveled in it, basking in all its fake, contrived, supposed glory, the track was released to the public as the third single from William’s “Rudebox” CD…and then it bombed. It reached #16 on the charts, which was a very poor showing for Williams. It’s his worst received single to date.

My song about Madonna and her disgusting ways titled Thieves received a better reception online than Robbie’s sponsored butt kiss. My song was downloaded a lot (people are still downloading it). If you’d like a free copy click here.

Rolling over the legacy of Robbie Williams

How’s this for the ultimate indignity for a singer? The Daily Mirror has discovered what will happen to more than a million unwanted copies of a “dreadful” new CD by British crooner Robbie Williams: They’re being shipped to China, crushed, and used to re-surface roads.

The 17-track CD in question, called Rudebox, came out in ’06 and sold only 500,000 copies in Britain, the paper says. (We can presume that sales elsewhere were roughly zero.) But his previous album had sold over two million. That’s why there’s such a surplus of Rudebox copies. Williams is 33. –

Story found here