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Psychiatrist To Tom Cruise: You’re Nuts

June 20, 2008 Comments off

A television psychiatrist, Dr. Drew Pinsky, has branded Scientology’s front man Tom Cruise a nutter, crazy, loco, you know, insane. Now what would give him that impression:

I just don’t get why Dr. Drew would say such a thing about Tom:

What oh what could it be that made him think Tom is nuts:

As usual, Tom’s attorney, Bert “Wiretap” Fields, started barking at anyone who speaks the truth about his mentally ill client.

Note to Bert Fields: it does not help your credibility as a lawyer defending someone just because he is famous, when the whole world can see he is a mentally ill star who has terribly fallen from grace. It makes you look crazy too. People aren’t stupid. They can judge for themselves.

Your client behaved in a crazy manner on the Oprah Winfrey show, told off NBC’s Matt Lauer on morning television whilst having a deranged, snapped, psycho look on his face and in another incident of the perils of winging it without a publicist, told the press that he was going to eat his unborn baby’s placenta.

You can’t justify that kind of crazy. No one can. You can only get it a straight jacket and some medication.

Tom and fellow Scientologist the thieving Will Smith

And another thing, stop comparing Tom Cruise’s self-inflicted woes to the Holocaust (see below). The Holocaust was not self-inflicted.

Holocaust victims had all their worldly possessions inhumanely stolen from them, whilst Tom Cruise has millions of dollars, many cars and lives in a Beverly Hills mansion he owns.

Holocaust victims had cruel science experiments run on them. Tom Cruise is a science project waiting to happen. There is a difference.

Tom Cruise’s Lawyer Hits Back At Mental Health Claims

June 12 2008 – Tom Cruise’s lawyer has hit back at a TV doctor who questioned the star’s mental heath – calling Celebrity Rehab’s Dr. Drew Pinsky “unprofessional” and “unqualified”.

Pinsky, who is a regular on the U.S. reality show, has written an article for Playboy magazine suggesting Cruise might be mentally ill for getting involved with the Church of Scientology. The medical expert also claims the Top Gun star may have suffered some kind of childhood trauma…

But Cruise’s attorney, Bert Fields, has slammed the article – insisting Pinsky’s analysis is absurd…

“He seems to be spewing the absurdity that all Scientologists are mentally ill. The last time we heard garbage like this was from (Nazi propaganda chief) Joseph Goebbels.”


Hollywood PI Anthony Pellicano Found Guilty

May 16, 2008 Comments off

Private investigator to the stars and Colombo family Mafioso, Anthony Pellicano, has been found guilty on 76 of 77 counts of illegal wiretapping, identity theft, racketeering, wire fraud and conspiracy. The farce of a case netted a few other arrests, but many offenders were let go.

The FBI and the prosecution let the famous criminals in the case off, due to Robert Mueller being enamored with stars. The married head of the FBI is after all in love with an actress.

Once again, Mueller has proven he is incapable of being just, impartial and moral in legal matters…while the nation and world watched.

Robert Mueller

The next time you stand up and give some “you need to stop breaking the law” speech to the nation or go into a foreign country and lecture them on law and order, before you open your corrupt mouth, do remember all the evidence against stars that you sat on in the Pellicano case and shut up. Bite your tongue and keep silent with the knowledge that you are the worst hypocrite in the room and people know it.

Robert Mueller

People pointed the finger at different stars and lawyers in the Pellicano case, as having illegally wiretapped them and thrown the contents of their personal phone calls back in their faces, word for word as they previously stated it.

Britney Spears

Stars are still engaging in criminal misconduct in Hollywood using other private investigators. A few months ago, it was widely reported, Britney Spears, paid a private investigator to wiretap her ex-husband, Kevin Federline and mother, Lynne, during her recent child custody battle and threw it in their faces.

In my legal case, Madonna continues to illegally pay for the wiretapping of our lines and hacking of my computers, that has been witnessed by computer specialists and family members. Through a trace, it was discovered the hacking is being done by a hacker that is a computer worker with clear ties to her. The full details of that will be posted to the site shortly.

The problem is, I’ve paid people to improve the security of my computers, but the hacker she has hired consistently breaks through the firewalls due to the wiretapped phone line running into the modem. He is constantly sending me harassing emails as well, from the same IP in question constantly breaking into the computers.

A specialist also checked the phone line and said the symptoms are indicative of wiretapping. It also becomes apparent that people are eavesdropping on your calls when things you’ve said privately in confidence to your father, mother, friends, members of government and your attorney, days later end up in press releases and interviews, verbatim as you said it over the phone previously, but attributed to the crazy pop star paying for the invasion of privacy campaign. Many of us witnessed it and are taken aback.

That whole Kabbalah cult that is represented by Bert Fields believes in invasion of privacy. The other cult he legally represents, Scientology, had members indicted and imprisoned over illegal wiretapping as well. It is a sick way of life in Hollywood.

But there’s an old saying in the Bible that goes, “God is not mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” God will have the last word.

“Tires get slashed; computers get hacked; houses get broken into,” Mr. Saunders said. “And of course, people’s phones get wiretapped” — their “most intimate conversations” carried in real time directly to the “waiting ears of Mr. Pellicano and his well-paying clients.”

Pellicano Guilty in Wiretapping Case

The Hollywood private investigator, Anthony Pellicano was found guilty Thursday in federal court in Los Angeles of using wiretaps and other illegal tactics to gather information for rich and famous clients involved in divorces or legal disputes.

Mr. Pellicano, 64, was convicted of 76 of the 77 charges he faced.

After about two weeks of deliberations, the jury found Mr. Pellicano guilty of racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud, identity theft, conspiracy to intercept or use wire communications and manufacture or possession of wiretapping device. He was acquitted of a single count of unauthorized computer access.

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Anthony Pellicano’s Mafia Ties

January 29, 2008 Comments off

Anthony Pellicano’s Mafia Ties

January 29. 2008

Anthony Pellicano, the disgraced and incarcerated private investigator to Madonna, Bert Fields, Tom Cruise, O.J. Simpson and Brad Grey, has ties to the Mafia.

For years he’d cultivated an image of a Sicilian, baseball bat carrying, knife wielding, Godfather watching thug, nicknamed “The Sin Eater,” but there is actually a reason for his conduct – according to numerous credible reports, he is mixed up with the mafia.

The harassment of Los Angeles Times writer Anita Busch by Anthony Pellicano has a mafia angle. Busch was investigating his client, actor Steven Seagal, and his ties to the mafia, which has since been widely written about in the press.

Last year Anthony Pellicano was also formally accused by the government of calling for a mob hit on one of his former employees, to stop him from testifying at the PI’s forthcoming Hollywood trial for illegal wiretapping, harassment and witness intimidation, in an ongoing case that’s already netted 12 arrests.

“Feds Say Anthony Pellicano Was Part of Joey “The Clown” Lombardo’s Crew”

The Chicago Sun-Times reports: Allegations of mob ties have long dogged Anthony Pellicano, once the private investigator of choice for Hollywood stars.

On Thursday, for the first time, the feds marked his place in Chicago mob history, saying he once belonged to the mob crew of Joseph “Joey the Clown” Lombardo.

A former associate of Lombardo, Alva Johnson Rodgers, is cooperating with the feds and is expected to testify at trial that Pellicano asked him to torch two buildings in the mid-1970s.

Pellicano grew up in Cicero and worked in Chicago for years before heading to California. The Sun-Times first reported last month that Pellicano did the investigative work to provide Lombardo with an alibi for the 1974 murder of a key federal witness against Lombardo.

In one case, Pellicano allegedly paid Rodgers to shut down a restaurant. Rodgers got some neighborhood kids to break the restaurant’s windows, which hurt business, but Pellicano allegedly was looking for something a little more permanent, like burning the place down. Rodgers allegedly declined and refused to give Pellicano his money back.

In another instance, previously reported by the Sun-Times, Pellicano allegedly asked Rodgers to burn down a building in the northwest suburbs, and Rodgers complied. No word yet from Hollywood liberals who’ve hired Pellicano over the years.”

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Tom Cruise’s Lawyer: Lies, It’s All Lies!

January 15, 2008 Comments off
Tom Cruise’s Lawyer Tries In Vain To Prove His Client’s Not Nuts

 January 14. 2008

Tom Cruise’s pitbull of a lawyer, Bert Fields, barked at a whole bunch of press people recently regarding the release of Andrew Morton’s biography on the one time star.

The book makes a number of embarrassing astonishing claims, and so, Fields is threatening a $100 million dollar defamation lawsuit. Considering what’s been happening to you in court of late, you better settle for $100 dollars.

Bert Fields and his wife Barbara. She’s so pretty and dignified looking (clearly she is the gracious one in the relationship)

Newspapers and blogs had a field day dissecting items from the book about Cruise and his crazy cult Scientology, that believes, “Alien souls live inside us and psychiatry is a Nazi science (link).”

The more I think about that is the more I realize just how crazy they are. When I hear the word “alien” I think immigration, not supposed space creatures.

A little gem from the book lays bare the fact that, “Some sect members believed that Katie Holmes was carrying the baby who would be the vessel for L. Ron Hubbard’s spirit when he returned around the galaxy.”

Yes, you read that right. People firmly believe poor little Suri Cruise, who was called “Rosemary’s Baby” in the book, is the child of L. Ron Hubbard, via artificial insemination.

This is not good news for Katie Holmes, because as crazy as Tom “I ate the placenta” Cruise is, he doesn’t have the crazy down pat like L. Ron Hubbard did.

Scientology salute (this wouldn’t be so funny if they weren’t dead serious when they do that)

L. Ron Hubbard was a science fiction writer that condemned the use of psychiatric drugs, yet the post mortem done on him revealed he had an anti-psychotic drug in his system called Vistaril (they need to give Madonna some, stat – give her an IV of the stuff – control the crazy).

Another claim in the book is that Tom Cruise is NOT gay. Now, that excerpt I believe is science fiction, pardon the pun.

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Bert Fields Lost In Court

January 12, 2008 Comments off
FBI Probe Subject Bert Fields Loses Copyright Case

 January 11. 2008

“The names cited in an indictment of private eye Anthony Pellicano read like a road map leading to Bertram Fields and his famous clients.” – Robert W. Welkos, L.A. Times, Photo: Al Seib

Madonna’s attorney Bert Fields, no relation to Mrs. Fields, who is the subject of an FBI probe into illegal wiretapping, in conjunction with that of their incarcerated private eye, Anthony Pellicano, lost a round AGAIN in court having to do with a copyright infringement case. The lawsuit is regarding the film “Sahara” starring Matthew McConaghuey. 

Previously, the judge ordered Fields’ client, Clive Cussler, to pay $5 million dollars to Crusader Entertainment. This week, judge John P. Shook, denied a motion that was attached to Bert Fields’ amended complaint, which was an attempt to block payment of said sum (article link).

Fields’ influence with the courts is clearly waning. Hmm I wonder why. What oh what could it be that’s changed.

But look at the bright side. You are an 80 year old, stressed out, cantankerous, overworked, press mouthpiece for trouble prone stars – you could kick the bucket before the FBI gets a chance to lock you up.

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PI Anthony Pellicano To Be His Own Lawyer

January 10, 2008 Comments off
Well, He’ll Be Staying In Jail, Then

January 9. 2008

In news that’s sure to scare the life out of Hollywood, indicted wiretapping private investigator Anthony Pellicano will be representing himself at trial, which is a bad idea in a criminal case. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel.

Side Bar: Is the electric chair an option in this case. Just checking.

John Mc Tiernan

Pellicano has done work for clients such as Madonna, Tom “Xenu” Cruise, O.J. Simpson, Brad Grey and Die Hard director John McTiernan, who has already been sentenced to jail in the case.

Pellicano to Represent Self in Trial

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A federal judge on Wednesday reluctantly allowed Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano to take over as his own lawyer in his trial on charges of illegally wiretapping celebrities.

U.S. District Judge Dale S. Fischer told Pellicano it was a bad decision but he was required by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling to allow the private investigator to do so if he insisted.

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Calls Go Out For Hillary Clinton To Be Investigated For Illegal Wiretapping

October 17, 2007 Comments off

It’s About Time

October 17. 2007

This is a follow up to my Sound Off Column article dated December 2006 and my Judiciary Report article dated August 15, 2007 titled “Hillary Clinton Slams Barack Obama.” In both articles I alleged Hillary Clinton has been passed the contents of illegally wiretapped telephone calls:

“Hillary, have you ever illegally wiretapped anyone or been made privy to documents or media of any kind from someone’s illegally recorded phone conversations?…

What about your dealings in the realm of wiretapping, since there are all these articles about you and the now incarcerated Anthony Pellicano. Have you been passed anything in this regard Hillary. I pray that by God’s grace the truth regarding this will come out.” Hillary Clinton Slams Barack Obama August 15, 2007

“The Clintons also got mixed up in the Hollywood Anthony Pellicano illegal wiretapping scandal, with Hilary having employed the now disgraced private investigator regarding the Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers adultery scandals. Both women reported all sorts of misconduct at Pellicano’s hands and I believe them.

If you’ve read about Pellicano’s cases and the misconduct victims complained of, it bears the same handprint of criminal harassment and invasion of privacy that Jones and Flowers encountered. It fits his handiwork to the tee, illustrating an undeniable pattern of unlawful surveillance and abuse of citizens.

More amazingly, Madonna has publicly said she is close to the Clintons, with Madonna’s lawyer being Hollywood hothead, Bert Fields, who employed the lawless private investigator Pellicano more than anyone. As mentioned above, Bill Clinton is affiliated with Madonna’s Kaballah cult charity.” Sound Off Column December 2006

Fast-forward several months and Hillary is being accused by two Pulitzer Prize winning reporters of doing exactly what I accused her of last year and again two months ago. Like I’ve written on here several times, I don’t make things up on people and if I write something it is for a reason. Now calls are going out for her to be investigated:

“October 10, 2007 – Republicans are focusing on an allegation in a recent book by two Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters, which suggests Clinton listened to a secretly recorded conversation between political opponents.

In their book about Clinton’s rise to power, Her Way, Don Van Natta Jr., an investigative reporter at The New York Times, and Jeff Gerth, who spent 30 years as an investigative reporter at the paper, wrote: “Hillary’s defense activities ranged from the inspirational to the microscopic to the down and dirty. She received memos about the status of various press inquiries; she vetted senior campaign aides; and she listened to a secretly recorded audiotape of a phone conversation of Clinton critics plotting their next attack.

A GOP official said, Hillary Clinton’s campaign hypocrisy continues to know no bounds. It is rather unbelievable that Clinton would listen in to conversations being conducted by political opponents, but refuse to allow our intelligence agencies to listen in to conversations being conducted by terrorists as they plot and plan to kill us. Team Clinton can expect to see and hear this over and over again over the course of the next year.

Clinton’s chief political strategist, Mark Penn, became embroiled recently in a controversy over intercepted electronic communications. Mitchell Markel, a former vice president at Penn’s firm, Penn, Schoen & Berland, filed a lawsuit against Penn accusing him of intercepting e-mail. Markel claimed that the firm illegally monitored messages sent from his BlackBerry after he joined another company. Markel dropped the suit in July after reaching a settlement with Penn, Schoen & Berland.”

Hillary, have you ever been passed the details of the illegally wiretapped calls of a foreign member of government, with his words, philosophies and political ideas, and that of someone affiliated with him, on several occasions later ending up in your speeches attributed to you. Yes or no, Hillary.

Spy Culture

This spy culture is truly insidious. People don’t have privacy any more and it is perverted on every level. God gave every person the right to privacy and dignity, yet there are folks in Congress, the White House and The FBI, inappropriately and improperly spying on domestic and international citizens, civilian and otherwise, with no justification under the law.

I keep writing it on here for a reason, stating that some of this spying is not to catch terrorists or criminals, but for political, economic and social gain.

Certain individuals in Washington are sitting on the phone lines of scientists, political thinkers, philosophers, geniuses and foreign government employees with vast knowledge of world politics (I know one that this is happening to), looking for ideas for their own campaigns and offices and it is not right.

Anyone who does such a thing is not fit to lead or be in government. It says you are too dumb to think on your own and too corrupt to be trusted in authority.

Really, who do some of you think you are. You’re not God. Get out of people’s business. Get out of their homes, off their phone lines and out of their email boxes, as it is sick. It betrays a mental disorder.

I have never in my life wanted to know the contents of other people’s phone calls, therefore I can’t understand that kind of messed up mentality. You are either twisted or mentally off in some way to do such a thing and in violation of the law.

You know what the worse part is, you’re talking to a loved one about personal family moments, your doctor about your medical history, your lawyer about a legal matter, your spouse about your marriage, your kids about their future, your best friend about problems, hopes and dreams for the future, and here is this perverted idiot sitting on the other end, who’s not supposed to be there. Some government ignoramus, too stupid to think on their own, listening to all your business, mining your phone calls for their use.

You know what would be poetic justice? By some twist of fate, God made these nosy people’s personal business public information. Give them a dose of their own medicine…

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