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The Music Industry And The Mafia

November 2, 2007 Comments off

November 2. 2007

There are some individuals in the music industry that have long had ties with the mafia. It earned them a bad reputation that they were never able to shake.

For years many have claimed Motown was started with mob money. Motown founder Berry Gordy vehemently denies the allegation to this day. For years Frank Sinatra was accused of working for the mob. He never denied it nor did he confirm it.

Tommy Mottola

Tommy Mottola, the former head of Sony Music, and ex-husband of singer Mariah Carey, was the subject of a widely read, unflattering piece in Vanity Fair that flat out said he has mob ties.

“Tommy Boy”
By Robert Sam Anson
From Vanity Fair – November 1996

The news also brought a quick call to Sony from a CBS corporate officer. “Do you know this guy has a Mafia background?” a senior executive quotes the CBS man as saying. “What are you doing tainting this wonderful company you just bought from us with a guy who has a background that could make the F.B.I cringe?” – Vanity Fair

Madonna and mafia boyfriend Chris Paciello in the 90’s

Then there was former Miami club king Chris Paciello, who dated Madonna, and was indicted, convicted and sent to prison for 10 years on a mafia related murder that transpired in his home state of New York. Madonna’s girlfriend, literally, Ingrid Casares, reportedly even accompanied him to mob meetings, according to Gangland News.

Madonna Ciccone, her daughter and mafioso Chris Paciello in Miami in the 1990’s

Paciello became a prominent figure on the club scene in Miami in the 90’s, making millions from two night clubs and a restaurant. Then came the indictment against him for a mob murder in New York. Gone was his money and fame to federal indictments, lawyer fees and jail. He snitched on the mob and received 7 years in jail.

Then there’s the Anthony Pellicano wiretap, harassment and witness tampering scandal where writer Anita Busch was targeted:

“Los Angeles Times writer Anita Busch has been looking into the federal indictment of reputed Mafia captain Anthony (Sonny) Ciccone on charges of extortion and threatening to kill actor Steven Seagal.” – Los Angeles Times 7/12/02

There’s that name again “Ciccone.” Fancy that, Madonna’s faking an English accent, trying to break into the English aristocracy, when she’s got more mob ties than Capone. Because tea, Ascot and the English countryside go hand in hand with the mafia. Not. Madonna puts the c in common.

Anthony Pellicano

Anthony Pellicano worked for clients such as Madonna and Tom Cruise. The federal government stated this year that Pellicano has mob ties and tried to put a hit on an incarcerated man that worked with him, to stop him from testifying in the disgraceful wiretap scandal that has exposed several Hollywood stars and just how far they will go.

But at the end of the day, one really has to asks oneself, what does music or film have to do with crime. As a star, to venture into such territory tells the world you shouldn’t even be in the business at all.

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