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Madonna’s Brother To Write Tell All

June 27, 2008 Comments off

Madonna’s pervert brother Christopher Ciccone, who is a non-rehabilitated drug addict that did a book containing nothing but photos of naked butts, and got in on dirty business deals with his even more perverted sister, is doing a tell all about her.

That family behaves like barbarians. What a messed up gene pool. Knowing them, I highly doubt the book will be original. What’s he really going to tell us that we don’t already know, anyway:


That his sister’s marriage is in trouble. Though she denies it – yet in the same breath states they are getting marriage counseling over their problems.

That her fraudulent music has faded and audiences are totally over her, hence her flopped CD “Hard Candy.”

That she’s had 11 abortions according to Barbara Victor, Andrew Morton and many others:

Barbara Victor’s book “Goddess” (HarperCollins), published in the same week as Morton’s, includes the shock claim that Madonna has had 11 abortions in 25 years, and tricked British film director Guy Ritchie into marrying her by deliberately getting pregnant with her second child, Rocco.

She has had abortions. She has been known to be insecure, pestering her menfolk with telephone calls.

Superstar Madonna has had 11 abortions in her life – according to an unauthorized biography by Barbara Victor. In new book Goddess, Victor says the Material Girl would be the mother of 13 children if she had retained her catholic beliefs of termination being wrong. Victor says, “She had a pregnancy in between Lourdes and Rocco. It was with a British man.” The last abortion is alleged to have taken place just before Madonna met her husband Guy Ritchie.

“Madonna had several abortions when she was with Jellybean, at least three that I know of,” says Erica.

That she has a currently medically incurable STD she contracted from one of the many people she slept with.

Madonna devilishly laying on a pentagram in her video “Human Nature”

That at age 25, she made out with and fondled her manager’s 15-year-old nephew.

That at age 25, she went around downtown Manhattan having sex with underage Latino youths (she just keeps spreading that herpes).

That all her major hits and many of her minor ones as well were stolen from other artists she ripped off.

That she, um, exchanged funds (that’s a euphemism) for the mafia (her ex-boyfriend Mafioso, Chris Paciello, and others)

That she’s still a lesbian and is having sex with a woman in her employ. Isn’t that not allowed in Kabbalah.

Claudia Schiffer

That her husband made a pass at model Claudia Schiffer (pictured above) even though she is the wife of one of his friends.

Kelly Brook

That he has a crush on model/actress Kelly Brook, who he was seen standing too close to and sniffing her perfume and hair with a grin on his face.

That she engages in bribery to win court cases.

That she’s frequently used hard drugs like ecstasy (“The night I met Michael Rosenblatt, who signed me to Sire Records, I jammed my demo tape into his hand, we both did a tab of ecstasy and then we danced the night away”).


That she puts testosterone into her system via a skin cream:

Madonna is rubbing male hormones on her face. The Material Girl has started a strict regime of massaging her skin with testosterone cream due to it’s toted ability to increase muscle mass, boost energy, improve memory, and ward off mood swings. But Madge has got a hairy surprise that’s a bit more than she bargained for.

That she’s been pictured out in public drunk.

That she’s been stalking Prince William and Prince Harry in London with that sick Kabbalah cult.

That she is abusive to kids:

1. A group of young girls waited patiently for hours in the Westbury Hotel lobby for Madonna’s autograph. Her personal assistant, Melinda Cooper told the crazy pop star:

“They’ve been waiting here all day, Madonna. Why don’t you sign an autograph for them” to which the she-devil Madonna walked up to the kids and said ” ‘If I do it for you, then I’ll have to do it for everybody. You’re nothing. You don’t mean anything to me’ then turns and leaves.” – from the “I Hate Madonna Handbook”

2. That she choked a 10-year-old boy for “pestering” her for an autograph on her day off:


“Madonna beat me up,” reported Keith Sorrentino, a 10-year-old fan from Staten Island, whose parents sued the superstar after she allegedly choked their son. Little Keith and his older sister Darlene were devoted fans.

They knew when Madonna got up, where she took morning coffee, where she jogged. They knew the name of her private secretary, when she left the theater (after performing in Speed-The-Plow) and from which door.

What they didn’t know was how Madonna felt about their adulation. “We’re her fans,” Keith said innocently. “We were following Madonna out of the San Remo [co-op]. I ran in front and took her picture, that’s when she started cursing me out – she’s got some mouth on her – and threw me against the wall. Look. I got bruises,” he told New York Post columnist Amy Pagnozzi, exposing a skinny arm.

Keith suffers from “regular nightmares,” according to his attorney, who filed a $600,000 damage suit over the encounter. Madonna settled out of court.– New York Post

3. That she choked Dick Clark’s son

Music industry veteran Dick Clark

The book titled “THE BIG SHOW: HIGH TIMES AND DIRTY DEALINGS BACKSTAGE AT THE ACADEMY AWARDS” by Steve Pond, detailed how a camerawoman fell into the orchestra pit and was seriously injured, and as she laid there on the floor waiting for paramedics, a furious Madonna was upset that she wouldn’t be able to rehearse for the show. Madonna, obviously not concerned for the woman’s welfare exclaimed, “But she’s just lying there. Can’t we just do this.”

Still upset at not being able to rehearse (like it was gonna help), Madonna later choked Dick Clarke’s son Rac who accidentally fell asleep during her show (can you blame him) and ruined a planned microphone stunt for her performance. According to the book she then, “Launched into an astonishingly profane tirade, despite the fact that the area below was occupied by a group of children.” And now she’s writing children’s books. Alrighty, then.


More Madonna Thefts Uncovered (Part 5)

June 27, 2008 Comments off

Cindy Lauper rip off

Greta Garbo rip off

Marilyn Monroe rip off

(courtesy of

For more Madonna rip offs click here

Madonna’s Husband Looks Happy…Without Her

June 19, 2008 Comments off

With Madonna:

Guy Ritchie: how much longer do I have to fake this

As claims of a forthcoming divorce abound, Madonna‘s husband, Guy Ritchie, who I remarked yesterday looks so miserable when he’s around her, went to the opening of a new night club in London…without her…and grinning. Dude looked happy like a run away slave.

Without Madonna:

Really, you don’t have to show all your teeth at once. We get the point – you’re happy you broke out.

“Director Guy Ritchie – minus his wife Madonna.”

He was smiling away, having ditched Madonna for the night, to attend an event with many beautiful women present. Dude was smiling like he just broke out of prison.

You know, you could at least fake a smile when she drags you out for photo-ops to pretend you are a happily married couple (like anyone’s paying attention – they’re too busy looking for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt).

More Madonna Thefts Uncovered (Part 4)

June 10, 2008 Comments off

Madonna’s Many Looks Stolen From Others

June 9. 2008


As many of you know, I think Madonna is a terrible human being. She’s stolen vast amounts of copyrighted music, film, clothing and photos from my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog containing 10,000 songs, 300 movie scripts and short stories, 15 book manuscripts, 200 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 150 photo treatments, a perfume line and clothing line.

Hence this page on my site illustrating she is a sick, crazy, vulgar, common, low class thief with no talent, who has stolen from DOZENS of copyright holders around the world.

Today, I found a blog (NSFW) that unmasked additional Madonna thefts that are appalling. This stuff is really stunning. The blog proved once and for all that Madonna is a complete, unadulterated fraud that stole from everyone to put together her farce of a career. Nothing she has done is original.

View the images below for yourself and watch how the blatant thefts pop right out at you. It’s really terrible how far she has gone in stealing from everyone.

The photos are additional evidence that illustrate from day one there’s been nothing real about Madonna’s career. It’s all been a fraud. From the music to the videos to the images, all stolen from other people’s preexisting copyrighted works she butchered.

That’s another thing – butchering people’s work. In viewing the following photos, one can’t help but notice how unwise she is in ripping off photographs of beautiful women – they make her look like dog chow in comparison.

Madonna, if you’re going to rip off people’s photos, which is illegal and is also known as copyright infringement, rip off items from the Lord Of The Rings, then at least you’ll have a chance.

The so-called “iconic” images – well, none of it was real – she stole it all to go with all the music she stole:

Greta Garbo rip off

Jean Harlow rip off

Jean Harlow rip off

Jane Mansfield rip off

Jane Russell rip off

Gina Lollobrigida rip off

Marilyn Monroe rip off

Marilyn Monroe rip off

Marilyn Monroe rip off

Marilyn Monroe rip off

Marilyn Monroe rip off

Marilyn Monroe rip off

Marilyn Monroe rip off

Marilyn Monroe rip off

Marlene Dietrich rip off

Marlene Dietrich rip off

Marlene Dietrich rip off

Bette Davis rip off

Bette Davis rip off

Brigitte Bardot rip off

Brigitte Bardot rip off

Chrissie Hynde rip off

Princess Diana rip off

Princess Diana rip off

Princess Diana rip off

Princess Diana rip off

Audrey Hepburn rip off

Ginger Rogers rip off

Story found here

Madonna Slammed By Press

June 4, 2008 Comments off

Lies About Plastic Surgery


No talent Madonna was a real pain in the butt at Cannes, which is quite delusional when the woman is box office poison and her music career has taken a terrible hit as well. Her “Hard Candy” CD has been out for over 5 weeks and only sold 400,000 copies. Even older releases passed it on the charts over the course of the month. It’s her worst selling album.

However, that didn’t stop the entertainment industry’s chief plagiarizer and copyright infringer from somehow thinking and acting like she should be the center of attention at Cannes.

Angelina Jolie

With entertainers like Angelina Jolie present, just how much crack did Madonna smoke when she came to this erroneous conclusion.

Forget the Palme d’Or. The Festival de Cannes’ hometown newspaper – Nice-Matin – gave out its own awards, in the print edition, to famous festival film stars this weekend.

The daily French Riviera newspaper gave Madonna its “Egocentric Award” because she “acted like the whole film festival was organized just for her.”

Madonna Implying She’s Not Had Surgery, But Is Contemplating It (LOL)

Photo comparisons from another site show how her face structure has changed and not in a natural way

When I read the next article I started laughing. Madonna claims she is contemplating plastic surgery. Contemplating? If plastic surgeons gave out frequent flier miles Madonna could travel around the world for free…5 times.

Yes, Madonna, because you were born with one cheek implant bigger than the other. Your eyes aren’t even even anymore.

She’s had numerous surgeries and it shows. Even men know you’ve had plastic surgery. That’s how obvious it is. Her face is looking freakish from the excessive surgery. You overdid it, much like you do with everything.

Madonna contemplates plastic surgery

Monday, June 2 2008, 20:46 BST – Madonna has revealed that she is contemplating plastic surgery.

The 49-year-old told Life & Style magazine that she currently undergoes “oxygen facials” to keep herself looking young.

“‘I swear by oxygen facials, and I’m obsessive about staying out of the sun,” she said. “I’m not against plastic surgery – I’m just against discussing it.”

The pop icon was also quick to quash rumours that she is about to split from husband Guy Ritchie. “I’ve got work to do, children to raise, a husband to please and a world to save,” she said.

Story found here

Madonna Slammed By Young Male Singers

May 31, 2008 Comments off


While copyright thief Madonna thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread, male artists not on her payroll are calling the bread expired and moldy:

Sam Sappro attacks Madonna

Tuesday, May 27 2008 – “Madonna is wretched at the moment – absolutely vulgar. Put it away! You’re not young and sexy anymore. She went thoughtful and mature for a while, and now she’s chucked it away in some desperate attempt at being hot again. It’s just a bit vile. I definitely think she’s had some work done – like a recent facelift.” The Sun quoted him, as saying in Attitude magazine.

Pigeons singer slams “old woman” Madonna

Pigeon Detectives frontman Matt Bowman has attacked Madonna, saying the popstar’s best days are behind her.

“She had some tunes in her early days but now she just looks like an old woman grasping on to any bit of relevance she can get with all these quirky collaborations. She should have let it go ten years ago. She’d have had more kudos than she does now. She doesn’t need the money and she’s got three or four kids she could be spending time with.”

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Madonna And Guy Ritchie On The Rocks

May 27, 2008 Comments off

Couple caught fighting in public again – Guy Ritchie gives his crazy wife hateful stare

Rumors abound that the marriage of copyright infringer Madonna and her husband director Guy Ritchie are on the rocks. Madonna’s emasculating ways and insistence on all things Kabbalah, coupled with Ritchie actively cheating on her with another woman, are believed to be the cause.

Of course, their rep denies there is any tension or trouble, but the pictures and their conduct speaks volumes. Of course, not being able to admit she ruined his life when she tried to get him to turn her into a movie star, after almost two decades of being panned by just about every film critic in existence, couldn’t have helped.

Not to mention, making him nutty via Kabbalah, insisting he incorporate the cult into his rip off films that later flopped (he’s been sued by 4 different people for separate acts of copyright infringement) and the ridicule and humiliation she brought him, couldn’t have helped either.

Tania Strecker

Guy Ritchie is also said to be still hung up on his former girlfriend, Tania Strecker, pardon the pun. She recently married into the wealthy Rothschild family.

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