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FBI Computer System Still A Financial Sinkhole

April 1, 2010 Comments off


FBI Director Robert S. Mueller (Photo credit: Stephanie Woodrow)

The New York Times has announced The FBI‘s long awaited computer system has hit the wall again. Unbelievable! The Judiciary Report’s sister site, the Sound Off Column, wrote a series of articles beginning in June 2006, warning of future trouble with the FBI’s planned computer system. 

The Sound Off Column even detailed methods of creating and implementing a computer system for the FBI that was a mere fraction of the cost being tossed around in Congress and would require far less time.

America has some of the biggest computer companies in the world, yet Mueller has the nation’s main law enforcement agency looking like they start fires with rocks and sticks, instead of matches.

Four years after the Sound Off Column articles, warning the FBI to change course in how it announced it would go about acquiring a computer system and $1 billion dollars later in taxpayer money and the FBI’s computer system is delayed once again with more problems cropping up. 

The Sound Off Column warned the system would be useless if it was implemented over years, rather than weeks or a few short months, as the speed of technology is as such, one year down the road, manufacturers will have released their latest innovations, making older models obsolete.   

However, site reader, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, clearly thinks he knows more than me about computers, when he nearly fell for an identity theft scam via an email link he nearly clicked, thus he went about the computer system the long and wrong way. Now they are sitting on scrap metal, er, I mean outdated computers, with old operating systems and slower peripherals, much of which have not even been implemented. 

I have a bridge I’d like to sell Mueller, because he is just that gullible that he would buy just about anything. This wouldn’t be so sad if the country was not facing an unprecedented rise in terrorism, both domestically and internationally. 

Having a great, cutting edge computer system, makes a big difference in law enforcement matters. Technology can be used to prevent crime and boost productivity, but some people just don’t grasp that. Robert S. Mueller is one of those people. Hence, the FBI being so slow and inefficient with cases, even when people’s lives are at stake.

Side Bar: you still haven’t accounted for hundreds of millions of dollars from the computer system money that went missing and was labeled “miscellaneous.” Do we have to guess which off shore accounts that embezzled taxpayer money is sitting in. You better be glad I’m not President, because your butt would be in prison.

Massive FBI computer overhaul is put on ice (again)Carrier pigeons still viable March 18, 2010 – WASHINGTON — The Federal Bureau of Investigation has suspended work on parts of its huge computer overhaul, dealing the agency the latest costly setback in a decade-long effort to develop a modernized information system to combat crime and terrorism.

F.B.I. Faces New Setback in Computer Overhaul

The overhaul was supposed to be completed this fall, but now will not be done until next year at the earliest. The delay could mean at least $30 million in cost overruns on a project considered vital to national security, Congressional officials said… 

The officials said the decision to suspend work on other parts of the program reflected the lessons learned from previous setbacks. When Lockheed Martin won the contract, the F.B.I. ended the previous computer overhaul and started over because the problems had grown too big to fix.

Robert S. Mueller III, director of the F.B.I., acknowledged problems in the project when he was asked about it at a House appropriations hearing on Wednesday…

While the F.B.I. described the problems as a minor setback, Congressional officials said they were alarmed. 

Posted in Government, 19th March 2010 20:35 GMT – The FBI has once again suspended work on parts of a massive computer overhaul that many say is vital to fighting crime and terrorism.

Putting the project known as Sentinel on hold has alarmed some on Capitol Hill because the upgrade was considered vital to shoring-up deficiencies in key areas, The New York Times reports. Several years ago, FBI computer systems were so poor that many agents couldn’t send or receive email and had difficulty getting case histories or tapping other databases.

Following the September 11 terrorist attacks, agents in Florida had to send their counterparts in Washington, DC, photographs of the hijackers by overnight mail because they couldn’t send email attachments.


House Of Representatives To Apologize For Slavery

September 24, 2008 Comments off

It was announced today that the U.S. House Of Representatives is to apologize for slavery. To draw on what I wrote about slavery yesterday, if you want to apologize for it, stop practicing it.

Not to mention under Bush’s FBI, America has the worst human rights record in the world (click here for FBI Patriot Act abuse story I broke in 2006). Throw in Guantanamo and its pretty much written in stone.

Then there is nasty, foul, degenerate Hollywood, wiretapping, burglarizing and terrorizing innocent people, through PI’s like Anthony Pellicano, for no reason other that arrogance, greed and extreme perversion.

When you actually clean all that illegal nastiness up in Hollywood and stop the additional human rights abuses coming out of Washington, then and only then, can you actually say you’ve changed.

Until then, people will continue to go by cases like Jena Six, Sean Bell, and others, for reference as to the iniquitous way blacks are treated in America by the government and Hollywood.

You know what else would be good, if you could get the FBI to apologize for murdering the greatest American that ever lived, Martin Luther King jr (read below where former FBI agents are saying this).

For the life of me I don’t understand how that alleged law enforcement entity in Washington didn’t get shutdown long ago. But give it time, and you will find out that FBI headquarters did something so bad, it will leave you little choice.

House poised to apologize for slavery, Jim Crow

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The House of Representatives was poised Tuesday to pass a resolution apologizing to African-Americans for slavery and the era of Jim Crow.

The nonbinding resolution, which is expected to pass, was introduced by Rep. Steve Cohen, a white lawmaker who represents a majority black district in Memphis, Tennessee.

While many states have apologized for slavery, it will be first time a branch of the federal government will apologize for slavery if the resolution passes, an aide to Cohen said.

By passing the resolution, the House would also acknowledge the “injustice, cruelty, brutality and inhumanity of slavery and Jim Crow.”

African-Americans continue to suffer from the consequences of slavery and Jim Crow — long after both systems were formally abolished — through enormous damage and loss, both tangible and intangible, including the loss of human dignity and liberty, the frustration of careers and professional lives, and the long-term loss of income and opportunity,” the resolution states.

The House would also commit itself to stopping “the occurrence of human rights violations in the future,” if it passes the resolution.

Covering Up the MLK Murder

“I saw how the agents in the Atlanta bureau laughed and were so happy when King was killed.” …

“I knew that the FBI would go to any lengths to accomplish its ends: assassination, murder, anything. But after I saw Coretta King on television talking so passionately about finding the truth, I decided to step forward.”

On how the investigation of the King case will proceed under Reno, Wilson said, “The Justice Department has a track record of deception and lies. I have no confidence in the outcome of this inquiry. I know my information has been tampered with and will be discounted.”


FBI agents did assassinate Martin Luther King, a 1999 Memphis jury determined. Read ACT OF STATE by Attorney William pepper for an account of the trial. There is a long history of FBI agents using explosives to assassinate Civil Rights workers, environmentalists and Political activists.

For starters read the book EYES TO MY SOUL and the accounts of former FBI agent Tyronne Powers where he describes how other agents blew up his FBI issued vehicle with him in it when he was writing his expose of FBI Death Squad activities.

Obama And McCain To Bush: It’s Your Fault

September 24, 2008 Comments off

George Bush waving

The candidates in the 2008 U.S. presidential election may not agree on many things, but there is one thing they both see eye to eye on – the deterioration of the U.S. economy is President George Bush’s fault.

John McCain (Republican). Why is everybody waving? (just kidding)

I think that’s something most people can agree on. Ah, George Bush, bringing people together in blame.

Barack Obama (Democrat)

If someone did to George Bush’s family’s fortune and back accounts, what he did to America’s, he’d want that individual jailed on felony charges.

Candidates blame Bush for deficit

McCain blamed “wasteful” spending for the record deficit. The two main US presidential candidates have blamed George Bush and his administration for the country’s soaring budget deficit.

John McCain and Barack Obama said the Bush administration was to blame for the deficit that is projected to hit a record $428bn in the next fiscal year which begins on October 1.

Bush To Leave Office With Record Deficit

September 24, 2008 Comments off

Economy Takes More Bad Turns

Is someone offering him a drink?! Oh that’s all America needs now (not).

Proving he is one of the worst financial minds of our time, George Bush, is to leave office with a record $500 billion dollar deficit. The U.S. economy’s numbers across the board are bad.

Oil has risen once again, the dollar devalued some more, foreclosures doubled and the stock market dropped 240 points. But his attitude is, never mind all that, as all he can talk about is the war.

The government may want to hold some type of symposium with the, I don’t know, smart people in the country, who aren’t so steeped in partisan politics, and try to solve this economic crisis.

The White House is in the red (no, not communism, in national financial straits)

Bush is not doing it. Just like I wrote a year ago he wouldn’t. He’s more concerned with faking the record in an attempt to leave office with good numbers, albeit fake, than admitting things are very bad and his administration needs help correcting it.

Just last week it was announced another 2.8 million homes are in danger of foreclosure. Those numbers are completely unacceptable.

It is my personal view that if government employees in senatorial and parliamentary posts made less money in salary, they would be more compassionate, empathetic and in tune with what happens in their respective nations, and improve the standard of living for their countrymen, as they’d be in the same proverbial boat (and in coach, not business or first class).

US deficit zooming to half-trillion as Bush leaves

WASHINGTON (AP) — The government’s budget deficit will surge past a half-trillion dollars next year, according to gloomy new estimates, a record flood of red ink that promises to force the winner of the presidential race to dramatically alter his economic agenda.

The deficit will hit $482 billion in the 2009 budget year that will be inherited by Democrat Barack Obama or Republican John McCain, the White House estimated Monday. That figure is sure to rise after adding the tens of billions of dollars in additional Iraq war funding it doesn’t include, and the total could be higher yet if the economy fails to recover as the administration predicts.

Stocks slide as financials again pull back

Monday July 28, 5:56 pm ET – Wall Street slides on renewed concerns about health of financials; Dow back in bear territory

NEW YORK (AP) — Wall Street again surrendered to investors’ anxiety about the financial sector Monday, sending the Dow Jones industrials down 240 points and back into bear market territory. The flight from equities sent investors into safe-haven bets like Treasury bonds.

Stocks Tumble on Oil, Deficit News

July 28, 2008, 4:50PM EST – Financial stocks gave up recent gains as a rise in oil prices and word of a record U.S. budget gap weighed on the market Monday.

Major U.S. stock indexes skidded Monday as a recent rebound for financial stocks faltered, oil prices rose and a report said the U.S. budget deficit could swell to a record. Traders also weighed news that private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. plans to go public.

Dollar falls vs. euro, pound, yen as record US deficit looms, Fed official warns on economy

NEW YORK: The dollar slipped against the euro and other major currencies on Monday as a Federal Reserve official sounded a warning on inflation and the U.S. government said its budget deficit was on pace to set a dollar record in 2008.

The 15-nation euro rose to $1.5752 from $1.5696 late Friday. Britain’s pound edged up to $1.9984 from $1.9893, while the dollar slipped to 107.41 Japanese yen from 107.90 yen.

NY Governor Paterson

To make his concern even clearer, Paterson will hold a private meeting today with Columbia University’s Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, the former head of the World Bank, who has called the current worldwide financial crisis the worst since the Great Depression.

U.S. Foreclosures Double as House Prices Decline (Update2)

July 25 (Bloomberg) — U.S. foreclosure filings more than doubled in the second quarter from a year earlier as falling home prices left borrowers owing more on mortgages than their properties were worth.

One in every 171 households was foreclosed on, received a default notice or was warned of a pending auction. That was an increase of 121 percent from a year earlier and 14 percent from the first quarter, RealtyTrac Inc. said today in a statement. Almost 740,000 properties were in some stage of foreclosure, the most since the Irvine, California-based data company began reporting in January 2005.

California foreclosures up 261% from ’07 levels

Breaking: DataQuick reports today that foreclosures in California soared 33% from the first quarter to the second quarter of 2008, and are running 261% ahead of year-ago levels.

Merrill sets $5.7 billion write-down, to sell stock

Mon Jul 28, 2008 7:41pm EDT – NEW YORK (Reuters) – Merrill Lynch & Co (MER.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) said on Monday it will take a $5.7 billion third-quarter write- down as it unloads huge amounts of risky debt, and raise $8.5 billion by selling new stock.

Wachovia loses $8.9B, cuts 6,350 workers, dividend

Wachovia slashes dividend, jobs, to shut mortgage unit after $8.86B loss in second quarter

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Wachovia Corp. reported a surprisingly large second-quarter loss Tuesday, deflating Wall Street’s hopes that the nation’s big banks are weathering the credit crisis well. The bank said it lost $8.86 billion, is slashing its dividend and eliminating 10,750 positions after losses tied to mortgages soared.

Even excluding one-time items, the results substantially missed analysts’ estimates.

WAMU Shares Way Down

Washington Mutual led a slide in home lenders after IndyMac Bancorp Inc. was taken over last week in the second-biggest seizure of a financial company by U.S. regulators. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. predicted today that Washington Mutual’s cumulative losses this year will reach $26 billion as the mortgage crisis worsens.

Washington Mutual rose 10 percent to $3.54 in extended trading after tumbling 35 percent at 4 p.m. on the New York Stock Exchange. The shares have lost 76 percent of their value this year, the second-biggest decline in the 24-member KBW Bank Index. National City Corp. has dropped 77 percent.

McCain: Obama’s Iraq Plan Calls For Return Visit

August 20, 2008 Comments off

John McCain

Republican presidential nominee John McCain stated Obama’s plan for U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq in 18 months, would mean having to go back to the nation at a later date.

McCain stated, with his plan, “When I withdraw, we’re done. With Obama we might have to return.”

I don’t think the people of Iraq want the occupation now or a repeat visit for that matter. News outlets all over the world, both television and print, are covering stories of the Iraqi people wanting the war to end, as it’s killed 1,000,000 of their people, destroyed their nation’s infrastructure and their peace of mind.

Barack Obama

Some reports state the Iraqi people are begging for the days of Saddam again, stating he was bad, but they would rather him, than living and dying in the manner they are now. There are photos all over the internet of school kids getting caught in war crossfire and being killed.

Men, women, children, babies and grandmothers are dying in huge numbers, while from the comfort of his office, where he is waited on hand and foot, the worst president in the history of the United States, protests leaving a country he has no right to be in – that the soldiers want out of.

Why should all these people die on both sides of the aisle, because of your greed for oil. It’s the wickedest thing I have ever seen in my life.

George Bush

Please, be honest, Mr. President. The Bush administration grew very imperialistic in trying to seize an already settled foreign country, because of its vast oil resources. Greed got the best of Bush and Cheney and they lied to everyone to get a foot in the door over there, then did the unthinkable, in the name of oil.

Since you want Iraqi oil that badly, Mr. Bush, let the soldiers come back to their families, and you and Mr. Cheney can go illegally fight for the oil yourselves. I’ve heard Cheney is good with a gun.

You sorely neglected the U.S. economy in favor of stealing Iraqi oil, by any means necessary, causing a terrible economic meltdown in America.

Once again, I must point out, the neglected U.S. economy, which greatly devalued under your presidency, is worth more than the black gold you’re illegally after in the Middle East.

Fools gold indeed.

Had you invested the money you squandered on the war, into America, the nation would be way ahead of other countries financially and technologically. But you didn’t. You blew the lead. America has regressed under your presidency.

As a result, China, Russia, Dubai, Canada and the E.U. are financially, technologically and scientifically reaching new heights, while America falls behind, thanks to you. That’s because instead of spending their money funding a never ending war and bombs to drop in Iraqi, they dumped the cash into their nations.

Iraq’s PM Nouri al Maliki

Things have gotten so bad in America with Bush’s out of control spending on the war and other poor ideas, that he’s had to cut funding for the disabled and elderly. That was a new low, Mr. President, but that’s what your presidency has been about. Setting lows.

Imagine that, going down in history as Bush will. This is what the history books will reflect:

1. Cost over 3,000 U.S. soldiers their lives.
2. Cost over 1,000,000 Iraqis their lives.
3. Cost over 4 million Iraqis their homes, as they had to flee for their lives to Syria during the war.
4. Cost over 4 million Americans their homes, as he allowed his cronies in the banking industry to gouge and abuse citizens.
5. Spent over a trillion of U.S. taxpayer money on a war he lied about.
6. Stole Iraqi oil.
7. Squandered billions in U.S. taxpayer money that hasn’t all gone to rebuilding a country he illegally bombed. Rebuilding money is missing.
8. Caused the price of oil to skyrocket in several democratic countries.
9. Aided the family of the top terrorist in the world, Osama Bin Laden, with leaving America right after 9/11 happened.
10. Raised the price of many services Americans need (court, government and postal services).
11. Cut government funding and benefits for the disabled and elderly. Just shameful.
12. Maliciously outed a U.S. spy who could have gotten killed as a result.
13. Spied on American citizens and residents whenever he felt like, via illegal wiretapping, email snooping and scanning bank accounts (FBI).
14. Misused the U.S. Secret Service to threaten, bully and harass Americans that lawfully spoke out against his tyrannical conduct.

The beauty of influence or so-called high-powered jobs, is the character to have the grace, class, dignity and integrity, not to abuse one’s post or operate outside the law, but to selflessly serve. These are lessons George W. Bush clearly never learned.

McCain: When I Withdraw, We’re Done. With Obama, We Might Have To Return

23 Jul 2008 12:00 pm – WILKES-BARRE, PA — Barack Obama still won’t endorse the surge, and that, says John McCain, is evidence of collosal misjudgment McCain says Obama is reckless — committed to withdrawing troops even if doing so would set off a civil war If McCain is president and his strategy prevails, “We will come home. We will come home with victory and honor, but we will never have to go back,” he said.

“So, when Senator Obama says well if we don’t succeed, we may have to go back in, we might.”

Paulson Compares Financial Apples And Oranges

August 20, 2008 Comments off

Treasury Chief, Henry Paulson, today compared apples and oranges in stating the current U.S. economic crisis is nowhere near as bad as the Savings & Loan scandal of the 1980’s, which I previously wrote about on this site.

During the S&L crisis, an unprecedented number of Americans did not lose their homes, which is what happened with the current economic disaster. In addition, millions of other U.S. homes have been devalued, when property prices plummeted.

People that bought homes a couple years ago, are faced with the terrible conundrum of sticking with a mortgage and staying in a home that is now worth 40-60 percent less than what they bought it for.

You are now finding individuals walking away from their homes and mortgages, reasoning the payments have become too high or the house isn’t worth what they’d previously paid for it. The level to which this has now happened is unprecedented in U.S. history.

Therefore, how can Paulson compare the two or apply the same principles the government used to rebuild after the S&L crisis of the 1980’s. If you apply those principles, the problem will not be solved and restructuring the economy will be a pipe dream.

It is the equivalent of giving someone a shot for one disease when their medical tests say they have another.

This is not a problem the current administration will solve by the time Bush leaves office, as the damage is so far reaching. A follow up a few months from now by analysts and market speculators will reflect that.

Paulson says recovery to take months, not years

Treasury chief confident Congress will approve Fannie, Freddie aid plan

Paulson also voiced confidence on government’s ability to deal with the recent string of bank failures.
“Our regulators are on top of it. This is a very manageable situation,” he said.

He said 2008 has seen only five banks fail, compared with about 250 failures seen in a single year during the height of the savings-and-loan crisis of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Speaking later on CNN’s Late Edition, he added that “99% of the banks with 99% of the assets” were in good shape in terms of capitalization.

Democrats And Iraqis Discuss Ending War

August 12, 2008 Comments off

Barack Obama

The Democrats, presidential candidate Barack Obama and house speaker Nancy Pelosi, have been in talks with the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, regarding ending the Iraq war, President Bush deceitfully got the nation involved in.

Nancy Pelosi

President Bush and his advisors are against ending it…but who cares. America cannot afford to continue spending massive sums of money per day on a fruitless war. That level of spending would break the strongest of nations, launching it into bankruptcy.

Pelosi calls for high-level meeting with Iraqis

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama now has a major ally in his push for a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki tells a German outlet that he’d like to see troops leave “as soon as possible, as far as we are concerned.” He then added: “U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama is right when he talks about 16 months.”…

“So with the prime minister saying it’s time for you to go,” she told the crowd, “I think it’s time for our country to sit down with the Iraqis and work that plan out. [We need to be] respectful of what the prime minister says, and respectful of the will of the American people, who have been against this war for a long time…[We should] have a high-level meeting with the Iraqis to work out the terms of our deployment out of Iraq…So, the end could be in sight.”

Bush adviser says Iraq timeline “very dangerous”

Sun Jul 20, 2008 1:37pm EDT – WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President George W. Bush’s top military adviser said on Sunday setting an unconditional two-year timetable for getting U.S. troops out of Iraq in two years would be dangerous.