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Shia LaBeouf Injury To Be Included In Movie

November 29, 2008

So Are They Going To Make Him Flip His Truck Again

Just Kidding

August 2. 2008

At first it was being stated that “Transformers” actor Shia LaBeouf’s injury would require a one month break from filming for him to recuperate.

Remember when I joked on July 30, 2008 that “MSNBC is reporting LaBeouf’s injury will cost the “Transformers 2” sequel millions of dollars, due to the one month delay for Shia to recuperate from hand surgery. Um, can’t he just wear gloves in the movie or something (kidding). “

“Transformers 2” costar Megan Fox

Well, they’ve changed their minds and announced yesterday evening that they are working his injury into the sequel, “Transformers 2.” Wonder if they will give him Michael Jackson type gloves (LOL).

For the record, according to Labeouf’s lawyer, he has two crushed fingers. Shia’s just being a baby. When I get a paper cut do you think I stop typing for a whole month. I think not.

Labeouf smashed his hand, crushing two of his fingers.

Michael Norris, LaBeouf’s attorney, said in a statement Friday LaBeouf underwent four hours of surgery. His left arm remains immobilized from the elbow down.

“He will need regular medical supervision until his doctors clear him to return to work,” Norris said in the statement. “His doctors remain hopeful that he will fully recover, but due to extensive surgery and the nature of the injuries, there remains a substantial risk of both infection and other complications.” …

LaBeouf has been filming the “Transformers” sequel, “Revenge of the Fallen.” Director Michael Bay said the injury may be added to the script.

“His two fingers are pretty smashed, but we’re figuring out a way to shoot around it, kind of write it into the story,” Bay told “Access Hollywood” in an interview airing Friday.

Bay claimed his leading man was not drunk at the time of the crash and insisted that “that’s gonna go away.”

“He was drinking hours and hours before,” Bay told the syndicated entertainment show.



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