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Paula Abdul Went Nuts At Gynecologist Office

November 29, 2008

August 4. 2008

Paula Abdul

Apparently, former pop music lip-syncer and current “American Idol” host, Paula Abdul, was spotted getting hysterical at her gynecologist’s office in Los Angeles.

Privacy issues aside, what’s the problem. Did they find a penis or something.

Emotional Exam

July 27, 2008 — WHATEVER she was feeling, Paula Abdul was sure making a racket outside her gynecologist’s office Wednesday. Though her rep insists Abdul was “laughing and giggling” in a courtyard outside her doctor’s office on Crescent Boulevard in LA after an exam, a witness said she was having some sort of meltdown. Our spy saw Abdul “sobbing on the phone to her friends and clutching papers from her doctor” for two hours.



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