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Crazy Cruise Sued

November 29, 2008

Scientology And Its Frontman Sued By Former Member

August 4. 2008

Tom “Crazy” Cruise

Madman actor Tom Cruise has been named in a lawsuit against the sick, murderous cult known as Scientology. He and the cult are being accused of harassment, in hounding a man that left Scientology.

This is a common complaint among survivors of sick cults that psychologists note as one of several common threads. They act like it’s the mafia and you are not allowed to leave.

Regarding the litigant in the Cruise case, I hope you win. Hopefully the judge won’t be, um, corrupted, which is common place in Hollywood cases.

The FBI’s Robert Mueller has turned a blind eye to Scientology and Kabbalah breaking scores of Federal laws he was sworn to uphold. Just whose payroll are you on.

The government has done a terrible job in regulating sick Hollywood cults like Scientology and Kabbalah, who’ve caused the deaths of many innocent people, as illustrated by numerous court cases and death records. They are domestic terrorists.

Almost 100 people have died as a direct result of the Hollywood cults Scientology and Kabbalah, via the mentally ill practices they engage in.

Their dangerous quackery knows no limits, and includes, but is not limited to, practicing medicine without a license, putting members through intense, unneeded treatment programs that led to their untimely demise, pseudo-psychiatry procedures that resulted in murders and suicides. Their rigid detox programs are also more of a serious health risk than anything.

All this contemptuous conduct done under the guise of celebrity. They are supposed to be entertainers and look what these psychopaths are doing behind closed doors. What a bunch of frauds.

Leaked cult documents also show their goals of permeating governments to promote their mentally ill madness they claim is religion.

Too bad they didn’t oil the car down before he got on it

You are not licensed doctors. You are not psychologists. You are not elected politicians. You are not designated lawmakers. You are entertainers. Know your place.

How some of you get mixed up in this illegality, criminal harassment and coercion is beyond justification. There is no excuse for your conduct. You’re supposed to be making entertainment for the masses and look at the sick rubbish you get up to when you think no one is looking. How do you think that makes you look to the public.

In Christianity, if someone chooses to leave the faith, the average church/believer, doesn’t badger, bully or stalk them. We pray for them that one day they will return to believing in God again.

Not so with Hollywood cults like Scientology and Kabbalah. In many documented cases a pattern emerges. They will threaten, blackmail, criminally harass, stalk and humiliate you for leaving.

They will call your house and leave many messages. They will call your job and speak to your co-workers in unflattering ways. They will threaten to disclose personal items they learned about you, usually through illegal means, when they delved into your private life to very disturbing degrees.

If someone wants out of your mentally ill cult, let them go and stop harassing them. Stop stalking people and bombarding them with unwanted calls, emails and visits. It’s sick and despicable. No one appreciates that.

NOTE: in a typical, unlawful legal maneuver used by Hollywood cults like Scientology and Kabbalah, they contacted the victim/plaintiff’s lawyer and engaged in witness tampering. Witness intimidation is a very serious crime and one that draws a substantial sentence.

“Hollywood star Tom Cruise has been named in a $250 million federal lawsuit, which accuses him of continuous harassment. Peter Letterese, a one-time Scientologist has filed the lawsuit against David Miscavage, the leader of the church as well as Tom Cruise.

Many believe that Cruise is now second in command for the church; he has been accused by Letterese of continuous harassment after he had left the organization.

Letterese has said in the lawsuit that he compares the Church of Scientology to a crime syndicate; he said that members of the church tried to convinces his lawyer’s wife that he was having a homosexual affair. One member of the church actually phoned the wife, the caller then tried to convince the lawyer’s wife that he was his Letterese’s gay lover…

We are not sure how far this lawsuit will go, one thing is sure though The Church of Scientology is having a hard time just lately.



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