Cowardly Madonna

November 29, 2008

August 4. 2008

Mindless Madonna

Madonna has been having entertainment industry friends defend her ghastly conduct to the public. In a series of arranged and placed articles, actors Vinny Jones and Jason Statham, among others, have spoken up for her, to a public that wants her off their TV screens and radios (hence her failed album and bad tour sales).

Why is she always getting her friends to come forward and uncomfortably defend her. We know its prearranged. That’s how those interviews and press quotes of that nature work. It’s not spontaneous.

Why can’t the raggedy witch speak for herself. Why is she always hiding behind others when she does things the public condemns her for. You were arrogant enough to be unethical, certainly you can defend yourself or are you that much of a coward.

Vinny Jones

No one’s that special that they can’t properly address the public and Madonna is as common as can be. A low life, thieving animal.

Therefore, why can’t she stand up and tell the world what we already know – you’re trash with no morals or talent – consistently causing other people emotional, physical and financial injury.

Furthermore, for someone who is always gossiping and running her mouth in the entertainment industry, viciously spreading lies about other people, she certainly has a peculiar way of shutting down when people put her dirty laundry out for all to see.

Jason Statham

Additionally, Madonna pushing forward her friends to speak for her certainly isn’t changing public opinion, as people still loathe her conduct and have been voicing statements to that effect online. One thing is for sure, it shall damage said stars’ names for defending her in things she is guilty of doing. When the truth comes out, as it inevitably does, they end up discredited as well.

Madonna’s always trying to get some male to verbally bully or browbeat others. Why doesn’t she use the testicles I know she has and defend herself.

Oh yea, that’s right. She can’t. She’s done too many horrible things that no excuse will justify said conduct to the public, who have grown tired of her.

She and her staff are busy faxing and emailing stories about her to papers and blogs every week, working her crazy self up into a frenzy, not grasping that public perception of her is so horrible now. No one is impressed. She’s just gone too far and the mask fell off.

Madonna’s husband Guy Ritchie is now a lunatic, babbling crazy things to the press about “sugar killing people” and being a “spy.” You know what’s even more dangerous you nutball, crazy pop stars commissioning attempted murder to avoid indictment.

Jones insists that Madonna and co do not “read anything” when she reads the blogs and magazine sites. She’s quoted things from them that gave that away.

Statham stated people are jealous of Guy Ritchie because he is “good looking” and a “successful” director. On what planet? His stolen movies keep bombing.

That’s funny, because I for one would not want to wake up tomorrow as a white man, as I’m a black woman and would have a lot of explaining to do (that was a joke).

Moreover, if I had the movie “Swept Away” on my resume, I’d cry myself to sleep every night (that’s not a joke). I don’t envy not a one of them. They are two untalented, boring, fake people, who’ve been sued for stealing just about every project they’ve put out. No doubt he learned that from Madonna.

Madonna Doesn’t Read Tabloids

Ritchie’s pal, actor Vinnie Jones, tells the magazine: “I know for a fact (that) they don’t read anything. No one’s getting at them. It seems nowadays people can write about what they want and get away with it.”

He adds that the family “seem very close”.

The couple share three children – Madonna’s daughter Lourdes, 11, from a previous relationship; Rocco, seven, and adopted son David, two.

Jason Statham Blasts Guy Ritchie’s ‘Jealous’ Critics

Jason StathamJason Statham has defended director pal Guy Ritchie, insisting any criticism of his films is based on jealousy. The 35-year-old – who has worked with Ritchie on Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Revolver and Snatch – believes Madonna’s husband is subjected to criticism because he is so talented.

He says, “Guy’s a good-looking, talented man with a great family. He’s very successful and people are jealous – maybe more so than they like to admit, and that puts a bad taste in people’s mouth’s.”

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