Paris Hilton’s Dad Donated To John McCain

September 24, 2008

Republican presidential nominee, John McCain and his recent controversial Barack Obama ad, prominently featuring Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, is facing a contradiction of sorts.

John and Cindy McCain

The ad that subtlety cast aspersions on Obama, equating him with the two bimbos, much to their chagrin, also dissed the daughter of one of his campaign donors, Rick Hilton.

Paris, your weave is showing

It is being pointed out in the press today that Rick Hilton, father of Paris, donated thousands to McCain’s campaign. Paris most likely didn’t donate a dime and McCain probably figured that’s what she gets for being a cheapskate.

In all fairness to Paris, she probably didn’t even know there is an election going on. You can’t expect her to keep up with current events.

Sidebar: you know Paris will read this and think I’m defending her, right.

Sidebar 2: If Britney took her meds today, she may be upset at the ad too. Then again, she’d probably just be grateful he didn’t use any bald pics of her in the ad.

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