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Effectiveness Of Obama Worldwide Trip Scrutinized

September 24, 2008

Obama In France

Newspapers today are citing the lack of change in polls as evidence Obama’s overseas tour of nations did nothing to boost his presidential bid in America.

Obama in Israel

However, he is liked abroad and the trip did give a little lift to America’s name, which George Bush has muddied worldwide with his poor conduct. In my opinion, Obama was more of a goodwill ambassador. How did that do any harm.

Obama in Israel again

George Bush burned a lot of bridges in the world that will need to be repaired. Someone’s going to have to do that or face more isolationism and a more unfriendly international climate as time goes on.

Obama in…mid-air

Obama trip leaves confidence little changed: poll

Tue Jul 29, 2008 8:10am EDT – WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrat Barack Obama’s highly publicized foreign trip does not appear to have increased confidence in his ability to be president and may have helped energize supporters of Republican John McCain, according to a poll published on Tuesday.



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