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Scott Storch Is M.I.A. In The M.I.A.

August 20, 2008

Storch Is Missing In Action In Miami

Storch Getting Scorched By The Legal System

UPDATE: 7-26-08 Scott Storch’s home is on neighboring Palm Island, not Star Island, contrary to a previously released report in a local Miami paper.

This is a follow up to the article titled Miami Producer Scott Storch Yacht In Repo Sale. The hip-hop producer is now facing legal trouble on all sides and has gone missing.

A warrant was drafted for Scott Storch’s arrest regarding non-payment of child support and in a separate case, SunTrust Bank initiated foreclosure proceedings against his $10 million dollar Miami Beach home. The Palm Beach Post stated he has not made payments in a year.

Sidebar: how did you get that house for $10 million? Did you do a trade with some kilos or something. Just kidding, but that price is millions off for Star Island. Homes on Star Island haven’t been $10 million since you were 10.

Storch’s yacht was in a repo sale

Time for you to sober up and start liquidating your assets. You can start by selling the cars, the house, the jewelry and drop the entourage. Learn from McHammer.

Material things never made a man better than another. It’s just a show of wealth and as with all things concerning money, as the Bible says, it can disappear in an instant when one least expects it.

‘Hip-Hop’s Liberace’ Storch tumbles into foreclosure

The famed hip-hop producer who tried to make singing sensations out of Paris Hilton and Brooke Hogan could soon be homeless.

SunTrust Bank moved earlier this month to foreclose on the $10 million Miami home of Scott Storch, according to Miami-Dade County records obtained by Page 2.1.


Lil Wayne/ Paris Hilton Producer Scott Storch Wanted By Police For Skipping Child-Support Hearing
Producer also reportedly behind on property taxes; lawyer blames mismanagement.

Formerly red-hot producer Scott Storch, known for his signature aviator shades, high living and banging beats, is facing some hard financial times.



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