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Rihanna Ripped Off FeFe Dobson

August 20, 2008

Rihanna Rips Off Dobson’s Image From The Hairstyles To The Tats

Further proving she is a fraud, vulgar Rihanna not only stole the songs “Umbrella” “Take A Bow” and “A Million Miles Away” the subject of a forthcoming lawsuit, she also ripped off Canadian singer FeFe Dobson’s image, which another website pointed out in the above posted video.

FeFe Dobson

It’s amazing how Rihanna fraudulently claimed in an interview that she was taking control of her career in wanting to take out her hair extensions and change her image. So you wanted to take control by stealing someone else’s preexisting look, which in legal speak is “Trademark Infringement” and a violation of the “Right To Publicity.”

You’re a fake to have touted your new image and style as your own creation, when Dobson wore the same look, down to the accompanying star tattoos, years before. Dobson was even on MTV. It’s not like no one saw.


This thievery should come as no surprise, as her mentor is that criminal Jay-Z, whose not only sleeping with her, but schooling her in the ways of theft and fraud. I predict this stealing spree will end in terrible legal charges.

Your grown enough to be sleeping with other people’s men, groping lesbians for the camera, flashing your crotch on stage, and criminally stealing preexisting copyrighted works you never should have had any access to, then certainly you’re woman enough to accept legal charges.

Neyo is Jay-Z’s fruity producer that helps Rihanna steal


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