Obama On Tour

August 20, 2008

Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama, has been doing a tour of the Middle East, Britain and Europe in a bid to shore up worldwide support for his White House bid in November of 2008.

His rival for the presidency, John McCain, has criticized him for this expedition and further denounced Obama’s desire to speak to world leaders America currently shuns. McCain expressed those views in an op-ed that was rejected by the New York Times, but accepted by Drudge Report.

The warmongering and hostility has got to stop, as it is a great liability to America. Other nations such as Russia and China have surpassed America in weapons technology. A few months ago, a Chinese submarine snuck up on an American vessel and went undetected until it deliberately surfaced next to the U.S. unit in Asian waters.

Everybody needs to calm down and think with clear heads, as the situation is escalating in undesirable ways. Bush made terrible decisions in the diplomacy arena, stoking world tensions. The next president will need to calm them down, as things never should have reached this point.

All it takes is the wrong provocation from one leader and an angry response from another and the world as we know it will be changed forever. Don’t think it can’t happen.

Bush and McCain are already talking about bombing Iran, while its head of state, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is inflaming the situation with dreadful proclamations of wiping other nations off the map.

John McCain

Mr. McCain, I urge you to calm down and desist with the “bomb Iran” and “kill Iranians” jokes. They are in poor taste and I do believe they would fire back…and so would their allies.


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