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Obama Heckled At Western Wall In Jerusalem

August 20, 2008

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama was heckled at the Western Wall in Israel yesterday. The same happened to John McCain several weeks ago in Israel as well.

The anti-American sentiment comes at a time when Jews in the area are concerned about their nation’s future and security. Obama tried to reassure the crowd that he is a friend.

Obama heckled as he makes a surprise visit to Jerusalem’s Western Wall

Barack Obama made a surprise pre-dawn visit to Jerusalem’s Western Wall this morning, at the end of a trip aimed at showing his strong support for Israel.

The Democrat presidential hopeful, wearing a Jewish skullcap, placed a prayer he had written in the wall and bowed his head while a rabbi read a psalm calling for peace in the holy city.

One worshipper chanted “Obama, Jerusalem is not for sale” and “Jerusalem is our land” as the Illinois senator stood at the wall, a relic of the ancient Jewish temple destroyed during Roman rule nearly 2,000 years ago.

He assured Israel and its U.S. Jewish supporters on Wednesday that he was a friend who would not press for concessions in peace talks with Palestinians that would compromise its security.



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