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John McCain To Back Upgraded Disabilities Act

August 20, 2008

John McCain

Republican presidential nominee John McCain has pledged his support for the upgraded Americans With Disabilities Act, which I find somewhat ironic and hope he keeps his word, as his comrade George W. Bush has slashed funding and assistance for the disabled.

And no I’m not guessing, nor did I read this somewhere. I know professionals who work in the field and disabled people as well, and they are all telling the same story, the government has cut their funding. This is creating problems for them in paying their bills and having the same active lives they use to enjoy.

John McCain: you’re not taking a picture of this, are you!

This move also cost the nation jobs in that many care providers for the disabled were forced to go out of business, closing their companies down, since Mr. Bush cut funding to buy more bombs to drop on men, women, children, babies, grandparents and ironically the disabled, in Iraq. In case you didn’t know, the body count is over 1 million dead in Iraq.

Not to mention, once again, George Bush’s Supreme Court made the wrong decision – this time regarding the disabled. History will not remember it well.

McCain vows to back changes to disabilities law

COTTONWOOD, Ariz. (AP) — Republican presidential candidate John McCain is pledging support for a proposal to expand protections for disabled people under an 18-year-old landmark civil rights law.

Supporters of the law say the Supreme Court has limited the law’s reach.

A month ago, the House passed a bill to extend protections to people who take medicine to control epilepsy, diabetes or cancer or use prosthetic limbs.



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