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Gordon Brown’s Party Takes Another Beating

August 20, 2008

Obama Offers Words Of Support

British PM Gordon Brown

This is a follow up to the June 17, 2008 article Bush & Brown. Labour party leader, Gordon Brown, is learning a tough lesson, that publicly backing George Bush is a bad idea.

Bush’s visit to London last month, replete with government photo-ops, hurt the Labour party. It solidified Brown’s support of Bush, much to the ire of the British people, and as a result, last week, Brown’s party lost another round of elections in Glasgow, leading up to the general elections. The opposition Tory party must be ecstatic.

A perpetually lost looking George Bush stands with Gordon Brown in 10 Downing Street

Last month via this column I told you to fake the Bubonic Plague, Mr. Brown, but you didn’t listen and let Bush in Downing Street anyway. Even U.S. politicians are distancing themselves from Mr. Bush.

Seriously, the whole situation is rather regrettable, as you’ve inherited a massive problem, Mr. Brown. Somewhere in London, Mr. Blair is having tea, saying “Glad it’s not me.”

Obama encouraged Brown that incumbents become unpopular once in office. While, there is some truth to that, there’s a difference between becoming unpopular and being flat out loathed as Bush is in America and the world over.

Obama encourages embattled Brown

Sat Jul 26, 12:22 PM ET – As the media speculated he could be forced to quit following a third crushing by-election defeat in as many months, senior figures in Brown’s governing Labour Party ordered rebels to back down and get behind their leader.

And US presidential hopeful Obama, following talks with Brown in London, said that leaders were always more unpopular once elected — and he had been variously described as a “genius” or an “idiot”.

Labour saw the Scottish National Party overturn its 13,507 majority in the Glasgow East constituency in a vote Thursday — a huge blow indicating it is now haemorrhaging support in its heartland.

Labour lawmakers, fearful for their jobs at the next general election, were now urging senior ministers to tell Brown to step down or face being ousted after they return from holidays in September, newspapers said.



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