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Fishy Pedicure

August 20, 2008

A nail salon in Virginia is offering fish pedicures. Don’t laugh. People are paying for this stuff. Ok, now you can laugh. Tiny carp fish eat the rough skin off your feet. Thank God it’s not a piranha pedicure.

Um, I think I’ll stick with a properly sterilized pumice. After all, as unusual as the above mentioned procedure is, Nemo is not a pedicurist.

“Patsy Fisher, 42, of Crofton, Md., center, checks on the progress of KaNin Reese, 32, of Washington, with Tracy Roberts, 33, of Rockville, Md., left, as they indulge in a fish pedicure treatment at Yvonne Hair and Nails salon in Alexandria, Va. on Thursday July 17, 2008.”



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