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Brad Pitt Pulls A Britney Spears

August 20, 2008

Yesterday, actor Brad Pitt was photographed driving on his leased estate in France, with his 2-year-old daughter dangerously perched on his lap. Many websites are slamming his conduct.

Ironically enough, today he sued the paparazzi for taking photos of his family on said estate, using telephoto lens, deeming it an invasion of privacy.

It’s kind of odd. Several weeks ago the paparazzi photographed his partner, Angelina Jolie, sunbathing topless on a balcony in France and not a word from them.

Yesterday, they photograph him dangerously driving with his young daughter on his lap and legal threats appear overnight.

Pitt Peeved Over Paparazzi Pix

Actor threatens legal action over photos of family at French estate

JULY 23–Lawyers for Brad Pitt are threatening legal action against news outlets if photos taken of the actor and his brood at their French estate are published. The images, Pitt’s lawyer contends, were “surreptitiously” taken by paparazzi with “highly powerful telephoto lenses,” and, if published, would violate the star’s privacy rights.

The photos show “Pitt and his family as they engaged in familial activities on private property,” according to attorney Yael Holtkamp, who last night sent TSG the below legal notice (though in our 11+ years, we’ve never purchased a single paparazzi photo).



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