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Angelina Jolie – Fight In France

August 20, 2008

No, Not Jennifer Aniston

Security And Paparazzi Clash To Bloody Results

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

The paparazzi and Angelina Jolie’s security got into a heated exchange that left some of the photographers bloodied. Jolie and her family were not involved in the incident. However, their security team was and it made the news.

The Provence, France estate the pair have been leasing

Security wanted them to leave the grounds of the French estate Jolie and her boyfriend Brad Pitt have been leasing in Provence, but they refused. Punches were thrown and the police was called, who rightfully felt they had better things to do than break up the melee.

Legally, this problem is very easy to solve. A leased residence where privacy is to be expected. Do the math, who did not belong in this picture or on said property. Ah yes, that’s right, the photographers.

Jolie and co. leased the house and you had no legal right being anywhere on the property without their permission. It was invasion of privacy and trespassing.

Paparazzi clash with bodyguards at Jolie estate

Fri Jul 25, 2008 3:09pm EDT – PARIS (Reuters) – Two paparazzi in camouflage gear scuffled with bodyguards of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt after they were found hiding on the grounds of the Hollywood stars’ French estate, the couple’s security chief said on Friday.

Tony Webb, head of the team guarding the Chateau Miraval estate where the couple are staying following the birth of their twins earlier this month, said the incident took place on Thursday afternoon.

“We caught the two and tried to escort them off the property, and the guy’s just gone berserk, thrashing out, kicking and actually biting one of the security people, breaking his finger, drawing blood and screaming that he had Hepatitis C” he told Reuters.



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