Yankees Boycott A-Rod’s Party

August 12, 2008

Alex Rodriguez (left) and Guy Oseary (right)

In this edition of, Madonna messed up A-Rod’s life with crazy Kabbalah, the New York Post is reporting that the baseball player’s teammates boycotted his All Star party that she was supposed to attend. She decided not to go at the last minute, fearing further public condemnation.

She did however send her nutty Kabbalah friends in her place, like her cocaine hoovering lesbian girlfriend, Ingrid Casares, and her crooked business partner Guy Oseary.

Wife Cynthia Rodriguez filed for divorce citing Madonna as the last straw

The DJ also played Madonna’s old songs back to back, but really, what does it matter, as it sounds like no one was there to listen to it.

Nice work, Madonna. You took a guy that people use to like, cost him his family and made him a social outcast. That kind of destructiveness is a gift…from the pit of hell.

How appropriate…a horse’s behind…posing with another horse’s behind. Her face looks so hard and tough.

Do the world a favor, Madonna, go retire somewhere and confine your madness to yourself, before you harm any more innocent people.


July 16, 2008 — ALEX Rodriguez’s teammates must wish they could divorce him too. “He’s become a huge distraction with the Madonna fiasco,” a source told Page Six. “It’s always all about him.” That explains why none of his fellow Yankees went to the All-Star bash he hosted at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club Monday night.

Instead, his mommy, Lourdes, and his new best friends, Guy Oseary and Ingrid Casares, were by his side in a corner booth as he threw back shots. And Casares was then spotted leaving A-Rod’s Park Avenue pad yesterday afternoon.

Reps from Berk Communications, who’d slapped Madonna’s name on their tip sheet for the event, kept insisting she was on her way, but she never showed. Instead, A-Rod was entertained by big-busted hotties who shimmied to Material Girl tunes and desperately tried to make eye contact with him.


‘No More Talking About Madonna, Please’

July 15, 2008, 7:30 pm – As Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees was doing a pre-game interview near his locker, David Ortiz of the Red Sox bellowed, “No more talking about Madonna, please.” While Ortiz’s comment caused a few reporters to chuckle, Rodriguez ignored the remark. Rodriguez answered one more question and then ended the interview.



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