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Sick Surveillance

August 12, 2008

Hidden Camera Case Results In Indictment


NOTE 6-26-08: Madonna’s hackers from this case (that also discusses hidden cams) who work at Digilink which is the company that hosted her site Madonna.com for years have been hacking the site and deleting photos from this article. I am working to fix the problem.

In an age where technology is so much apart of our lives, some sick, insidious people have taken to abusing it in ways that sends a terrible message as to how depraved and disgusting they are.

I am referring to the abuse of hidden cameras. The perpetrators in these case are sick people that particularly prey on women who are being stalked and separately children in schools.

Recently, the FBI and DOJ indicted an Atlantic City Council president, Craig Callaway, for illegally filming a rival in a motel room using a hidden camera in a Sony clock radio (see photo below). Craig then used the illegally made footage in an attempt to blackmail and taunt his victim. He is currently serving 40 months on a bribery charge and is now being tried on the hidden camera and blackmail charge:

The (FBI) agent also testified in detail about the plot to lure Robinson to the Bayview Motel in neighboring Absecon. Callaway, his brothers David and Ronald, and a friend, Floyd Tally, approached the motel owner and said they wanted to rent adjacent rooms so they could secretly videotape someone, the agent said. The Callaways, Tally and City Councilman John Schultz are all charged in the case.

They got rooms 101 and 102, and Tally placed a camera hidden in a clock radio inside one of the rooms, Eckel said. The camera sent a video stream to a recorder in the adjacent room, he said.

The agent said the Callaways paid a woman, whom he did not identify, between $150 and $200 to lure Robinson to the motel and perform a sex act on him.


Idle Hands Are The Devil’s Workshop

Some in Hollywood and Washington political circles have taken to hiring expensive private investigators. These individuals are unscrupulous, and very similar to recently convicted and jailed private eye, Anthony Pellicano, in their practice of using illegal methods to spy on innocent people their rich clients wish to target.

Said private investigators are now resorting to the unsavory, nasty, perverse, illegal surveillance tactic of tampering with cable boxes, clock radios, DVD players, VCRs and Direct TV units to spy on innocent people in their own homes, via breaking into targets’ houses and installing hidden cameras in the aforementioned household electronic items. The Direct TV satellite is then used for illegal purposes.

The client is given a password protected web site address, username and password to access the illegal feed streaming from the victim’s home. Yes, this is happening in America of all places, in criminal violation of the Constitution and the U.S. code. What kind of nasty animal does something like that.

Anyone that wants to illegally and surreptitiously be in another’s home that badly without permission is severely mentally ill, extremely perverted and a sick danger to the public, who needs to be locked away.

Websites Advertising Hidden Cameras


As you can see from the items in the above posted photo and the accompanying links, everyday household products are being altered by surveillance companies to include hidden cameras, that are being abused by nasty, perverted people to illegally spy on others. The whole thing is sick and getting out of control.


There are websites that advertise hidden camera products in everyday items. Hidden cameras that are not visible to the untrained eye, as they are as small as the tip of a pin, and when sold in items like DVD players, clock radios, pens, the victim does not realize they are being spied on.

One may say, that’s some advance government spy stuff, but sadly, these items are being bought by non-government people in the public that are severely abusing them…and being sent to prison for it.

It’s a new breed of nastiness that is utterly abominable.

Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution or U.S. Code are there any allowances for filming people without permission in places and situations where privacy is to be expected such as in their homes or apartments. That is thoroughly illegal and reprehensible.

Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution or U.S. Code are there any allowances for filming people without permission in places and situations where privacy is to be expected such as in hotel rooms, motel rooms, public bathrooms and or changing rooms.

However, this is happening and people have been going to prison for it.

The whole thing is nasty, sick and depraved. What message does it send to people about you as a person that you engage in such sick conduct, deeming it appropriate to spy on others in their homes, in such a terrible manner that is completely criminal. Only an animal or beast would do such a thing. The level of depravity some are steeped in is positively vile.


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