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Obama Wants To Offer A Second Stimulus

August 12, 2008

Yesterday on PBS, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said during an interview that he wants to offer a second Stimulus package that would give Americans money back to help towards the soaring cost of living in the U.S.

While, I’m sure people would appreciate it, I don’t think it will greatly help the economic problems in the country. He did however, have another idea, of giving energy rebates to help with electric bills. That sounds like something that would be very helpful to many.

Al Sharpton (left) and Barack Obama (right) having a laugh

People who live in the cold states have it harder than others, as heating bills can get very high. If you live somewhere like Florida or California, you mostly need air conditioning, but it’s not mandatory (without it, you’ll be uncomfortable and sweat like Bill Clinton under oath answering questions about Monica Lewinsky).

When it gets a bit chilly in states like Florida and California, you can just throw on a sweater. But if you live somewhere like Minnesota, Wisconsin or New York, you will need heat during the winter months and that can get costly.

Light companies have been adding on the increased cost of gas to people’s bills and that can spell major problems if the price of gas per barrel keeps escalating as it has been.


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